Foreign Yeah if you're looking to justify Getting a smaller tractor over a bigger Tractor or you're grappling with that Decision go smaller go bigger right you Always hear bigger is always better well Let's give you some ammo to make a case For bigger is bad right maybe smaller is Better and What those reasons are why you can Justify going with a smaller machine Over a bigger one and so by smaller I Mean subcompact tractors like a John Deere 1025r a Kubota BX those are going To be subcompacts that are the smallest Tractor that you can get with a front End loader on it you can get a backhoe For them too you can get belly mowers All that kind of stuff and then up into One size up from that like the summit Tx25 Kubota b2601 you know the LX 2610 John Deere 2025r 2032r maybe in there But you get the idea the smaller end of The size range of compact tractors so I Made a bunch of notes that I wanted to Make sure I didn't forget and one of the Common themes was cheaper right and so I Want to hit that first and cheaper in a Lot of ways now the first way they're Cheaper is going to be what the machine Cost itself probably goes without saying A smaller machine is cheaper than a Bigger machine There's rare exceptions the John Deere

2032r while a 2-series tractor is more Expensive than a a bigger John Deere 3E Tractor like a 3032e so you know every Once in a while you'll have something That's kind of out of order but most of The time they're cheaper this also means The attachments are going to be cheaper Because you get the tractor that's just The beginning you need attachments to Actually do the work that you want to Get done all the projects that you have Around your house or your farm and so a Smaller snow Pusher a smaller grapple a Smaller lamp plane a smaller rear blade A smaller whatever it is is going to be Cheaper to get than something bigger Like on a John Deere 4 Series or a Kubota M series whatever it is and then You're going to have maintenance and Repair costs that go along with that so This is a common theme cheaper cheaper Cheaper so it's going to be you know Less engine oil for example even this Down to that you know a smaller fuel Filter versus a bigger one you know all These little things if you have to do Repairs if you have to get new tires Down the road those are all cheaper so Your cost of ownership is going to be Lower as well compared to a larger Machine and then even kind of the Associated items that go along with it If you need to tow it around haul it Around you can get by with a smaller

Truck to tow it a smaller trailer to tow It than a bigger heavier trailer a Bigger super duty truck whatever it is So everything about it is just a general Theme of cheaper and perhaps that makes It more appealing to you and don't be Fooled these smaller tractors can do Almost all the jobs the bigger tractors Can do they're just going to take longer You might have to plan ahead more often We've shown all sorts of videos tackling Big projects with small tractors and That's on purpose that's just to kind of Push the limits you know and and yeah I Mean if you have more seat time on there That's a good thing right you're going To burn through more fuel I suppose Maybe you'll wear through replaceable Edges and parts more often because You're putting more time on those Attachments but that's pretty trivial in The grand scheme of things and in fact Recently I showed the first time ever That my 1025r has failed me and that was Intentional right because it was to show You not that it's the wrong tool for the Job or anything else but that you just Need to plan ahead and if I would have not waited for all the snow We had to fall For video purposes right if I was just Not making a video about this I would Have been out there every three four Five inches clearing the snow down the

Lane and anywhere else around my Property but that's kind of the point is To push these things to the Limit show You what works what doesn't that way you Don't get caught in the same mistakes And find yourself in a real pickle now There are certain real limitations that You can't do anything about for example You really can't pick up a round bale With a 1025r if you tweak the Hydraulics And do some other things that are maybe Kind of sketchy perhaps you can but If somebody's asking me hey should I buy A 1025 art I lift a round bale I'm going To say no get something bigger if you Need to dump into a high side dump Trailer like our Diamond C that we have Can a 10 25 R do that no it can't so Maybe you could build some ramps get Some makeshift up there again kind of Sketchy you're you're bending the rules So to speak to make it happen but these Are real limitations just the laws of Physics right same thing with a backhoe A backhoe designed to work on one of These tractors can only dig down so deep So if you need to dig eight foot down You got to rule these out or come up With something really creative but I Don't I don't have a sketchy idea to Help you out there but uh anyway you get The idea so they can do most things Everything's going to have a limitation At some point just jot it down all your

Jobs that you got to do and see if these Can get it done hey part of the Interruption just really quick If you need a tractor attachment give us A shot check out goodworks We sell and ship all over the country we Have attachments for the front end Loader the three-point hitch most likely Something to fit your needs we have Rewards free shipping and financing too Earlier I touched on it being lighter so You can use a smaller Lighter trailer to Transport it around in a smaller vehicle So also to go along that same theme Being light means it's going to be Easier around your yard you know if you Have a nice finished lawn all around Your your yard or maybe came up recently A a landscaper was asking should I go With a you know a couple different Models of tractor a bigger one or a Smaller one and I didn't tell them what Way to go I just kind of gave them the Same advice I'm giving you now on the Pros and the cons of each and it's the Same concept you know if If you're going to be around your nice Lawn I'm not going to drive my big Kubota or my skid steer around there Because I'm going to run it up tear the Turf up it's going to be I'm just Creating more work for myself So that's the benefit of having a Smaller lighter tractor is you can you

Can do the landscaping around your yard Put in a boulder wall you know dig that Sandbox whatever it is you want to do so On that note again light is good in a Lot of ways but sometimes you need heavy And so the Summit is a heavier tractor By Design it's got rim guard standard Comes out of the factory with rim guard In the rear tires you know so it's a Heavy machine to start with they make it Heavier for ballast weight counterweight When you're using your front end loader That could be with a grapple could be With a bucket full of dirt could be a Set of pallet Forks you're picking up Something heavy you want to make sure You're planted firmly on the ground back There Most tractors are not going to have that In there okay and you can add rim guard Inside your rear tires that's a great Start you want to have a combination of Weight typically rim guard wheel weights Suitcase weights we have hitch hangers Here with suitcase weights on those or a Versa bracket with suitcase weights Check your manual these small tracks you Still need around a thousand pounds of Ballast weight on the back side so you Can take all that off when you want to Go mow your lawn that's a good thing Right but put it back on When you're going to get back to doing Your loader work and so that's one of

The reasons we are sponsored by rim Guard I mean it's tractor safety is a Big deal on our Channel all right and That form of weight is cheap it's the Cheapest form of ballast weight you can Get it's hidden inside the tires rim Guard is the heaviest all-natural Ballast weight per gallon on the market It's not going to corrode your wheels It's not going to freeze it's non-toxic Okay and again this ballast weight helps Keep it planted to the ground for safety For traction for efficiency storage Space all right if you don't have a big Old barn right and you're trying to put This next to your car in your garage at Home well smaller tractors take up less Space so do their attachments you'll see A lot of videos out there where folks Are making racks inside their their Barns or their garages and stacking all Those small attachments the bigger you Go with those different tools you have The harder that's going to be to do so That's a real big benefit there and even Overhead storage getting inside a Standard height you know a seven foot Garage you can get A subcompactor a small compact you fold The Rocks down and you can get inside a Standard height garage no problem at all I know a lot of folks that's a big deal Too trying to keep things inside when We've had all of our construction going

On and everything else and I've had to Store my tractors outside I've hated it Right so having my stuff getting back Inside now is a big deal to me and I Know it is to you too and I think the Last thing I would say is kind of summed Up as easier right and that can be Easier to get on and off they're lower To the ground so you don't have to climb Up a bunch of steps and kind of finagle Around so if it's that's a challenge for You then this could be a benefit to it Easier to kind of navigate through tight Spaces so if you have a tight yard or if You have tight areas in the woods it's It's more Nimble in that regard hooking Up attachments can be easier the Attachments are all going to be lighter And they're still heavy steel but Oftentimes you can manhandle something To kind of to get it to line up if You're not able to do so with the Tractor you can kind of push or pull on It and get it to go where it needs to go Even a PTO shaft on a small attachment Just weighs less than a big little Honker on a on a Kubota M4 for example So everything about it is just It is it's just easier in that regard And of course I can I can make a case For the bigger is better all day long as Well but there's a lot of good things About smaller tractors and they get a They get a bad rat from from folks that

Think they're just oh they're just toys Or you know you mean that lawnmower There and they can do a lot of stuff and Not just my channel but so many other Channels out there have shown that so Hopefully this helps paint a clear Picture of what the capabilities are of A small machine and maybe open your eyes Check out the videos read the forums see What others have to say before you buy It now while we don't sell tractors we Do sell tractor attachments so if you're Looking for something for your front end Loader or your three-point hitch we'd Love to help you out we ship all over The country every day of the week so Check us out at goodworks And if you want to keep up with what's Going on around here hit that subscribe Button down below it's completely free I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon Foreign

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