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All right So it's actually a little bit of an old Or cliche saying at this point That if you've got a truck Then you'll have a lot of new best Friends And you can kind of stretch that out to Say if you have a truck if you have a Tractor if you have a skid steer if you Have a trailer you'll have a lot of new Friends because people need to get Things done and today I'm going to be That guy and we're gonna We're gonna have a little fun while we Do it first job is Picking up a full-size truck for Somebody Hopefully my winch can handle that let's Get started Foreign I was originally planning to leave the Winch on the trailer at all times But My setup is long enough that sometimes I'm right up against the front edge and I have to take it off So every time I have to set that up Again and make sure it works all right So I'm going to need the winch to pull The truck up onto the trailer and This is the mounting bracket I used to Put the winch on But it has been sitting outside off the Truck

And the bolts are all rusty So we're hitting it with a little bit of Rust Patrol here Rust Patrol Hopefully it helps get these nuts off And then back on So pairing up a pair of channel locks Even a big set with an impact isn't the Smartest idea but we normally keep a Socket in here that fits these And none of the sets I can find are big Enough so we're gonna try it Okay that one popped right off seems Like last time I had a hard time with These Okay Yeah two of them were almost all the way Off it's the other two Whip Maybe it's rust Patrol I did a This is a company that sent me this Product to test and I did an initial Test and I'm setting up a bigger test But I I've been slacking on getting this Video out so But letting it soak in that maybe that Made the difference So I did have plans for today but it Wasn't anything That was time sensitive so I can always Mess with that PTO shaft tomorrow on or The next day or whenever on the flail Mower

So this isn't probably the best setup For a winch But I don't use it that often and as Someone who doesn't fabricate it was an Easy way to set this up for me Okay Huh Foreign So even though I take the winch on and Off I do leave the battery mounted on here With the solar charger So hopefully That solar charger does its job and We're ready to go All I have to do is plug in This quick connect and we've got power All right See we're in here Okay so we've got power Up and working I guess we'll go see if we can Get a truck pulled up on here A winch is weighted rated at 12 000 Pounds but there's a lot of variables That go into what you can actually pull With one Thank you So earlier I mentioned that There's the old joke that as soon as you Get a truck or a trailer or whatever it Is you're gonna have a lot of new Friends because everyone needs you to Move stuff

And it's very true But also I like to be that guy So For me I focused a lot on in life on Being capable of solving problems And that can manifest itself in a lot of Different ways That If somebody I know has a problem I want To have the ability to solve that Problem Now there's a certain level of Frustration that comes in especially can I borrow your trailer can I borrow this Can I borrow that But I also try to remember Being that guy who didn't know how to do Anything and didn't have anything and When a problem comes up like who do I Know that solves problems And You know you think about what really Matters in life like if someone damages Your you know I could be doing a favor For someone and have a blowout damage Something have some kind of problem There's wear and tear on equipment And you know it's it's my time and Everything involved but At the end of the day you think about What really matters I want to be that guy so I'm gonna see if I can get some free

Labor out of my son-in-law who needs This truck moved after we get done I've Got another potential job I'm gonna go Look at and see if I can make him help Me with it so we'll see how it goes Foreign Winch and that truck probably weighs Like six thousand pounds but I think Those numbers really mean anything it's Kind of hard to pull on free spins so I'm gonna run it backward and let him Pull it Okay We go On the way to drop the truck off I Stopped to look at the other job I'm Giving a bid on And This was described to me as a small shed That needed moved about a hundred feet And I thought I would just drive up and Pick it up with the skid loader and move It where it needed to go But it's a lot bigger than they made it Sound it's a full 20 foot long And I'm not sure if I can just pick it Up like that I'm thinking I could Probably drag it with the way the Underneath of the building is Constructed but I'm going to talk more About that at the end of the video and I'd like to hear your thoughts Because most of you guys know what Equipment I have available to me do you

Think I can move this without tearing it Up It's almost new So it's it's not like it's old and Falling apart Use your use the brake Ah These tires rubbing pretty hard on this Side You're off Well I'd say overall that went pretty Smooth we got the job done I was talking Earlier about Everybody being your friend when you've Got a truck or trailer it's funny Because since I also have this YouTube Channel people know that I want to make Videos about interesting things so the Call starts off a lot of times with hey I got a video idea for you What that really means is I need Something done But You know it all works out So the big question is Do you guys think I can handle that Building It's 20 feet long probably 10 or 12 feet Wide The shorter Direction the way that I'm Saying might be 10 or 12 feet you've got Maybe two by four or two by six floor Joists running this way Unlike your regular 16-inch centers then

Running the other direction you have Four beams that are like a six by six That could slide across something And Man I was thinking when they told me They had a storage building I thought Well I'll just you know skid loader's Got a lot of lift capacity so if this Was like a 10 by 10 building I feel like I could just as long as the floor's Solid I could just go under it and pick It up and carry it And I don't know what a 20 by 10 Building weighs But that Leverage is so far out away From you and it's so wide And I don't know if I can get the forks To catch two of those cross braces I don't think that the tractor could Lift one side and let the skid steer Lift the other If you wanted to move it with two Machines you'd really have to be Coordinated with what you were doing so You didn't slide off one set of forks It's possible we can put something under It and let it slide on those skids it Really only needs to move 50 60 feet I just got to give it some thought I'm Gonna go back out there and look at it Again It's a deal where like if you had a Bunch of logs played out

That were all about the same size like Eight inch rounds you could lay all Those logs out and and drag it and it Would roll across those If it was okay to just drag it so if There wasn't a road there I just drag it and it'd be no problem go Up under it lift a little bit and strap All the way around the building back to The forks and just drive backward And maybe I could still do that but we'd Be dragging it across the road Honestly that might work I just I'm gonna think about it I'm Going to read all your comments I've got A friend that is pretty smart and good At getting things done and We'll go look at it again together and Make a decision but you might see a Video of me trying to move that building Coming up Anyway I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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