Bluetti AC200P: 2000W Inverter, 700W 150VOC Solar Input, 2000Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery!

Hey welcome back to the channel today We're going to be talking about the blue Eddie ac200p this is a power unit that May be what you need when the power goes Out So Tanya and I are dabbling with solar Power we are really looking at solar Power for our farm and the main reason Is is last year uh there was times last Year that we would lose power three Times in one week it was so hot there Was a hard time for the electric company To get Transformers Transformers kept Blowing and we kept losing power so we Would run out get the generator started Up plug it into the refrigerator or the Freezer you know not knowing if the Power is going to come right back on or If it was going to stay off for six to Eight hours or sometimes even almost 24 Hours those are the kind of things that We went through last year we were really Excited when blue Eddie reached out to Us to do a review on this solar Generator solar generator power station There's a numerous things it can be if You add solar panels to it then it's a Solar generator if you don't then it's Just kind of a backup power station Either way it's got multiple functions So let's get into it so if you're just Looking for specific information we're Going to put chapters in this video and You can go along the bottom of the

Screen or you can go in the description And click on the the chapter that you Want to go see the blue 80 AC 200p is 2 000 Watts continuous AC pure sine wave Power well that's a mouthful to say but It also provides up to 4 800 watts of Surge and what this means is like when You turn a power song or a power tool There's an initial surge that it needs a Little more oomph to get it turned over A good example is a table saw that may Be rated at like 2 000 Watts continuous Power however when you first turn that Table saw on there will be a surge It has a 200 watt hour lithium-ion Phosphate battery which for me you know What does that really mean it means that You can make a whole lot of coffee The reason lithium iron phosphate is so Important is that that type of battery Chemistry will allow the battery to Recharge and from discharge to full Charge 3 500 cycles and at the end of That 3 500 Cycles it'll still have 80 Percent of its capacity that's about Three times longer than lead acid Batteries and lead acid batteries you Can't let discharge pass 50 so you Really don't even get the same it's just Not Apples to Apples It has 17 Outlets of different sizes and Capacities and you can charge multiple Devices at once it even has two uh Wireless cell phone chargers on top and

That's a pretty neat thing especially For camping this is a great uh battery Pack for camping I could really see this thing being left At a campsite with the solar panels up You go off for your adventure for the Day you come back and your batteries are Charged up and you're ready to use it It's a really good solar generator for Outdoor activities camping and even home Use It has seven recharging methods that's a Lot you can charge it with the AC power From the wall you can use solar you can Charge it with your car you can car Charge it with a generator you can Charge it with another battery it's just Unlimited how you can recharge this This unit can take up to 700 watts of Solar input and on top of that you can Put 700 watts of solar input at one time Along with 500 watts of AC wall power so You can really charge it fast Other attributes is that it's so quiet And it doesn't release any kind of gases Like you can't put a generator inside Your house well with this blue Eddy you Can put the solar generator inside the House run cables outside the house to Solar panels and it'll just sit there Quietly you may hear under like an Extreme low to little tiny fan cooling It off but honestly it's just so quiet It doesn't matter

And we're not going to do an unboxing Because there's literally hundreds of Unboxing videos on the internet we're Just going to start walking you through The unit Another side note is that we didn't just Take it out of the box and start Reviewing it we've had this a couple Months and I have put it through some Real use It comes with an impressive wall charger Some of the wall chargers for other Units I've looked at are kind of had a Wimpy wall charger and that's why it Takes so long for them to charge up this Is a pretty impressive unit and with Some pretty impressive outputs So let's take a look at the tag on the Back of the power unit Because it's the model ac200p it's got a Battery capacity of 2 000 Watt hours it Can take up to 150 volts worth of solar Panels here's an important little note That's often overlooked on these units It can only work between 32 degrees and 104 degrees you can still discharge the Batteries below zero however lithium Iron phosphate batteries do not like to Recharge while below freezing I'll say This is possibly one of the first cons Of this unit and it's not really a con It's just something you have to be aware Of some of the bigger units and other Brand units hate they'll have a battery

Warmer in the bottom of the battery to Allow it to stay warm even when it's Really cold outside again lithium iron Phosphate batteries have to be above 32 Degrees Fahrenheit in order to take a Charge effectively anything below 32 Degrees and it can actually damage the Chemistry of the battery Keep in mind that that feature will cost A little bit extra money and also it Probably won't come into play in most of The lower 48 states It has 620 volt pure sine wave AC plugs It has four standard USB power plugs it Looks like it has one 60 watt USB C Power plug I think they call that power Delivery PD has a couple of 12 volt Barrel plugs and then it has a 12 volt Automotive style power plug there's also A 25 amp output and you can buy some Adapters for this to maybe like charge a Battery up a 12 volt automotive battery So mine came with 70 charge so we'll Play around with charge in a little bit We'll plug the wall charger into the Wall and then we'll plug the barrel plug Into the blue 80. all right let's see What it does It shows in the top corner of the screen That we're doing 382 Watts so I click on The adapter button and it gives me a Little bit more information I went into this little screen and found The little button data pushed it and it

Has another button that says BMS Maintenance so this is telling us the State of charge the battery voltage the Battery current the temperature of the Battery and it's also telling us the Status of the BMS So there's a couple of ways to tell when The unit is fully charged obviously Looking at the screen it says it on the Front but also on the wall charger it Has a little light that shows red when It's charging and then it clicks over to Green when it's done you can also hear An audible click when it's completely Full the first part of this test is Going to be only on the batteries of the Unit itself we're not going to have it Plugged into the wall in any way we'll Turn the power on by pushing the AC Power button and if you notice there's a Pop-up screen that you'll have to Confirm that you're turning the power on Our first test is going to be this Electric kettle this Kettle takes about The same energy to run as say your Coffee maker so it's good to know the Nectar of life will still flow this Kettle is pulling just under 1400 watts And it doesn't seem to be any problem at All our overall charge started out at 70 Percent and we finished up at 60 percent Using 10 percent of the battery capacity To make us some tea keep in mind that I Could have offset that power loss if we

Had 700 watts of solar going in we Basically would have got that coffee for Free Foreign Extra try the 60 watt USB C type power Distribution I want to see if it would Fast charge my cell phone and sure Enough it did you have to turn DC on for Any of the power outlets on the front to Work or if you want the wireless cell Phone chargers on top to work you must Have the DC turned on okay I've hooked Up a watt meter to this thing and now We're going to do some tests before we Bring it out to the farm and really put It through the paces Thought it'd be a good idea to use the Watt meter to make sure that the display Was correct turned out that the display Was right on maybe even more accurate Than my watt meter the next thing I did Is plugged up the power wall pack I Wanted to make sure that the unit would Charge the batteries while in use and it Never missed a beat while plugging the Power in and unplugging it so this is an Absolute plus it makes it an up system I've seen several videos online about This unit and one of the things I Noticed there's not a lot of videos About like long-term heavy use so I took This heater put on the unit and ran it Wide open until the battery completely Discharged the unit took care of

Everything it even it shut off it's then It shut off and still had enough power To run its display but let you know that It was at zero and also I plugged in the Cell phone and a lamp and had a cell Phone charging on top so it was it was Getting a good workout One thing I found that was absolutely Awesome is while this unit run Continuously at about 13 to 1400 Watts It did have a cooling fan that would Come on every now and then and even so The fan was very very quiet it's very Very good fan It was so quiet that you could leave it Besides your bed and run it all night Fully loaded I could see this being used For someone with a CPAP or some sort of Medical device that needed to have Emergency power to be a great unit for That I forgot to push the record button but We did plug it back in and it charged From zero percent back to full charge in Just under five hours with just the wall Power brick only So the next thing we did was take it out To the farm we wanted to see what it was Really made of if it was going to be Useful for us in a day-to-day basis uh I Had a piece of equipment that needed Some welding done and I said you know I'm going to try my little 110 welder And I was pleasantly surprised that it

Held the welder just fine It really surpassed my expectations Using the welder a few days later we Needed to rip some lumber on the table Saw and I was a little concerned not Only because of the initial surge when You turned the motor on but when you Start cutting a rip and it puts the Motor under a stream load which also Increases the amp requirement or what Requirement so I was concerned about it But it again the the blue Eddie ac200p Went right through it I was more than Satisfied I can see this being a really Handy tool for those quick jobs In closing we've got a lot more testing To do and we'll show you this throughout The next year but the first couple of Months of use we've done a lot of things That probably other people wouldn't have Done like using it to weld and it's held Up really well I even dropped it out of The back of the truck once there was no No additional damage or anything any Kind of damage whatsoever the unit is Pretty rugged so I would feel really Comfortable taking it camping or on the Trip or using it on a job site we Haven't had a chance to use the solar Yet but that's coming we'll use the Solar system once we get it set up and I'm excited to see how that handles Because the idea of having power on Backup really intrigues me listen I hope

You enjoyed this review if you like more Like this leave us a thumbs up and leave Us a comment God bless have a great day Foreign

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