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Hey welcome back to the channel we're Here with Dave Alton from tym tractors And you guys know as our Channel we're We're big fans of tlm tractors we're Partners with tym but I got an Opportunity today to interview Dave and He's going to talk to us about uh some Of our some of the models that are out And some of the upcoming events and some Of the things that are ongoing and we're Going to have a good time Dave tell us a little bit about yourself And what your background is well uh I've Been in the tractor business about 22 Years been with tym Since about 2011. and so we've come a long way Um I live in Nashville Tennessee I love It there I travel all the time for work And I love this business only because of The people yeah Um great people in the tracker business Dealers and and also the people who work For the various companies I've gotten it All over the years so it's just a great It's kind of a small community sure and And it's just great people yes So tym just Consolidated with Branson Tractor can you tell us what's going on And let me qualify that by some of the Questions that I get on our YouTube Channel uh we get a lot of questions Like is is Branson going to be able to Be serviced are the warranties going to

Be able to uh be serviced if there's Still a tractor on the lot that has Branson on it you know what what's the Ramifications of this merger this this Combining of the of powers of course Well Ty and Korea uh acquired Coupe J Machinery earlier this year they became One company July 1st of 2022 and as a Result of that Coupe J Machinery was the Parent company of Branson and so tym North America uh consolidated with Branson So currently uh Brant former Branson Dealers are now tym dude right they Carry the same product one thing we want To make sure everybody understands Tony Is that if they have a Branson Tractor They'll be able to get warranty work Done on it if they have a Branson Tractor they'll be able to get parts we Are still producing the same Branson Models that have been produced over the Years It's just that they say Tim now so so Nothing has changed so what essentially What we have done is we've doubled our Dealer Network okay which means Customers have more uh options as far as Getting their tractor serviced Purchasing new tractors getting parts Um we've doubled our product offering so For instance Branson dealers now have Access former Branson dealers excuse me But they're now tym dealers but they now

Have access to tractors they've never Had before 65 horsepower 75 horsepower 115 horsepower and On the other side of that tym dealers Now have access to the uh Legacy Branson Models you know for instance the 2515 Which has been one of Branson's best Sellers over the past several years is Now available to Tim dealer so it's been It is it is really great for all the Dealers now they have more products to Offer there's there's a broader dealer Network better Parts support better Service support so all this is a it is a Good thing If you're a tym customer if you're a Branson customer all this is good for You that that's the common misconception And there's a lot of in the community There was like well Branson went away And it didn't go away it was just Combined together you took the best of Both that's that's exactly the way we're Looking at Tony taking the best of both Companies and and if you're a if you're A Branson customer and you have a Branson Tractor I mean The the brand the tractors are still Coming out of the same assembly plant in Rome Georgia so we have a we tym sat Quarters was in Wilson North Carolina Where Branson's headquarters was in Rome Georgia both both facilities are still Functioning as a matter of fact uh we're

Getting ready to build a new facility in Rome Georgia attached to the current Facility that's there so we are actually Expanding our operations in Rome is what Are the what are the things uh first Time tractor buyers should be looking For number one thing is a good dealer And and telling we we believe we've got A great dealer Network a lot of dealers You know a lot of our dealers I do uh in Your area this there's several good Dealers one of the things I appreciate About what you do is you help a lot of First-time buyers I mean the the fact is These days a lot of people buying our Tractors are first-time tractor buyers Uh people who have just got five acres Or ten acres or you know uh homesteading And and that kind of thing has become a Lot more popular especially since covet Yes self-sufficiency is a thing right it Really is and it's a smart thing exactly And we we try to train our dealers to be Uh sources of information for people so What what we tell our dealers they need To do and what our territory managers Tell them is The first thing you need to ask a Customer is what are you going to use The tractor for you know how much land Do you have what are you going to use it For are you going to be cutting brush Are you going to be tilling are you Going to be doing a lot of loader work

And and we really rely on our dealers a Lot to guide customers as to what they Need to buy so they don't buy a tractor That's too small or they don't buy a Tractor that's too big we want to make Sure we get customers in the the tractor That they need to do what they're going To do and then we want our dealers to Guide them To purchase the implements they're going To need to do that work there's so many Implements there's so many catchers can Do so much now Um you used to it was a a plow right a a Maybe a flat grader blade there's just Another one now there's an Implement for Every chore every task and they Specialize so that makes it even harder For a first time it really does and I'll Be honest with you uh I'm absorbed in Tractors and I enjoy watching your Channel A lot of times to see some of The new products that are out there I Think I told you about you know I used To have 40 acres right I'm a city boy Now but some of the things I've seen on Your channel I sure wish I would have Had when when I was working my 48 right Right if you're going to do a homestead There's so many options now and uh I'm Excited about I'm excited about showing That kind of stuff but yeah I get giddy Yeah well yeah I do too and I'll say I'm Biased I like T1 tractors you guys have

Been great as a family And I will say this to to everybody who Watches our Channel Tym has a unique culture that I've not Seen in other tractor manufacturers is The fact that I started talking to you Five years ago and you're still talking To me five years that's right yeah uh we We uh you just don't see that in other Companies cultures yeah you got to stay Around everybody that I I started Talking to all that long ago are still Here yeah we're like a family we really Are I get that yeah and I and I I tell People a lot you know these people I'm On the road all the time you know so so Uh you know these people are really my My friends and to an extent my family as Well you know and and we work together Well we enjoy what we do like I said Before uh the people I tell this story a Lot Tony explaining why I love this Business so much and I was telling Someone yesterday the kind of people in This business are the kind of people That I've traveled this whole country over my Career and I could break down in my car at two O'clock in the morning or lost anywhere In this country and I would know Somebody I could call Who would come and help me that's the Kind of people in the tractor business

And that's one of the reasons I love it And that that includes people tyo and You know we've combined going back to uh Consolidating uh Tym and Branson The the folks at Branson are great folks Too and we have all gotten together and We just made a bigger family you know

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