Bucking Up a Giant Stump

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farm And today I'm going to start the process Of dealing with this massive stump I Guess it's not really a stump it's a Cluster of big stumps with the largest One being this piece over here that up At waist height is 40 inches wide And down at ground level Because I think of it as a stump Grinding guy down at ground level that's An eight foot stump And if you win if you Encompass all of What I have to remove here it's like a 12 foot diameter and I'm going to have a Big stump removal video where I take all Of this out But today Is about salvaging some of this for Firewood So I'm going to cut all of these tops Off what we have is Four tree sections that are smallest Ones probably 22 inch diameter up at Waist height And I want to turn as much of that as I Can into firewood instead of wasting it And I happen to have the perfect tool For dealing with giant pieces of Firewood so rather than just going down And cutting this as low as I can because I want to make firewood out of it I'm Going to see how many 16 inch pieces I Can get off of each section and Mark Everything and then we'll get started

Cutting Without forking out in so many Directions it makes it a little bit more Complicated but I got my first couple of Cuts marked we'll get started with that And go from there definitely going to Come across like a whiner for you guys Up North but this is one of the colder Days we've had so far with a high of 28 So Uh I'm used to warmer weather but we'll We'll get through Iron Man Foreign So we've cut all the way through this 36 Inches wide I've left about four inches Of wood right there that is just an Outcropping of the roots And that'll hold the weight up so that The stump's not sitting on the saw then I've got wedges around it So I'll finish cutting all the rest of It and then I'll cut this little nip off Vertically Foreign Foreign So across in this direction We are 56 inches The other direction 41. That is a big son of a gun You can tell this grew out in the open These growth rings are really wide These rings out here are half an inch Wide

That's huge Okay so I'm still gonna have to cut this up more But I'm not probably going to get any More firewood out of it I might a little Bit on this side But let's go ahead and work on this one For a while Foreign So my paint marks were not straight I hit that paint mark on the front and This one on the side and my cuts going Way downhill so I'm going to come from The other side and this is going to be Kind of a wonky Round Foreign As I was pushing that off I thought for A second we'll all tip that up and show You guys how it's completely Hollow from Where the bees were in here It's too heavy for that just gonna shove It all I'm thinking because this is so Hollow I'm going to split this Down the center of that hole and then I Won't have to try to fight with cutting All the way across this at once Thank you Thank you Thank you Nothing Foreign Man this is a monster

When you look at it I'm still not down To where the root flare is but if you Look at what I've got to grind from here Where you've got Nine feet This right here is nine feet but you've Got root flare That sticks out past on this side Another two feet You've probably got 13 feet Of grind area here which is going to be Pretty crazy stump removal But today's some progress the part I'm Excited about now is that all of this Kind of sucked And it's cold it's freezing out here But now I get to sit in the cab and I'm Going to split this up in about two Minutes Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Guys I want to tell you a little story Here And it in just a minute I'm going to Relate it to this skid steer log Splitter When I was a kid We were not on a farm But we had Like three or four acres

And my dad would have somebody else bail The hay on it and we had a really really Big yard and I was responsible for push Mowing that yard I never been on a riding lawnmower until I was 15 or 16 and that wasn't hours That was for someone else Um my whole life we push mowed that then I bought a pretty big property in town a Corner lot and I push mowed it for years And the reason is because my dad Would always say that There were a lot of people out there who Would either spend a fortune on a riding Lawnmower or pay someone to mow their Yard and then pay to go work out in the Gym When if you just mow your yard with a Push mower It accomplishes the work and saves you a Lot of money and that was kind of his Mindset that You don't need the fanciest tool right But 20 years later my dad's got a nice Zero turn mower And I think it builds a lot of character in Me There's probably three or four acres Here that I mow build a lot of character If I mowed all Of that acreage with a push mower If I really wanted to build character I'd do it on one that one of those

Without an engine the old real mowers Just mow the whole thing with that Build character But That's the argument I get with this this Skid steer log splitter people say You know you're being lazy I could do all that faster with the Splitting mole well maybe you can And that's good keeps you in shape Doesn't cost you anything But I worked pretty hard already today Getting that wood into rounds And My grandkids are here I've got other Things I'd like to be doing and so the Fact I could split this so easy without Much effort Makes me glad I don't mow my yard with a Push mower anymore So if you happen to be interested in one Of these you can check it out uh Wolfridge.com Wolf Ridge is a great company American Made products they don't just make skid Steer log splitters they make regular Log splitters tractor Mount log Splitters firewood processors anything You want that handles logs you can get It from Wolf Ridge so hopefully you Found that story interesting And I appreciate you taking time to watch

This video I'll put links on the screen To a couple more of our videos and I'll See you next time

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