Busy time on the Christmas tree farm.

Just a quick update on what is happening. Shearing is in full swing. Hiring a crew. learning new tricks

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead and East Fork Christmas Tree Farms today I for the first time ever I Had a professional sharing crew come out And start sharing uh my farm uh I didn't Get any video of that today because I Had to go run and run my gardening club At school that I'm in charge of but uh I Hope to do videos with him soon but Here's one quick tip that he gave me That I hadn't thought of in the 20 plus Years I've been doing Christmas trees And maybe you've been doing it I don't Know but uh he's been doing Christmas Trees for over 40 years but as I was Tying tops he was saying you know he was Looking at a top that wasn't done quite As well as it could have been done and He said you know what I would have done Here and let me show he said I don't Want to tell you what to do but let me Show you and he took his uh Clippers and He actually split the stick Along the Grain and he says he does the Same thing with bamboo I have a bamboo Stick here and split it on the end and Where there was laterals coming out of The tree he just split this and slid it Over the branch which again I hadn't Done before and so I'm going to split This up a little farther so you could Actually split the bamboo and some it Pinches the branch in and then you tie It down there it holds it tighter and

Then you tie the top up nice and Straight it worked uh after he showed me That I was actually tying the tops over Here on the some of the smaller trees And so I was doing that and it works Both it's a little bit harder with the Wood sticks that I just cut but the Bamboo it splits up quite easily so There's one quick trip from Pedro today I plan to do a video with him soon when I get a chance he's got an interesting Story of Rags to Riches on Christmas Tree farming but uh I I have to do that after he finishes in My field here's a quick update on Something some of what's going on in my Field So he and just a part of his crew came Out today and started doing this section Of the Nobles Uh we're getting work done on that uh Here's 1100 trees that you see here About two-thirds of an acre that uh are Grown up pretty good but we have a good Kill of weeds but you see a lot of white In here and that's Queen Anne's Lace we Haven't been able to get rid of that the Last few years and if we continue on Down the field You can see where it's not Hayfield out There anymore and there's a a year Younger Nobles out there another Two-thirds of an acre and from right Here you just see white

Because of all the Queen Anne's Lace but There's actually a lot of good trees That are growing really well in there And it looks white from here but if you Pull up closer here You can see that it's mostly bare dirt But then white flowers stick up and Create that view and I mentioned this in A previous video but we have a young man That's doing our handles you can see all These dry Brown ranches on the ground Here he's been cutting handles on all These trees these trees should have had Handles on them last year so it's a Little bit more branches to cut off and A little bit harder work He's doing our entire field for us where The new trees are interspersed in there And he's getting close to 40 hours of Cutting Handles in Probably within a week all of my trees Will be sheared not by me but by the Crew that I'm hiring and I'll give you An update on how that went how much the Cost was how expensive that type of Thing and I really hope to get some Stories from Pedro to share with you And as always thanks for joining me on The Flanagan Homestead where Christmas Trees are my business teaching including Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion hope to see you Again soon be blessed everyone

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