Best Metal Cutting Tool? Cold Saw vs Chop Saw vs Band Saw

Best Metal Cutting Tool? Cold Saw vs Chop Saw vs Band Saw

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Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to do a comparison Between three different types of cut off Saws for metal on the end we have a band Saw here we have an abrasive chop saw And here we have a cold chops now Personally I didn't understand the Difference between this cold chop saw And the abrasive chopsaw where I really Didn't know that this was something a Homeowner could get and so I've been Doing my research and I found that there Are very specific reasons to use this Saw or this one so first thing I want to Do is make some Cuts with each of these Three tools and then we'll go into the Differences between them and why you Might need one of these for doing Projects like what I have planned first Tool is this portable Band Saw it's Really nice that it comes off the base So you can take it to jobs that you Can't bring to your workbench or is These tools have to be used with their Base but I don't think this is going to Cut nearly as fast as our cold salt but We're going to find out so I'm going to Set a stopwatch right here and whenever I see that get to 30 seconds I'll start My cut and then see how long it takes I Can also time it off of the [Music] Video So that took 18 seconds for one cut and

It is what you would call a cold cut if I had taken an angle grinder and made This cut couple things first The Edge Would be covered in burs I couldn't Touch this I would have to work it some More second it would be too hot to touch And that's the idea with a cold Cut and this took 18 seconds now we're Going to cut the same material with the Abrasive saw and then with the cold cut Saw this saw is made by vivor I will Have a link in the description of the Video if you want one of these saws the Next saw is the abrasive chop saw which Is the only kind of chop saw I was aware Of and it is made by Milwaukee I'll actually put a link in the Description to all three saws because They all have their purpose you guys Know I've been talking for the last year About building my second bridge and I've Got most of my materials and I got a Quote to have someone build that bridge For me just basic metal work cutting Welding Drilling and I got that quote And I said I can't pay that I'm going to Do it myself and luckily I've got the Ability to get some of these tools to Work with and I'm going to try to to Save a bunch of money that mag drill was Awesome For bolting the receiver under my box Blade and last night I used the plasma

Cutter to modify an adapter so that I Can use different attachments on my mini Skid steer so these metal working tools Are immediately after getting them are Solving problems for me which is Awesome so now we'll do this cut same Piece of metal same cut we'll time it Talk about the advantages to this Saw [Applause] All right so that took about 32 seconds Now you think 18 seconds 32 seconds What's the big deal well if you're only Cutting one piece it doesn't matter what If I needed to cut a hundred of these And you're doubling the time downsides You see the smoke coming off that that's Hazardous to your health this is Probably cancer causing I should be Wearing a mask and a respirator now I Was only making the one cut but that's Reality second downside it's too hot to Touch third downside see how ugly the Cut is I don't know if it's going to Focus on my face instead of focusing on The work Piece But all that Jagged metal makes it more Dangerous you have to take extra time to Clean up these edges on a bench grinder Or with a flap disc or whatever you're Using but there is a clear advantage to This saw this the band saw and the cold Cut saw will struggle with a more

Hardened material and you're going to Tear up expensive cold saw blades trying To cut hardened material whereas this Can handle it a little better so when You look at our third saw it looks like It has a wood cutting circular saw blade On it that's the shape of the teeth let Me show you up Close so even though the tooth has a Similar shape you cannot put a blade Like this onto a regular miter saw or Onto this saw so this is carbide Tungsten tipped blades CTC blades and They are designed to cut at a slower RPM there is an even slower cold cut saw Design that might run at like 50 RPMs and that's like a milling machine Almost this runs at 12 1 1200 RPM this Saw is going to run between 3,000 and 5,000 RPM so you're looking at 3 to 4 Times The Cutting speed so if you put This saw on here it's not going to work Same thing with your regular miter Saw but this Thing from what I've been told what I've Seen lasts forever and cuts faster so we Had 18 seconds and 32 seconds let's make The same cut here [Music] [Applause] So the cold saw cut this in 8 seconds That's less than half of the time of the Band saw and it's a fourth of the time Of the chops saw that that's dramatic if

You had to cut a hundred of Them four times as long it's not any fun And then you have more cleanup to do Another thing that makes this saw better To me than this one is you saw the Sparks flying off this this is more of a Fire hazard I was starting to say that's Got a nasty bur on it but that's the Other side this is the side I'd cut with The chops saw and this is the side I Just cut with the cold saw so not only Can I handle this but I don't have to do All that cleanup and deburring this You're not as likely you still wear Safety glasses either way but you're not As likely to have something fly up and Hit you off of this and you're not as Likely to start a fire with this so Something else to keep in mind this Obviously Cuts better than this and it Cuts better than this so why would I Have all three so I don't own this saw I've been borrowing this saw when I need To cut metal and now I don't have to Borrow anymore but the the reason you Would still have this is hardened Materials if you have something that's Really really hard this is going to tear Up a more expensive Blade this is for portability in my mind So all three saws have their place but Man if you do any kind of fabricating I Would get one of these cold saws it's Not expensive this saw was just over

$200 I think and I've got a discount Code for it that you can save some money If you want one I appre appreciate you Taking time to watch the video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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