Best Chainsaw Under $800 – Stihl vs Echo vs Husqvarna

60 CC Chainsaw comparison – Husqvarna 562 XP vs Stihl MS 391 vs Echo CS 620P

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[Music] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to do some Chainsaw comparisons we've chosen three Popular models from steel huskvarna and Echo that are all under $800 and we're going to try to go Through and do comparisons on how fast They cut how much power they have but Also go into some other aspect you might Not think about like ease of service and Just some of the design differences now I've got my friend Joe here from the Oki Woodsman YouTube channel and he's been Generous enough to come up here bring Some chainsaws and donate his time to Try to help me do this comparison so I Really appreciate it no problem at all You ready to go cut some wood absolutely So we're trying to focus this comparison On chainsaws that are affordable but can Still run a Long Bar like this so we're Talking saws that are 6 C in that range And this is your saw so I'll let you Tell them what we've got here this is The echo CS 620 PW it's a 60cc saw it's Considered a professional model Magnesium Cases uh this is a very simple saw it is Powerful no computers and uh considered By many to be a uh very reliable tool For the cut test we're going to try to Do this as controlled as we possibly can He's going to run all three saws and try

To run them in the same way and this log Is pretty uniform diameter as we go down The log I want to make sure we point out Any advantages one saw has over the Other one and this one has a little bit Of custom modification done to it this Echo has been ported so it should have An advantage in performance and we'll See at the end how much difference that [Music] Makes [Music] [Music] All [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh Okay so we made three Cuts here one Going down second cut coming up third Cut using the dogs to push a little Harder and see how that affects the Cut and what we're looking for is to do This the test the same way all three Times with the same log and compare so The results on that was a minute and 12 Seconds by my timing Echo has a 5-year Consumer warranty they are very simple Machines Stout machines but they are Very reliable piece of equipment so this Is kind of a heavy saw in my mind 13.7 Lbs it weighs more than my 500 eye which Is a much bigger saw but the tradeoff For that besides the things he mentioned

That he likes about the warranty and the Serviceability is this saw is around $600 whereas all the other saws we're Going to look at today are quite a bit More than that and no computer no Computer Simplicity is a bonus for most Of us I think although you probably do Gain some performance from that chip While he's getting the next saw already I checked the time stamp on the video And it looks like a minute and 4 seconds For the echo okay this is my chainsaw This is a steel 391 and it may not be the perfect saw For this comparison but it's pretty Close so the best saw to compete with These two would be a 362 but that's more Expensive than these other saws from a Performance standpoint we should be Comparing the steel 362 to these two Saws from a price standpoint it's the 391 the 391 is a 64cc saw the other two Saws are 60 so it's little bit more Power but this is not a pro saw it's in The homeowner line from steel and this Saw is going to cost about $700 this saw also weighs 13.7 lb so Same weight little bit more CC it's fair Comparison what really stands out to me Right now is a saw that's not even in This video how does that 500 only weigh 13 lb yeah incredible all right let's See how this thing

[Music] [Applause] Cuts [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right so I could imagine you felt That just wasn't quite cutting as fast Yes it could it was bogging a little bit It felt like but the time difference was A minute 28 to a minute and 4 2 4 Seconds it's not that long but for a Chainsaw comparison that's a huge Difference yeah so if we wanted better Performance from steel we would get the Proa to compare to these but like I said Earlier that's a more expensive option And if you want to spend more money There's all kinds of faster cutting saws Out there there is it was a good runner Uh I have never run this saw before and I think I'm I'm pretty impressed with it Being a farm and ranch type homeowner Saw and actually this has got a 28 in Bar on it steel says a Max for this saw Is a 25 in next we have the Husky 562 XP It's also a 60cc saw it's going to be About an $800 saw and it's lighter than The other two saws we've looked at today At

12.7 lb which is pretty big difference To weigh a pound Less in the same size Saw this husna 562 XP is very compact The case is if you'll notice it's really Narrow very comfortable saw to use very Smooth this is a computerized saw Awesome well let's see how it [Music] [Music] Cuts [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] I didn't really expect that result that Cut I don't know what it did in 56 Seconds wow wow so that's about 12 Seconds faster than the Echo and this is A stock saw versus a ported saw this saw Is an incredibly smooth running saw There's some advantages and disadvantage To every product so what do you say we Take these three saws over to your truck And do a little comparison on the design One thing I can say for sure is the husk Varna cut the fastest and it had no Advantages it's a stock Saw and it was just a little faster and It's lighter weight it's also a little Bit more expensive but those are the Most basic things you know how much Power does it have how fast does it cut How heavy it is but there's more to a Chainsaw than just those three things

Having owned both of these saws the 562 And the 620 they're a similar Saw class in terms of CC's but again Computerized versus non-computerized This saw is extremely simple you'll Notice that the Choke on and off switch is all separate Okay mini saws the husk of Arna steel They combine all of that into one Mechanism Echo are considered as a very Uh the construction is very overbuilt so They tend to be a little bit heavier and Again they have that 5-year consumer Warranty and so with that being said um They tend to be a little bit overbilt One thing I wanted to mention Here as a disadvantage to this Husqavarna Is uh this has an outboard clutch an Outboard clutch can be extremely Difficult in a situation where you find Yourself pinched and you want to remove The power head so that way if the tree Falls or when it does fall you don't Crush your saw you get that saw stuck in A tree you're not getting that Barn Chain off it's all it's to it this saw Along with the 391 and the 500i you can Remove the clutch cover get the power Head off most likely get your saw into Safety another General difference Between steel husa and Echo is some of these design differences

Right Here they all have captive bar nuts on On the pro model current model saws like The 500i um so the nuts the bar nuts do not Fall off on you you can't lose them off Off in the Woods okay so if you didn't know what an Inboard versus an outboard clutch was Right here the clutch is on the outside Of the bar chain this is not a cheaper Design This is not a flawed Design This Is intentional I mentioned earlier that The body of this saw is more narrow That's how they've achieved that it also Gets heat away from this side of the saw So but again if you get pinched you're Not going to be pulling this bar and Chain off uh husqavarna and Ekko also Both put the mechanism in here that's Just uh I don't know if there's an Advantage or a disadvantage but that is A difference all right we're going to go Ahead and take a look at the echo design Here And just want to show The difference in the build this saw Also has captive bar nuts again you said The chain tightening mechanism is in in The lid on both of these which is Different from steel yep and as you can See the clutch is in board here so again If you get yourself in a bind there is a Possibility of being able to take off

That clutch cover sh this all towards The tree hopefully you've got room and Removing the power head Okay so you've given us a lot of Information I didn't know about the husk Varna saw and the echo saw and I'm Really intrigued by what you told me That having these three saws We've ran Today and even throw that 362 in there From steel if you could only buy one Chainsaw that's all you can afford and You need to do all your cutting with it Which of these saws would you go with That's an easy uh question for me to Answer and I actually would do the Echo And I'll tell you why I believe that the echo is a more robust Tool for the long run it may not be the Fastest it's not the funnest it's not The smoothest but if you just want a Tool that is going to work for you and Keep and keep running with an excellent Consumer Warranty the echo makes a lot of sense I Enjoy doing these time tests I think They're a lot of fun MH but in your real Life you're cutting firewood you heat Your home with it and you say that this Saw is a 14c cut and this one's a 13 Second cut is that I don't think that's The number one thing that makes the Decision for me if you're in production Work maybe you need every second you're Hustling to make your income but to me

That's not the only thing that matters For me longevity along with ease of Maintenance right the echo has no Computer I can repair parts I can repair It myself I don't have to take it to the Dealership for service I really Appreciate you taking the time to come Out here and make a video with me make Sure you go check out the Oki Woodsman On YouTube a lot of great content I Appreciate you taking time to watch the Video I'll put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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