Winter is nigh, at least winter weather! And so if you haven’t yet figured out how you’ll handle snowfall with your tractor, let us try and persuade you to consider our most popular tractor attachment sold every year (besides the Speeco E-Hitch), the HLA Snow Pusher. It’s way, way better than a bucket, but obviously it ain’t free. So have a watch, and see if you think a snow pusher is the right tool for you this winter.

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It's that time of year folks where it's Time to make some tough decisions on What you're going to do well I suppose If you have to deal with snow removal And the old Standby that basically every tractor has These days is a loader with a bucket on It all right and I want to put this out There right away you know what you can Remove snow with your bucket a lot of Folks do and they get the job done They've done it for years but it doesn't Mean that there's not better tools that Are designed to remove snow and make Your life easier along with some other Benefits too so I want to comp Okay a couple of things that look fairly Similar really you know a bucket versus A snow Pusher today and a snow Pusher is The number one most popular snow removal Tool that we sell way more than plow Blades more than snowblowers more than Rear blades more than anything else they Far we sell more of these than all the Other ones combined all right so these Are a very popular item but not just any Snow Pusher it is the HLA snow Pusher And so I want to go into the specifics Of this snow Pusher a little bit later On but let's talk about these two here And what the differences are all right Because one tool is designed to dig and Hold material another is designed to Release and to move material all right

So there's two different concepts there At the at the heart of it and so if we Talk about a bucket in general this is It doesn't matter right it doesn't Matter if we're talking about bigger Kodas like this or if we're talking About John Deere 1025 RS Kabota BX sub Compacts or anything else smaller Anywhere in the middle all right the Same functionality applies where this is Designed to go into a pile of dirt into A pile of mulch Stone whatever it is dig Into it pick it up and then go dump it Somewhere else with a snow Pusher there Is no bottom all right and so there's Nothing for it to dig in and hold Material at all it is not designed to do That it is designed to collect the Material with the sides that are on the Left and the right and then the big back That it's all going to trap the material In there you're going to keep this on The ground moving it along from from Point A and Gathering more all the the Way until you get to point B where You're going to unload it and you can of Course stack with pushers as well you Just drive that pile of snow right up on Top of what you have already and then Back up and release it so with a bucket That's where one of the big issues can Come into play and this doesn't matter What type of driveway you have if it's Concrete if it's asphalt if it's gravel

Or dirt or millings or anything else but They're very good at digging and so that Means they want to dig and scrape along Any surface that they're on and so you Can easily damage a concrete Driveway an asphalt driveway you know if You have concrete edges or maybe if you Have a crack in there already and it Catches that or just a seams in there Same thing with asphalt if you have um Where it's been um tarfi and everything Else over the years too they can catch On that and rip that away very easily Causing damage in the winter on gravel On millings of course they're not going To be perfectly level and smooth and so That's easy to catch some of the stone In there and pile that up off your Driveway somewhere or compound the issue Further if you grab it to aggressively And dig a big trench in there Accidentally so you experienced Operators out there are never going to Have this issue but a lot of tractor Owners out there are new and don't have Years of experience or maybe don't want To have that learning curve me I'm not New but I don't have 40 years of Experience either I'm somewhere in the Middle I still I've tried using a bucket Before and it's it's just not for me So you're not going to get much cheaper Than having your existing bucket and Using it for snow so there's something

To be said for that but the up our Potential cost with damage to your Driveway and then also cost with Potential damage to your bucket as well You know that that main Leading Edge There when you're hitting something with It if you're on your driveway there Shouldn't be a lot of obstacles right But if you're in a country area or maybe You push the snow off of the driveway Well this is going to be easy to Ram Into something hidden in the snow and Damage that or potentially damage the Bottom edge of your bucket too maybe Tweaking something if you're hitting it Off center say you hit something really Hard over here with that flat Edge There's there's no real give right and So it could be easy to to tweak your Loader arms that way but potentially You're going to round these Corners That's where a lot of the damage comes Into play is rounding the corners of Your bucket they tend to wear quickly uh Quicker than the rest of the edge and so It's going to make it more challenging For you down the road when you're using In all the other Seasons to do your Work to have an easier digging tool that You bought it for in the first place now Some buckets are going to be pre-rift Now this bucket is not pre-drilled I Just got this tractor and it's kind of Surprising to see any bucket on a

Tractor this size not pre-drilled but That's the case so you could add a Replaceable Cutting Edge on here so we Sell uhmw cutting edges um that you can You can drill this out or if yours is Already pre-drilled then you don't have To worry about that but put some holes Every maybe 6 8 10 Ines somewhere in There space it Out and then put an edge on the bottom So you're saving this bucket Edge from Damage and then that uhm W if you have Concrete or asphalt you're saving that Too from the wear because the hmw is a Protective material it's going to be Very safe for concrete asphalt papers Bricks that kind of thing still scrape Really well give a barrier or a buffer Between the two surfaces and make it Easier as far as that goes folks we are Proud to be sponsored by rimgard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground It helps with loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rimgard Include being the heaviest allnatural Liquid balast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the

Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimgard solutions.com All right so a little bit more on the Difference between holding material Versus pushing it along and so this Comes into efficiency if you have a very Small area to clear this isn't going to Be that big of a deal but the bigger the Area that you have to clear and the more Repetitions that you have to do with Clearing a lane and maybe backing up or Turnning around and going the other way This becomes very tedious especially When you have to do it all winter long And then year after Year but with a bucket when you push Forward and you have your load of snow And you go to move it wherever you have To pick it up shake it around to release All the snow that's trapped in here just It just stays trapped in here too much Of it stays stuck you have no idea how Much is releasing and so you got to Shake it out really good and then reset It down on the ground to get that same Level to to push at again with a snow Pusher you don't have to do that there's There's nothing there's nothing to trap There's no bottom so the snow just is Sitting there and with the HLA design to Pick up on that a little bit the back is Radius or it's rolled all right and so

That helps the snow to roll forward to Continuously have momentum going forward As you're pushing along and so it's not Just sitting there being stuck and Trapped because that's not the design The design is to keep the snow moving Forward to get it to where you need to Go go as quickly and efficiently and Make it less work for the tractor to do So and then release it without having to Make any adjustments to have to shake Your your pusher or anything like that You don't have to do that the other Reason the H pushers are different than Other pushers are because of this Sidewall here you're going to see There's no bracing between the side wall And the back wall and so most not all But most of the other pushers out there Are going to have a brace that goes Across there and that does trap snow They're going to have a vertical back on There maybe an angle back but it's not Going to be radiused and Rolled and it's going to trap snow and You are going to have some loss of Efficiency there because they're going To have stuff trapped in there all the Time they're going to be pushing along And it's not going to release and stay Where you want to be without doing Shaking that shaking effect that we're Talking About so again small scale no big deal

But the more that you're doing it or if You just are annoyed by things that Don't work the way that you want them to Then that would be another reason to Consider a Pusher never going to be cheaper than Using the bucket yard have though and Another visual indicator hopefully you Can pick up on this is the fact that Well this is a bigger tractor that's a Smaller tractor but if you look at the Dimensions of that Pusher you can fit a Lot more snow in here than you can in The bucket that came with your tractor All right so if we're talking a small Area that's not really significant but The bigger the area that you're doing And the more often you have to do it the More that becomes just a pain right and So maybe it's your favorite thing in the World to go out there move snow and you Got nothing better to do and this your The dream right great more power to you But if you want to make your life more Efficient or you're looking for that Tool well a pusher would be something to Consider bigger Tractor smaller bucket on here all right You can put a bigger Pusher on there and Move things along get the job done Quicker and so a fun thing to do with a Snow Pusher one of the the great things About these hlas are their their back Drag that they have on here it's a very

Substantial backd drag this is the 2500 Series now most of our audience that's Watching or use actually a 1500 and 1800 Series and there's not going to be an Open Gap here it's going to be it's a Smaller Pusher and so this this Back Drag would basically be shifted back Here a bit and there would be no Gap it' Be a solid top on here and so when You're back dragging which is a super Super handy thing to be able to do with A snow Pusher you can pull snow away From a garage door you can pull it away From a retaining wall from a park car if You can't push the snow forward you can Use your back drag to roll forward and Make this front edge this is your Cutting Edge then and you drop that out And pull the snow away it's a super Handy thing to do again you can trap all The snow inside here and while you can Back Drag with a bucket again these These are these are just different ways To skin a cat right you can backd drag With this but you're going to have this Bottom Edge down here this is going to Be your back drag Edge there's nothing To trap in any snow on the sides there's No volume that you can really collect in There you can get the job done but if You want a more efficient tool again it Gets back to how often you're doing this You just can't beat as snow Pusher to do It and in particular in HLA snow Pusher

You're not going to see a fully enclosed Backd drag from any other brand that's Out there on the 1500 and the 1800 the Smaller stuff that works for all the Compact tractors you're just not going To see it it's far and way the best one That's out there I could I could easily Carry one of 10 different manufacturers Of snow pushers if I wanted to I choose To carry the HLA they are not the Cheapest but their construction their Their features just the way that they're Put together and and the way that HLA thought about it helps them sell Themselves they just need people to see What they are and then decide hey if I'm Going to have a snow Pusher for 5 10 15 20 years is it worth paying maybe it's 10% maybe it's 20% maybe it's 30% more I Don't know but over the course of 5 10 15 20 years is it worth paying for a Better product a bit more to have this Better tool and me personally I regret It I I I've done it often enough on Trailers on trucks uh on gun safes on Basically anything that I buy where I Regret not just getting what I should Have got the first time because I know Eventually I'm going to wind up getting That anyways and I've learned to just Get the right thing for me the first Time and bite the bullet get it done so Some other features about the HLA snow Pushers again these are designed for

Snow removal all right and so everything About them is Bolt together design so They are adaptable if your situation if Your needs change to if you wear out the Edges or the skid Runners down here you Can replace them and on the the edges You can actually flip them over and use The other side so you can get double the Life out of the edge there so to speak And these are thick beefy edges the uhmw That we use is I don't know anybody else That sells thicker beefier stuff than we Do and that's on purpose right even the Skinnier stuff for snow plows and for um Uh rear blades and and items like that It's 3/4 of an inch thick and you're Going to see most of the competition out There sells half inch or 38 we went 3/4 Of an inch thick we went beefier and Heavier Duty I just wanted to give Better bang for the buck whenever I Could and that's no exception on the Edges for the snow posters that are one And a qu inches thick the skid Runners Are um an inch and a half to two inches Thick depending on what series you have There as well so heavy duty material I Can't stress it enough we wanted to make Sure these were built heavy duty all the Way around uh you're going to notice That even the frames are bolted on so if You wound up getting a a global a Tractor with a global quick attach later On or a John Deere quick attach or vice

Versa this has a skider quick attach you Can unbolt the frame and then just buy a New frame you don't have to buy the Entire new Pusher so if your needs Change again you have the flexibility There to get into the right equipment at A lot lower cost so if you want to buy It without a backd drag because you're Like Courtney I'm not solding a backd Drag I don't have a need right or maybe You don't have a pull bar now but you're Going to put one up down the road buy it Without the backd drag and then you can Bolt on you can buy and bolt on the Backd drag down the road or let's say You have a gravel driveway now and You're going to pave it in the future Well go with steel skid runners go with A steel Edge now that's all you need and Then down the road when you upgrade your Driveway and get concrete or or asphalt You can upgrade your edges and your Runners as well they just bolt right on So in my opinion a bucket is better than A snow Pusher in one area and that is Price because you already have it more Than likely other than that though if You're looking to protect your driveway If you want to extend the life of your Bucket don't use it for snow if you want To get your jobs done Faster all these reasons are are great Ones to use a pusher you can push the Same kind of snow with either one right

You can push two inches of snow you can Push a foot of snow you can push the Light fluffy stuff the wet heavy stuff You can stack it you can do all the same Things you're just going to do it a lot Better with a snow Pusher and you're Potentially I'm not going to say this is Guaranteed to happen but potentially You're going to save money by not Causing damage to your bucket or to the Plowing Surface by using the right tool And so that Delta of zero cost just by Using your existing bucket Versus couple th000 3,000 4,000 whatever It is for the size of Pusher that you Need well that that Gap there between Zero and 4,000 could shrink Significantly over the years as you Cause less damage to whatever surface is You're plowing and maybe this comes out Ahead so Again if you're watching this video I Think you're already maybe wondering What way I should go maybe you can get By with this now maybe you're planning For the future but if you are planning For the future we're thinking about a Snow Pusher I would strongly consider The hlaa for all the features that we Talked about here these things are made Up in Canada and they know a little bit About snow up there but they know what They're doing I honestly I don't know of A single warranty claim that comes to

Mind on an HLA snow Pusher they are Built so Well and again it's I could sell any of Them out there that I want to I don't I Just keep selling these guys cuz they're Just amazing I love them so we ship all Over the country you can get what you Need at goodworkstractors Thatcomicbookguy You're May to have about a 4 to 6 month Lead time to get that custommade mount Back there so plan ahead for that all Right you know order in the spring so You can have it next fall and have it All winter long then but Goodworkstractors dcom we'd love to help You out I want to thank you for taking Time out of your day to stop by and Until next time stay safe we'll see you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] A

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