Beautiful & Affordable Barn Board ‘Look’ Flooring In Our Off Grid Home

An elderly gentleman had serious hearing Problems for a number of years he went To the doctor and the doctor was able to Have him fitted for hearing aids that Gave him a hundred percent hearing the Gentleman went back a couple of months Later and the doctor said your hearing Is perfect your family must be really Pleased that you can hear again the Gentleman replied oh I haven't told them Yet I just sit around and listen to all The conversations and I've changed my Will four times You're welcome Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign Okay so I want to show you this smaller Solar panel we got from blueberry it's a Pv68 68 watt solar panel and you don't Necessarily need you know we've shown The bigger ones for some of the bigger Units we got from Blue Eddie well this Is a smaller one For charging like a smaller unit like The ev3a here so unnecessary to have the Big ones to charge something small like That because you're not always needing The big Power so anyways just wanted to Share it so it also folds up just like The other ones so it's portable and all

That and it has this adjustable on here So you can adjust it to the height of The Sun Depending on what time of year it is or What time of the day so that's pretty Cool then a little thing to keep your Connectors The regular mc4 connectors That come with it makes it super easy Because then they can just connect it's A pretty standard connection for solar Panels So yeah it's a pretty cool little panel And saves you from carrying around the Big one and I just got hooked up right Now to this blue Eddie eb3a so it's just A smaller unit from them we use this a Lot to run lights and stuff in here Because we're off grid and this is a Good little unit to run the lights we Also use it to run we have satellite Internet here so we'll use it to run the Components for the satellite internet And it does because they don't take much Power and this thing here can power Those no problem so it's pretty cool Don't have to use the big unit which we Use for saws and different things like That instead of uh you can just keep This one focused on the smaller stuff Like that and it can also check this out Hear that You can charge the phone right on the Top there so that's pretty cool so the

Phone's charging right now wireless Charging on the top of that so that's Pretty neat it has like a 12 volt Marine Plug-ins other ones here this is Obviously the charging one you can Charge that like off cigarette lighter In the car and charge it in your house Too or a regular 110 AC whatever you Want to call it there's the plug-in for That that's a circuit protector there so If it overloads or anything a couple of 120s here it's actually a 600 watt unit So for uh Small little thing like that that's Pretty good 268 Watt hours that's like a USBC there a couple normal USBS that USBC it just reminds me of like the IPhone the newer iPhone plug-ins and the Light on it there A couple different settings on that so That's pretty cool it's not the sunniest Day to be charging this with this but I Just wanted to show you Show you that little panel the pv68 That you can charge it on the little one Here because uh we've been charged it With the bigger ones but now we don't Have to haul those up just for these Smaller units that's cool so anyways Something uh pretty cool going on right Now there's a Valentine's Day sale going On right now so blue Eddie's got a bunch Of sales you can check all that links Below also you can check links below for

The solar panel more specs on it And Sparks on any other products and the Same with this you want to check out More specs on this thing all the links Be down below so you can go check out Blue Eddie's site for this The ev3a the pv68 and all the other Products I got but for the Valentine's Day Sale too we're gonna give one of These away with blue Eddie so if you Want to get in on that just comment Below uh with blue Eddie in your comment We'll randomly select it and then let it Know in the next video or two and let You know who won and if we don't do a Video we'll post the community Tab and Either way we'll reach out to you who When you comment and let you know and Then you just got to get back to us and We'll figure all that out behind the Scenes to you but comment below make Sure you say blue Eddie in your comment And we're going to send one of these out To you so that's pretty cool uh giveaway For Valentine's Day so be sure to get in On that too so again the Valentine's Day Sale is running right now runs till the 20th so if you got bigger units smaller Units solar panels they have expansion Battery packs they have like various Sizes from small ones up to bigger ones Depending on what you need if you just Run a small stuff Big Stuff uh trying to Run off-grid cabins things like that

Lots of stuff cool products Check It Out Below sale going on right now so you can Check all that out and get in on the Giveaway here again links for all the Specs stuff like that it's all going to Be down below so it's down below for the Comments that you get in on it down Below to check the links to check on the Sale so thanks everybody for sponsoring The video uh We've have lots of their Products they work awesome they've been Treating us good and we basically built This whole cabin just using off-grid Power stations that big blue Eddie runs Our chop saw that's a pretty cool also We're using it to run it on our table Saw that's pretty cool we're running a They got a lot of cool stuff check it All out anyways anyways best of luck Getting into one of these two And Happy Valentine's Day Not wearing your Jason How are you Sure don't wear your snow shoes Here I'm telling you [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Applause] Thank you That's good [Music]

Oh yeah it's No I don't think so You've got it All right I guess you can here here Cool so we cut it with the scissors you Cut it because you can make it lined Better I'm gonna line that up like just right On the end right like you're way up yeah Okay pull it your way okay no They're pretty good yeah Push it all the way in or what yeah this Here Yeah That's sticking up it's not doing Anything It's just for the next piece oh right Okay good do you need any more your way Because I have a little bit despair it Doesn't matter though Shove it under the wall there that's Pretty good Oh that's nice it's nice and tight What's the width of these seven and five Each it seems like Pretty much It's cool A little too fit right here Oh look at oh nope almost not quite so Close like a hair off just a little bit Needs to cut Yeah that's good though it's just the Tiniest bit literally like the the like The little lip

Yeah we gotta flip it oh we have to cut The other end because that needs to be Able to attached oh okay to that okay All right all right okay you do that Then We need to cut it off this end Okay Oh you don't go underneath you gotta Leave a little bit of a space we end up With it buckling on you oh okay right Get going here maybe get something yeah A couple years since I didn't do this Yeah I think I got it yeah it looks like it Looks good oh and now the next one goes Right there right and then you cut the Ends yeah yeah yeah right Got it Cool It's like a puzzle 810 Looks good Oh gee is that it Wow It's easy eight [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] It tastes really really weird you do Things really weird yeah [Music] Foreign [Music]

Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign There and that's wide stuff so yeah It'll cover that we're that's fine Because the way the way the thing is Going to be yeah yeah because if you Trim here too right yeah It's good good one more piece Now this could be fun yeah Just leave it Loosely dangling Yeah City yeah You'll have to lift both of these Together you have to close that door I Think Can we listen to it All right there that's it All right so the floor is all done looks Pretty good Balls turned out pretty good We're gonna now trim this here with 1 by 4 Pine and just leave it like Pine and Do that to the corners These seams the bottom the top where it Meets the fine ceiling and then that'll Be it the room will be done Foreign [Music] For this side and over here

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

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