Question of the day were your tires Manufactured the same year as your Tractor and does it even matter [Music] Folks how we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors you know I get a lot of Interesting questions that I've just Never thought about myself a lot of Viewers a lot of customers sent things Into me and uh it's kind of fun you know It's it can be confounding at times and And that's well I guess that's where I'm Looking for some of your advice some of Your input and feedback on it and I Don't know if a lot of you have ever Thought about this or not but I had an Email come in from a customer recently And they had just bought a brand new John Deere 3033r Love the tractor except they looked at The tires and saw that They were manufactured in 2015. and now Mind you it's 2022. and so anyway so Simple question that he asked who's Responsible dealer or manufacturer And so Me I wasn't quite sure where he was Going with that and so I I asked him to Clarify responsible for what And so let's see what he has to say all Right so he says the dealer self-ordered The tractor and had R4 tires installed At the manufacturer I bought the tractor As ordered but I bought a end quote or

In parentheses devalued tractor with Front tires six years older than the Tractor and they're starting to weather Check so basically I feel the Manufacturer owes me tires that should Match the tractor age I'll be buying new tires sooner than I Should because they're six years older Than the unit who's responsible to Correct the issue me the dealer the Manufacturer the rear tires are correct With tractor age and I'm thinking of Sending an email to the dot the Farmers Association the Farmers Union to educate The farmers this could be going on Nationwide who would check tire dates When buying a new tractor Buying my tractor in 2021 was right in The middle of the covet pandemic okay so It's a 2021 I guess it's just coming to Late now So it could have been a mistake or Purpose done to get units out the door With the tire shortage all right so Right there um I learned a couple things Doing some research I found that tires Manufactured after the year 2000 now Have the date the month and the date as Well as I think it's the factory the Manufacturer all codes that are stamped Into the tire itself and so I'm gonna I'm gonna check out a couple things here And see if we can see if our tires match Up with the age of some equipment that

We bought and so at a higher level I had I don't know if I had taken this for Granted or not but I'd never given it a Lick of thought and so I tried to think About this as a consumer I tried to Think about it as a manufacturer I tried To think about it as a dealer because in One regard or another I'm all three so From the consumer end of things Let's just take a tractor a UTV a truck You know some more complex piece of Machinery that's got a lot of parts in It that you know are being sourced from Other sub-tier suppliers and sub Components and and being put together At an oem manufacturer I don't think I care a lot Um Unless it's going to sort of in this Example potentially lead to a a Degradation of the quality of a piece of Equipment so I think it's really strange that these Front tires came from John Deere weather Checked you would think that things that Are sitting there are all inside are Covered not exposed to the elements Especially not for six years I think That's a really strange situation Um And probably in an instance like that Where something could be exposed and Um You know start to deteriorate over time

I would be more inclined to have an Issue with it but something that's like An an engine or another component that's Just sitting on a shelf somewhere just Waiting to be pulled off and used as Long as there were no recalls or other Serious issues with functionality or Performance or a change or an Improvement that would be seen now I don't think I have an issue with that But the weather checking for me would be A big issue and I can't believe it even Made it out its door out of John Deere Out of the Dealer's hands and and to the Customer in that kind of condition so as A manufacturer again kind of the same Aspect of it you know you're you're Getting all these components and you're Ordering some extras and whatever else And you're getting them all in and That's based on a Um not typically hard orders but on an Estimation of of production runs that You're gonna be putting out and what's Going to be sold and you're going to Build things in batches and whatever Else so you're going to always wind up With a little bit extra maybe sometimes Not enough and so on and so forth and When you roll from one model year to the Next You know you're going to have something That's manufactured say in 2021 and now It's 2022 or you know 2022 and 2023 is

Coming up too so you know I don't think That that's really that big of a deal Um I don't think that you need to Necessarily have every single component In your machine Being the same model year you know and I Do think I've asked this question to Well sort of rhetorically to some Buddies as we've had conversations over The last couple of years but You know outdoors with the Morgans did a Video recently showing 40 000 Super Duty Trucks at Kentucky Motor Speedway and The same thing's been going on all over The place throughout the pandemic when You're waiting on chips or you're Waiting on something else and you can't Sell it and you're definitely rolling Into new model years and how are they Treating that model year designation are They going to just magically make 2021 Now it's a 2022 or a 2022 now it's Magically a 2023 even though they do Like design changes are they going to Discount that stuff because it's a model You're older what's going on with that I Don't really have the answer but it's Something that I can't find anybody else has a really Good answer for either and so from a Dealer perspective you know I don't Really I don't sell tractors anymore I Just sell attachments and so it's not Really affecting things like like just

Hard steel parts nearly the same way That it would with a tractor or a truck Or anything else and so it'd almost be Kind of a cot in the middle right Because the manufacturer is seldom going To want to Discount something that's Older they're still going to try to get Full value for it at least kind of in my Experience and dealing in that world but As a consumer if something is older and Being sold as newer they want a Discounted price and so as a dealer You're kind of stuck in the middle Trying to To make all of that work and come Together you're being pinched from both Ends right the the manufacturer still Wants that premium dollar the customer Wants a A discount right a lower value placed on That for being older and you somehow Just get stuck in the middle so that's a Fine line to walk there and you know I Would probably lean on manufacturers to Help me out as a dealer representing Them to get customers something that's Appropriately valued and whether that's Successful or not I don't know I'm just Glad I don't really have to deal with That folks I want to take just a second To tell you about our Channel sponsor Rim guard they are a liquid ballast Solution they line up with exactly what We do here on Good Works which is

Talking about tractors and tractor Safety we see it as simple as this if You own a tractor you need rim guard in Fact some attractors include rim guard As standard out of the factory liquid Ballast is simply weight all right and This weight hides inside your tires it Stays there all the time it's a safety Concern because tractors are almost Always too light and too Tippy out of The factory the number one attachment Used by every tractor owner is their Front end loader so when you pick up Something heavy on the front end your Back end wants to pick up off the ground Rim guard liquid ballast helps keep your Back end planted to the ground but Beyond on safety is going to help Maintain traction because if those rear Tires those power driving tires are on The ground you have traction to go where You need to and you're going to operate More efficiently because if those rear Tires aren't on the ground you're not Going to pick up as much as you need to Or take it where you need to go rim Guard is all natural that means it's Safe it is the heaviest per gallon All-natural product on the market it's Not going to freeze it's not going to Corrode and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide to find a Dealer visit to Make your tractors safer today all right

So I believe we've got a 2021 Kubota Here in my tractor we found it on here Okay 45-20 so 45 is the 45th week 20 is a Year so what is that November Probably in November of 2020 is when These tires are manufactured tail end of 2020 for a 2021. the front tires are Actually 44-20 so the 44th week of 2020. Our Big Tex Trailer has 0-721 on there So the seventh week of 2021 when the Tires were made the serial number plate Actually says that trailer was made on The 8th of June 2021. now let's see how The situation was resolved for our Customer all right so anyway I basically Said the same thing to this uh to this Customer that emailed me and A few days later I get a follow-up Response from him This essentially has the resolution of The whole thing right here it's it's a Bit long-winded but I think it's worth Reading all right so overall a good Outcome here he says the dealer at first Was passing the issue onto the tire Company and calling it a warranty issue Which John Deere has no control or Responsibility on behalf of the old Tires installed that doesn't make any Sense to me they said it was my Responsibility to have the tire supplier And Galaxy make good of it I told the dealer warranted doesn't

Apply to six-year-old tires being Installed on a brand new tractor and my Next breath I reminded him if I do not Get new tires at no cost of me I was Going to send out an informant email To a law firm to the dot Farmers Association the Farmers Union is going To copy me okay The salesman the CEO of John Deere the CEO of the dealership I can tell there's A lot of back and forth going on between Him and the dealership because he goes On to say The dealer says send me pictures I'll Contact you he sends them the pictures Doesn't hear anything not wanting to Create a big mess involving everyone Thinking it's just a dealership with Poor public relations I decided to contact the CEO of the Dealership I explained the situation to Him not once saying I was going to Retaliate in any way he acknowledged the Concern that I had that I bought Attracted from them with old tires I Said I sent all the information to your Salesman but I didn't get a response and At that point the CEO said let me check And do it and I'll call you right back So three hours later the original Salesman where he bought the tractor Calls and says I have new tires ordered When they come in we're going to mount Them for you and so his moral of the

Story is that Brian is just a bad apple That should not hold the position he has I told him it's not the sale that makes The customers how the customer is Treated after the sale and so anyways Good news he's getting new tires from The dealer thanks to the CEO of the Dealership so all in all good news um Something I'm glad I don't have to deal With something I don't know if anybody Else out there has deal with maybe not With tires but with some other Similar well you know what now that I Say that 30 46 hour that I bought years ago Whenever it was this was pre-pandemic When dealers actually had inventory that Would sit on lots for a while and Sometimes it would roll into a new model Year and and maybe six months or longer Anyway the one that I bought the trim Rings on it the chrome trim rings on the Hood There's a couple other spots too that Had uh pitting or corrosion some kind of Discoloration on there and to me I Didn't like that right and so they did End up replacing those trim rings those Little pieces there wasn't a huge issue Something that you know I could have Probably maybe even use a little Scouring pad or something and got it off Of there I don't know but I guess I have Had that happen to me as a consumer and

We're probably going to start seeing More of those little types of things now That we're kind of post pandemic the Huge rush on tractors has has kind of Died down and people can actually get Inventory and stock it you're going to Start to see things sitting out in lots A little while longer it's really kind Of a A tricky situation you know tractor Lots Car dealerships all that stuff have Inventories sitting outside I mean Imagine the expense you'd have to have To have an entire lot that was covered Right so I don't know I don't know where That responsibility lies or not what to Expect or not um is probably different In a case-by-case and every customer is Going to have different expectations but That is a always a touchy subject so That's going to wrap it for us today Folks we'd love to know what you have to Think so leave a comment down below now We sell tractor attachments and we ship Them all over the country check out what We have to offer at goodworks if you enjoyed today's Video and you want to see more we'd love To have you tag along hit that subscribe Button down below it's completely free I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon [Applause]

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