Bucking Firewood – Is a Tractor Grapple Really Worth It?

Foreign Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farm And today I'm going to do a little bit Of firewood work generally the first Thing I do is put the grapple on the Tractor But I get a lot of comments from Old School guys They say it's really not that much Faster I can do the same thing the same Way but set of pilot Forks maybe a Ratchet strap So in the case of what I'm doing today I Think that's going to work so I'm gonna Do that do some firewood give you my Thoughts on the grapple I also want some Feedback from you guys And guesses I want guesses in the Comments how long do you think it'll Take me to split one full cord of Firewood 128 cubic feet with a homeowner Grade log splitter not the whole process Just turning already bucked rounds Into split firewood so let me know how Long you think that'll take let's get to It [Music] Thank you That smaller stuff that I pushed up over The top is firewood too but it doesn't Need split so I don't want to mess with It right now One example of someone who does a lot of This type of work but doesn't own a

Grapple is my friend Paul case He handles more logs in a week than I Probably do in a year And doesn't own a grapple so That along with some of the other Comments just got me thinking about it Being an interesting conversation [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] Foreign Last time I was out here I broke my Accumark These are cheap I'll just get another One but I want these all to be the same length So I'm going to go ahead and mark them This log weighs about a third of what The one I demonstrated that with Wade But The way that end Forks out wide made it Harder to roll [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] La la La yeah [Music] [Music] Ah How you guys doing today Came out here Split some firewood Got about two or three hours before it Rains but this is feels like it's Marking the change of a season it's About 60 65 degrees today so I came out Here it felt cool now I've got this vest On and chaps and the helmet and I'm Burning up But this is the last day like this we're Gonna have for a couple weeks we got Lows in the 20s highs in the 30s and 40s For the next 10 days Got rain Tonight tomorrow we got chances of snow So feels like today is the day when Winter hits here in Kansas Or tomorrow But weather's been fantastic lately So I guess I'll go ahead and get these Rolled over And finish bucking them up Foreign Foreign [Music] Laughs [Music]

[Music] [Music] Mm-hmm [Music] Um Well I've got two hours before it says it's Going to rain the video I wanted to make Today was how long does it take to split A quart of firewood with a homeowner log Splitter But I don't know if I can get it done in That period of time and I have tools and Equipment scattered all over the place I Want to get put in before it rains I think we're gonna get a lot of rain Hopefully enough to make a difference on The pond So that leads me to two things I want to Hear in the comments from you guys is First how long do you think it'll take Me with a 27 ton Champion homeowner Great log splitter to split one full Cord of firewood after it's already Bucked into the rounds you see behind me That's conversation number one let's see Who can get the closest guess to that on Time and I'm not gonna race and see how Fast I can do it I just want to do it Like I normally would see how long it Takes because that's a question that People type into the search bar I've Typed that in how long does it take to Split a quart of firewood so the second

Conversation I wanted to have today is How much time is your grapple really Saving you So you guys know I love my grapple I Talk about all the time how great it is It's a fun tool It's like uh brings out the inner Five-year-old of I can grab big stuff And Smash It and carry it and It's the fun of doing all this kind of Work really but You get a lot of comments from some of The old school guys they're like I've Never felt the need for it I can move Anything I need to with my pallet forks And if it doesn't want to sit on the Forks I can put a strap around the forks And back to it takes an extra minute but It's not the end of the world Well grapples are expensive And I'd definitely rather have one than Not because the more options you have The better but for what I was going to Do today I wanted to move some stuff With the pallet Forks Then I wanted to carry some logs over Here and then after splitting firewood The plan is next I'll be using the forks So You gotta Take the pallet Forks off and you're Getting off the tractor and you're Unhooking it and then setting it down Somewhere and then you go get the

Grapple and then you got to shut the Tractor off and bleed your Hydraulics And connect the hoses and put the pins Back in come down here and move a couple Logs Then Do that process again disconnect all That go set it down go get your forks Get back off the tractor put the pins in It's uh A lot of times it's more more messing With something than it is actually Saving you time So let me know what you guys think is That a grapple a lifesaver time changer Or is it just something that's fun to Have so let me know what you think in The comments I appreciate you taking Time to watch this video I'll put links On the screen to a couple more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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