Burning Brush and Clearing Fence Lines

Foreign Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And today we are going to be cleaning up Fence rows and burning brush So I showed a couple weeks ago I got a New high reach tree Shear that would be Perfect for these fence rows and I've Actually been wanting one of these for a While and I've been waiting to clean my Fence rows until I had an easier way to Do it But I've also got a tremendous amount of Brush down here I've already got a burn Hole dug that's full of brush and then I've got other brush piles all over the Property so I've been waiting for a day When the ground's really wet from rain And it's not windy today is a great day To burn this fire couldn't get out if I Wanted it to so hopefully we can get it Lit that's first thing I'm going to get The fire lit then we'll get the Equipment and get down and start Cleaning that fence row I burned this Pile off just a couple months ago and This hole is about five foot deep I've Got it stacked six foot above the top People are going to think why am I Throwing away this big log it's rotten I've been pulling dead trees off the Ground out there a lot of them I still Turn into firewood but sometimes it's Just been on the ground too long and That one's rotten

The way it's piled up is not a good Setup for lighting it The two pieces on the front here have a Bunch of dirt in them It's gonna be hard to get the fire under It the only way to get under it I'd have To go around the back and then climb Down in the Hole put a little diesel on There That fence line we're gonna work today It's got all these branches hanging over The fence and then under those Overhanging branches I've piled some More brush down there so I need to go Under there get all that and get it Brought up here What's up [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] That side is not wanting to stay lit so We're gonna light the other side Now we found something dry in that pile [Music] [Music] Foreign Please [Music] Thank you

Foreign [Music] Thank you All right so we've got a roaring fire Going up there now we got the brush pile Gone off the fence took a little longer Than I thought to get that done but We're up and going now so time to Actually start trimming the fence row And I actually have a lot of fence line to Do but we're going to start At the end of this row and just work Down to where we were This is a heavy duty High Reach tree Shear that is made by Precision Manufacturing In Missouri just a couple hours from Where I live great company and great Products you can get these for a skid Loader or a smaller version for a Tractor and there's even a bigger Version than the one I'm using But you need a big machine for it anyway If you're interested in getting one of These tree shears you can go to Agfolks.com and use code Rock Hill to Get five percent off your order I'm a Little bit clumsy using this today Because I've only used it twice now so There's a little bit of a learning curve In getting a good sight line to see what You're cutting and it's capable of Cutting 9 to 12 inch diameter branches

And it's really easy to get yourself Onto a single larger Branch but with all This little stuff it's kind of hard to Get the cutting head exactly where you Want it that many times Thank you Thank you This is the kind that's kind of a pain Lopping off A few big limbs is easy when it's a Bunch of little limbs it's harder but I Still want to be able to run the brush Cutter up against this fence and I can't Access it With this stuff hanging here So needs to go down Foreign Foreign [Music] It took a while to get this fire to Really take off but once it did It's really done a good job of burning All that material and even getting down Underneath those stumps that were Towards the bottom of it so really happy With that I would have liked to have Gotten the whole fence line done But I saw a point in the day that was Like the point of no return Because it's about to the sun sets in Like 30 or 40 minutes and then it's Supposed to rain in a couple hours so I Wanted to get all of this rounded up and As much of it burns as possible so had

To call it for today but we'll get back To that fence I mean I got a lot more Fence it needs done so Make a little progress every day and You'll eventually get somewhere if you Have an idea where you want to go that Is but anyway I appreciate you guys Taking time to watch the video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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