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Let's take a look at the 1500 versus 1800 versus 2500 snow pushers visually Hopefully you can see the bigger the Series The taller and the deeper they Are all right so that means two things Number one The Pusher is going to be Heavier And then also the volume of snow that's Going to be pushed along is going to be Bigger or heavier as well so while you May have the same width available in Multiple series take a 72 inch for Example the weight difference of The Pusher plus the weight of the Trap snow Is dramatically different and can be way Too big for your tractor you need power To the ground and you get that through Machine weight and balanced weight That's on there and so while you need as Much weight as you possibly can I'm Going to make conservative Recommendations so you are set up for Success snow pushers are simple no Hydraulic or electric connections Required just hook it up to your quick Attach on your loader and get to work These are the best snow pushers on the Market we can't talk about it all now Check out our long form videos for more Information get yours at [Music] [Applause]

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