One day Jesus and Satan were having a Competition to see who was better with Computers after six hours of making Spreadsheets designing web pages a Thunderstorm struck and turned the power Out when they rebooted their computers Satan started screaming it's all lost All my material was gone while Jesus Quietly printed his off and turned it in Satan complained it's not fair he must Have cheated how come he didn't lose his Work God smiled and said Jesus saves You're welcome Today's video is brought to you by Ariat So today I am wearing the Ariat jacket I Love this jacket it's actually a sunny Day today and it's probably plus five Degrees Celsius so this I wore all Winter long when it got down to minus 20 Minus 30 degrees Celsius and even today In the plus five it is a really awesome Jacket and it kind of like works with You in the weather so I love it I'm Gonna wear it again today until I get Too hot and I'm in a t-shirt but as of Right now it's still doing the trick and It's it's not too hot it's not Overpowering and getting the really cold Weather it keeps me really warm my Leggings are from Ariat I absolutely Love these leggings they're super Comfortable and they look good and my Boots I love all Ariat boots I have a Few different pairs I have some to wear

Out somewhere a little more fancy and I Have some for working in these ones here Today are work ones so they're composite Toe they're waterproof and they're good In basically anything that I do here on The land I use them in the farm when we Had pigs and with the chickens and I use Them for building they keep my toes safe And warm they're great in the snow in The winter they're also good when it's Hot out so they're really awesome we Absolutely love Ariat these here are my Slippers so I wear these inside the Cabin when we're working sometimes I'm Going to be wearing them today Specifically because we're going to be In Sam's room and I'm going to need to Be wearing them while I clean the floors I'm going to sweep them and wash the Floors and I'll be wearing these Slippers so that I'm not dragging the Snow from my boots into the cabin so Check out area all the links will be Below they have men's and women's and Children they have different sizes Different colors they have winter summer All sorts of stuff and we have been Really happy with all of their products So far so check them out in the links Below and thanks to Ariat for sponsoring This video All right so today we are going we have Brought a bed over for Sam's room so her Room is going to be completed now we're

Just gonna sweep the floors wash the Floors and put the bed up and then her Room is fully done which is super Awesome so we have been away for just Over a week my mom unfortunately has Cancer and was you know really not doing Too good so we went up to spend some Time with her and we just got back and It is gorgeous weather so we need to Start tapping the trees are ready and From what I've heard they're flowing From other people so we got to get ours Tapped and start making maple syrup last Year we bought we built a boiler so we Bought an oil drum and then we cut out Spots we cut out the door and then we Cut out spots for the pans so we used it Last year and it worked really well so That's what we're going to be using Again today or this year I should say It's we're going to be using again this Year we also plan to build some sort of Sugar Shack even possibly just a lean to We did that at our last property and we Really loved it and it just keeps you Out of the rain so you can boil in Pretty much any weather and you can be Out of the rain and just boil your sap Down so we'll start with tapping today And hopefully within a few days start Boiling depends on how it's running we Do right here where we're located it's Kind of in like a snow belt so we have a Lot more snow than other areas so

Because of that trees may not run as Well quite yet but there's a few right Now that I can even see and it doesn't Look like it's that deep so I'm going to Try and find like the most sunny areas And we'll tap them and see how they're Doing All right first we got to get inside and Get Sam's bed unloaded and built in There so let's go inside I'll empty all The snow and ice out of these so they're Ready when we do have sap Normally I would keep that water for the Toilet but we have a lot So because we haven't been here in over A week because we've been in Ontario It's quite cold in here so I'm gonna Fire this thing up well I get a fire Started and warm it up in here because It is chilly it's kind of like shaded Around the cabin so it kind of keeps the Cold right in here unfortunately Foreign Put it in [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign Oops [Music] Foreign [Music] So let's see Yeah it should be done now

Put cards for it this one But you see all this stuff the cushions Yeah well all this whole bottom part Could we use it it's all screwed It's not now the Wonder kind of shape It's in this is Probably about 50 years old this stuff This is 70. I use this 74 or something oh I don't Know it's almost 40 years 50 years old But all this kept up good because what If we unscrewed those then you have Those drawers yeah and maybe you Replicate this booth over there just by Adding Thing here or there Because we could take this time because Then you could have the table the chairs The cushions yeah because they're all Selling decent shape really yeah At least you know and then if you ever Wanted to remember we had that other old Cabin you put new Coverings over so yeah yeah figure you Guys that if you wanted to yeah that's Easy but these here you could screw in To the wall see and then you could just Put Get buttons for them if we don't have Them Getting the fridge out yeah this here Was on here So it wouldn't open When they're driving

[Music] Custom fit There's a lot of this like this stuff Too You know it's like Hardware Oh yeah you could use right like here Here he could like take this stuff all Off and put it use it as a closet door Somewhere little closet oh yeah the Bathroom door you know yeah there's a Lot of stuff you could use in here Foreign This is actually a bunk bed yeah right I Think so it pulls down yeah yeah with These you can't right yeah like there's A lot of stuff you could probably use Like a shelf if you could rip that whole Thing out and you probably could so that It goes into your wall and then pulls Down the bunk you probably could There's a lot of cool stuff it's just in This yeah Yeah Open it probably Okay Yeah you're good you're out you want me To grab it Let me grab this hole take pressure off Yep I got it No No yeah I'm scared I'm kidding the Snow's so deep What's that Craig I'm singing because It's so heavy

Yeah it's the fridge [Music] You throw up Laughs 2009 okay it doesn't say the wattage Just says 115 volt 1.2 amps Right in the kitchen yeah makes logical Sense we'll get it lifted up later but Yeah Foreign [Music] It's like a bigger Like it's big for a mini fridge isn't it I think so it looks pretty big Thing Cute mini fridge it's got a freezer in It oh cool Yeah this one wouldn't probably wouldn't Be ideal to have it on this little thing All the time See if it at least run it I hear it yep that's so cool 200 199 when it first turned on it was 200 Watts now it's 195 194 going down Even this little thing fully charged Would run it for three hours that's Awesome it's like running once it's Going it won't stay on but 185 is going Down it would be longer really 180 when I look yeah that's cool this is Cool holding it once you know it's going Down so Cool we'll get this off it Oh it might need a bigger one okay

We'll just reuse this somewhere else Beer fridge yeah Cool awesome gotta cleaned it out Obviously yeah Good it's got a freezer in it There's a pack in there actually nice Pack yeah [Music] That's not too bad Yeah definitely needs to be clean but Yeah cooler yeah Closes and it runs down to 150 somehow That's neat all right so we actually Will be going in the master next what Are we gonna get a door stop in that Spare room yes and bring a dresser yeah And then that'll be like I guess Complete oh and get the light back on The wall that's not on right all right Yeah we got the little lights on there So we're gonna throw that back up Anyways since you're bringing the fridge Over I thought we'd tell you some cool Plans and we were just talking about in There about the yeah kind of we're kind Of just talking about how we could Utilize some of this yeah so so what was That in the uh camper the old camper Yeah so what we were thinking is right Here we're thinking of building like a Booth like you know like you go to a Restaurant We have like chair chair and then the Table yeah we're thinking of doing that

Right under the window here Jeremy's Always talked about wanting a booth so Yeah might as well build his Booth here At the cabin I think it would be cool Right there you're like a centered in The window and then like in the seats to Have doors like hinges on it so we could Use the hinges and stuff over there some Of the wood probably maybe even the Cushions I think we could definitely use That yeah so we're gonna try to use Whatever we can what we're just showing Over there to build this booth over here And then the back side of it we'll just Have like a little bit of storage or Something maybe a shelf because we want It centered in the window so that'll Leave a little space back there probably Yeah so we'll figure out kind of what to Do there too yeah we were thinking we Could throw like like he said storage Under the under the chairs and we could Have like games in there and then this Section will be quite small because with The booth there but we could have just Like a little narrow cabinet where you Throw all your extra blankets and Pillows and stuff it'd be pretty cool And then like hang in the extra dishes Or whatever or even tight coats or Something coats yeah so I don't know There's a little bunkers I'm thinking Yeah so it'll be a good way to utilize Space by just yeah building it in the to

The benches and then in behind the Benches and yeah the one here too like In the camper one chair here or just two On each side well you could have a full Booth yeah like a full Booth yeah you Get in the boots cooler I kind of like That yeah I was thinking just the boost For you come on there but the whole Booth may be called you can let us know What you think yeah down below full Booth or the half Yeah we'd have enough cushions because I Feel like the VIP lounge is a full moon Yeah pretty sweet yeah it would be it'd Be cool you could sit here and then we Have our Television over there on this Wall like in our living room area yeah And you could be like sitting in the Booth watching the fights like you're at A bar yeah eating wings yeah drinking Beer from your beer fridge that you just Brought in yeah it actually sounds like This weekend's gonna be good yeah You guys like that shelf there that Little knee shelf there that's just Temporary right that's not it that's not Saying there no but anyways that's a Little bit of the idea what we got here Obviously there's more to do on that Side of the kitchen too like counter Sink all that yeah but that's that will Be unless we can get some stuff out like Things that make sense and but I think We're doing our bedroom next because we

Have the flooring yeah just need a bit Of drywall right and the ceiling so and Then that would get that done and then You could work out here I guess yeah That'd be good unless we decide that we Want to just start ripping the camper Apart we'll see we'll see I know there's Like it already felt kind of fun yeah it Was so the weather's really nice you may Just tear that apart and see what we can Bring over yeah We'll see Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] That's not good [Music] Should I put it right here like this way A little bit beside the bed That's kind of what I was thinking Look weird I could put it in the corner I was the only reason I single of the Air is because then it's like a night Table she could have a drink here or Something yeah it just utilizes it the Best we can even if it doesn't look as Nice but just a small space so We could throw the dresses [Music] Sam stole my slippers [Music] Nail sticking out inside there it's not Oh no that's just might just not be the

Right one [Music] Let's see it's fine [Music] [Music] Baby Thank you thank you [Music] Cool so cute that looks fine like that Yeah I mean you know it probably would Look cool against this wall but It's pretty convenient right there I Love she needs a clean ax or water Bottle like you I know right so yeah it Actually makes more sense Now we gotta hang that light And put the door stopper on because I'm Gonna put a hole through the back of the Wall if not yeah That was it It's pretty comfortable yes That's fine yeah Right there yeah Cool I like it I love it so we'll hang That leg yeah then we gotta buy a blind That's the one thing we forgot that we Need a blind for in here yeah so we'll Measure it okay measure sure So inside I imagine we're just hey yeah Inside you Maybe I shouldn't be measuring Let's say 22. Yeah it'll be a range anyway so yeah 22 will work what's the length of it

34 like or less sorry 34-ish as long as It's in that that range 22 by 34. yeah Okay and then I need to get clean this Off Yeah obviously a bit of dust there today Yeah There Cool all right first you should check Make sure we actually See that piece of dirt on the floor To the right of it oh good That's how you measure properly yeah you Need this thing Over it Situation I don't think it matters oh yeah because Then the screws got to go through it Yeah That makes sense All right Nice having this nice white trim You go Oh this can be so much better He Yay nice That's awesome I like it yeah We need to get another thing on here I Know I was looking on Amazon Get a good one You could literally just find that Hardware store Jeremy told me not to use that lock on

There and I used it and then broke the Key off so it's now not lockable and you Can't cut it There's a Utility knife a good one right there oh Nice Be careful of the steps on that I think There's a piece of fascia there One's running You can see she's running a bit that's Awesome Cool oh that's two buckets [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] To put on Cool It is deep snow up here [Music] Because we were gone again like I said For over a week in Ontario the snow is So heavy and wet so instead of trying to Plow it with the tractor because we Don't have an actual plow he's going to Just drive over it several times and That'll flatten it out we found just Bringing the truck in house but this way He can flatten out more of it because We're supposed to get another big storm Tomorrow between a mixture between like Rain and snow and then if it turns to Ice it's going to be brutal so it's

Trying to get it padded down right now And then it'll make it a little bit Easier to drive on Thank you [Music]

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