BUILDING a CABIN in the FOREST – NEW HOMESTEAD // LOW COST POWER // Simple Kitchen Setup – Ep. 134

BUILDING a CABIN in the FOREST – NEW HOMESTEAD // LOW COST POWER // Simple Kitchen Setup – Ep. 134 –

Another HUGE milestone on the development and progress of our self built homestead. We share a wonderful moment with you all. Thanks for being here ????

We also stopped at Princess Auto for a couple of things. –

Couple Building Cabin Alone In The Canadian Wilderness.

We’re a couple trying our best to live a more self reliant life after a med release from the army changed everything. We are currently building on a small mountain in the woods.

Watch our entire build in order here –

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A boy was sitting on a park bench with One hand resting on his Bible he was Loudly exclaiming his praise to God Hallelujah hallelujah God is great he Exclaimed without worrying whether or Not anyone had heard him shortly after Along came a man who had recently Finished completing some studies at a Local University feeling himself very Enlightened in the way of Truth and very Eager to show his Enlightenment he asks The little boy why he was so excited hey Asked the boy in return with a bright Laugh don't you have any idea what God Is able to do I just read in my Bible That God opened the Red Sea and led the Whole nation of Israel right through the Enlightened man laughed and laughed he Sat down beside the young boy and tried To open his eyes to the reality of the Bible that can all be very easily Explained he said modern Scholars show That the red sea in that area at that Time was only 10 in high it was no Problem for the Israelites to wait Across the boy was stumped his eyes Wandered from the man back to his Bible Laying open on his lap the man Enlightened that he had opened the eyes Of a poor young boy so naive to the Bible and points of scientific Insight Then all of a sudden the boy began to Rejoice and praise even louder the man Turned and asked the boy why are you

Praising still wow explained the boy Even happier God is even greater than I Thought said the little boy not only did He lead the whole nation of Israel Through the Red Sea he topped it off by Drowning the whole Egyptian Army in just 10 in of Water you're [Music] Welcome [Music] Oh wow that's Cool but since 2012 they really have Abandoned this habitat climate change Has warmed up these Waters and the food They feed on is just not found here Anymore so again this is a critically Endangered species um 340 individuals left in the entire [Music] World [Music] [Music] [Music] How you you take That [Music] All right so I picked up my new kitchen Sink and faucet so we just got to take a Measurement of this wall and then I'm Going to run into town and grab a Countertop I want white but I can't Bakers can't be choosers cuz tomorrow We're putting the sink in so I'm just

Going to pick whatever countertop they Have available that they can cut for me So hopefully they have a light colored One if not white and I'll get it put Here and we'll get the sink all hooked Up and everything tomorrow so that's Pretty [Music] Exciting [Music] [Music] Okay [Music] St [Music] [Music] [Music] He for you Yeah One Two that's what we really came for poop Bags are just bonus yeah I'll keep those In the tractor yeah we get some in the Bike but we didn't want to take them out Hey yeah yeah we'll keep them in there That'll help yeah that's good let [Music] All [Music] Okay I'm Helping oh you're a good Help Oh that was the wrong end oh my goodness Get

A go [Music] Ahead [Music] [Music] Okay all right so you see these here cut Those out that's for the sink sink's Going to be there and then let clean out Down there and then we left it open up Here because we're going to still Bulkhead that in so that's why that's Open either bulkheads or shelves or Something but either way we got to cover That in so that's why we just came up to There for now cuz we want this on here Because we're going to put the counter On so we want to have this already in Behind it so I actually had already Thrown them on I had put them together The other day cuz I thought my body was Going to be here quickly so I didn't Have a drill on me cuz for some reason It took it out to The Farmhouse so Anyways I needed to actually drill a Couple holes use jiga for those holes so I was just going to throw it up cuz he Was coming to do the sink and well some Other thing showed up that he he Actually didn't have either or something I don't know what we ended up not being Able to do it but so now we able to Throw up these couple of sheets get it Up and ready so now we can put the sink In for when he's able to come out again

And do that with me so once we get the Counter and the sink and everything on You know once we actually do the kitchen I'll think about what I want to do with This wall but one of the things I was Thinking is like that stick tile so it's Just like peel and stick and some people Use it as a backsplash I thought maybe We could just do the whole thing so Right up to the top where we're going to Do the um Bulkhead from the sink or the Counter wherever the counter top lands And then all the way up just use that Stick tile backsplash I thought that Would be an option anyway that might Look really cool just behind the sink And stuff so we'll see or we could paint It and then just put trim here in this One seam I don't know lots of options But we'll get to that again once we Actually do the whole [Music] Kitchen [Music] [Music] [Music] So we decided to put this wall on as Well that way when we cut out for the Sink and we put this countertop in place We've already got this done and nailed CU that would be super annoying to do With the countertop right here right Here we'll just put a little quarter Around up through there and then again

If we do that tile or whatever we'll do On this wall I don't really know yet but We just wanted to have something against The wall so that when the counter is in Place it's not like we're trying to work In that corner as well cuz that'd be Super annoying now we're all ready for The sink when Jeremy's friend comes to Help us put that in all right so we got The power ran in here again we did it Cuz we plan on doing a lot of things Here and don't want to be chasing power The entire time we're building their Homestead so or once we have it and it Cost a lot of money to set up solar and All that stuff for what we want we want To be able to do a garage like where you Can you know hoist generators uh or Compressors everything right you just Want to be chasing power and it's going To add up big time to be adding solar And all that but if you just want a Couple of things or if you're completely Loaded or you can just get stuff for Free then you know maybe it'll work for You but for us this is definitely the Way to go it's super cheap it long run It's way cheaper so that's uh kind of Our thinking behind all that yeah and we Did it in a way that as you seen so I Didn't get the water tank hardwired in I Just have it on a plug so that way if Power was to have we were having to lose Power we can unplug it and put it into

Our portable power units or into our Generator and we'll always have access To water our hot water is on demand Propane so we'll have access to that so We kind of made sure that no matter what Happens we're having like the Convenience of the grid but if it were To go down we made sure that we're we're All good and we have the wood stove Which Heats the entire place and some And you can also cook on it so we've got Cooking water heat I mean you can't Really ask for much more then the Convenience of the gr the grid when he Builds his garage and just everyday Living so yeah and we hunt and all that Too so yeah as far as backup plans go And we've hunt anyway so we're doing That anyway but and also there's a Spring so we could actually have water Even if you couldn't pump out of the Well wouldn't mind getting a h up in That well sometime too be cool that may Another thing but yeah main thing is Have ingredients as you want uh as long As it's cheap and it is yeah and also Like worst case you're good to go anyway Mhm totally yeah so that's it we got Some things done and ready we're really Excited yeah it's just like a big step It actually is a crazy step it is having Power at your fingertips is nice [Music] Mhm

[Music] If I wrote you a Song If I got every Word perfectly Weighted on a thin piece of paper Would it make any Difference would it change for the Better if I wrote you a PO if I posted a [Music] Letter is it maybe because I never Knew quite where I Was and suddenly you told me baby you're Lost but I am Too whatever the Cost we'll make it Through tell me you're the one you're The one for me now cuz what am I Supposed to do if you are not the one Not the one for me then tell me now what I could [Music] Do if I told you that I don't know where I'm Going don't know what to Say but I go without Knowing if I told you that I don't know What to Believe don't know how to Pray but I pray Anyway tell me you're the one you're the One for me now cuz what am I supposed to Do if you are not the one not the one

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