BETTER THAN A BROOM. WAY LESS DUST! #karcher #cleaning #amazon

All right we want to tell you guys about The sweeper from Karcher maybe it's Karcher we don't even know it's Lightweight so you can move it wherever You need to it's awesome because it Keeps the dust to a minimum if you've Got any sort of indoor space that you're Sweeping you know that the dust will Just raise up like a cloud you're Breathing it in it's settling over Everything it's annoying this push broom Duster just keeps it really minimal it Doesn't keep all the dust down but it Does a way better job than a push broom When it doesn't get up in one pass You'll get up in the second it's got These rotary brooms that go right up Against the wall Edge or can even go Underneath a space like the shelf that You see here all you do is walk behind And push it and then you take it over to Your garbage can and empty it out we'll Put a link up to our Amazon store for You to buy it we think it's a perfect Solution for us and maybe it is for you Too great broom thought you should know About it [Music] Foreign

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