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This is live this is rolling okay this Is not live but this is this is the real Deal so this is our inventory right now Folks and our uh our SPO situation what We have going on fully stocked no we Actually ran out of spos for the first Time we got a couple here that are sold Just waiting on um a lot of times Customers order something but they don't Want to take delivery right away for a Variety of reasons right maybe they have A uh maybe they're on vacation maybe They're waiting for a tractor to come in Maybe they um have a a a winter home or A summer home or whatever and they're Just waiting until they're there to take Delivery so anyway that's what these are Set aside here for but we normally have Stock shelves full of Spos and uh we sold out for the first Time they transition to new ownership That brand and so just I think the Paperwork side of things and that Transition slowed down supply chain and So we're going to get restocked here Again soon but outut of stock for the First time on spos are our most popular Item by volume that we sell um out of Stock for the first time in like almost Two years I think it is so that's kind Of a bummer we should reverse that Trend Here anytime now though uh do have stump Buckets here that are getting ready to Get packaged up another very popular

Item this is our kind of our ground room So we ship what I found Siri wants to Talk to me right now what' you find Siri How to prepare and send a package via UPS oh via USPS wow series really paying Attention so this is our ground room UPS Ground and so this is where we pack up Everything in here uh stump Wreckers Speos uhmw soon to have mirrors back in Stock that we'll be sing out um oh other There's Versa bracket other small items Too so that's what you see going on in Here and what we kind of deal with but I Want to go show you the uhmw that we Have out here I want to give you guys a Little a little insight on This a good way for you to save some Money so uhmw comes in and and strips That are 10t long like these sections These really long sections that you see And now most folks Need a well you can see the popular Sizes 54 60 66 72 and so we get left With cut off strips that are you know Maybe 4ot something like that sometimes They're a little bit shorter we have Tons and tons of cut offs that are some Out here you can see look over against The wall over there Chris there's some Of the cut offs that are there we have We have a whole huge bit of them uh Somewhere but the point being is that You can get those C off

Strips for way less than than a normal Piece so we sell the scraps or the Leftovers for a significant discount Where you can buy those and trim them to Whatever the length you need and then Put them on your plow on your bucket on Your snow Pusher on your blower on your Rear blade whatever it is protect your Driveway and get set up for a fraction Of the cost and you can butt up two Three four pieces of those scrap pieces Of material and it'll work just fine and In fact on some of the really high-end HLA pushers and plows that they have They have something called an edge Flex Which is actually individual sections of Edge that's on there and it serves a Purpose to help it Flex over uneven Terrain especially on wider uh blades And things like that too so you're kind Of getting the poor man's version of That by splicing together all these Smaller sections saving more money and Potentially getting a little bit more I Don't know improved performance out of It anyway I digress uh pallet Forks over Here can't remember if I showed you guys Before but we actually have Yanmar quick Attach pallet Forks here now too okay This is the Yanmar quick attach that's On here we have Yanmar quick attach Pallet Forks Yanmar quick attach stump Buckets Yanmar quick attach snow pushers And we can also order Yanmar quick

Attach grapples from ironcraft all right And so um I'll show you an ironcraft Grapple kind of bouncing around here a Little Bit but this is an ironcraft grapple we Normally ship these Factory Direct to Customers okay this one happens to be Just a local customer so we had this Just shipped right in here to us and He's going to come pick it up from us But here's a double jaw ironcraft Grapple lay some eyeballs on that we've Shown you some of the other ironcraft Grapples too but hadn't shown you this Exact setup here so this is a 66in wide Double jaw the economy root grapple made In America crazy good price point on These so just an excellent value you can Get them in skider quick attach giere Quick Attach Yanmar quick attach all that kind Of stuff anyway so the rest of the forks Over here the only ones you don't see Here right now are the Versa Forks all Right those are our own Forks that can Mount on the front end loader or the Three-point hitch they've got a built-in 2-in receiver chain hooks on them a Weight rail to hang suitcase weights if You need more ballast weight on there um Anyway those are coming very soon we Just started pre-selling those check Those out on the website folks we are Proud to be sponsored by rimgard

Solutions a liquid Ballance weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps us loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rimgard Include being the heaviest allnatural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimgard All right so uh you're going to see a Lot of snow Pusher related stuff very Popular seller it's October right now We're getting into the beginning of snow Pusher season and so you've got a lot Lot of edges and Runners over here a lot Of the snow pushers all along the Back snow Pusher Frames snow Pusher back Drags so these all come in and as Separate components oh Chris show them This big old this big old one Here and we have to bolt all this stuff Together depending on what options you Select look at this big guy this is a 3500 series 10t wide this is for a big a Big machine now three four years ago we Sold a 4500 series Pusher I think that

Was a 12T maybe it was a 10 foot to Millennial farmer uh you'll check that Out on his channel too he still uses That in video a couple times a year but Uh they make a 5500 maybe even it was a 6,500 series never sold a 55 or 6500 don't really sell too many 3500s Even um these are these are big snow Pushers you need you need a big piece of Equipment to operate these but I'm 6'3 it's laying on its back of course But you can for scale get an idea of how How big this is most of you guys are Buying the 1500 series or the 1800 Series you know the all this stuff here And we got this is just we've had two or Three semi loads so far we've sent out a Whole bunch um we probably will have Maybe I don't know 10 or 12 semi loads Of pushers coming in this year but They're popular for good reason the Green ones are left over still from last Year we still we're carrying only black Okay so if you see green we have a few Random green ones left so we can order Any color you want green red blue Construction yellow uh orange all that But uh we've decided to transition to Only black it kind of is a neutral color Goes with everything we can special Order the other stuff special order the Other stuff but it's uh going to have a Lead time so here's our tillers you know This is the the tough thing about stock

And equipment is it changes from one Year to the next what everybody's going To buy and so you're guessing what People are going to buy the following Year and you just don't know like last Year we couldn't keep enough tillers in Stock and this year I bought more based On a a bigger increase in sales and we Sold about the same amount as last year And so this is the leftover stuff right Now which is fine we can carry into We'll sell them actually we just sold a Tiller yesterday I mean people are still Buying tillers they'll trickle out um But we'll probably have some come spring And just won't have to order nearly as Many for next season these are great Tillers dirt dog we've tried to try to Do videos on pretty much every Attachment we sell I'm sure there's some That we don't have videos on but um if We don't have videos now they'll be Coming there's some more we missed some Stump recers in the other area but There's more stump recers here we got a We're getting restocked too we got a Load coming Oh might be Friday actually in 3 days Supposed to be restocked and all these Shelves will be full again sell a lot Lot of stump Wreckers so these this whole shelf over Here I bought a Wholesale lot of uh the traditional

Style of speo quick hitches okay I Bought these over a year ago now I think It was and they are significantly Cheaper because I bought them as a Wholesale like a closeout Lot these are the kind that use bushings Though and nobody wants that so even Though Cheaper well I think these ones down Here the are the Cat 2 but uh up top They're the they're the cat cat one on This shelf all these shelves here but Same concept and yeah so anyway these Are cheaper all right but they don't They trickle out of the door everybody Wants the version that doesn't use Bushings because it's logical right and So it's just a Difference it's just funny though uh Random brush Crushers random other other stuff bail Spears the last video we did in the Spring I I would bet we haven't sold a Single one of these and I said it then I'm not going to stock these anymore After we sell these they just don't sell Many bail Spears and that's something a Comment a couple comments on our Versa Forks now Too that we're selling you know why Don't you have um bail spear like slots On there where you can mount bail Spears In and it's Because I don't sell bail Spears I have

Almost no demand we sell Nationwide Right so it's not like it's only our Local market we sell down south out west Midwest East it doesn't matter we sell Everywhere nobody wants to buy bailes Beers and so adding the extra cost onto Our product for something that serves Such a small portion of our Market it Would just drive the cost up most people Wouldn't utilize it so it just didn't Make sense to add that On um everything down here wheel Weights Okay so wheel weights yellow Well there's probably some suitcase Weights in there too but uh mostly wheel Weights actually just got an orange Wheel waist too all right so orange and A couple of different sizes Uh I think it was 70 lb 85 lb and 105 lb Something like that it's on our website So good for the kotas and the coyote Tractors as well all right and then We've got them for most John Deere side Too we have some extra grapples up Here so I'm really really really trying To focus on not physically stocking as Much equipment so as I've kind of talked About with the tillers as a good example And we'll see more of this outside too It's just a guessing game and I'm tying Up so much cash on sort of a bit of a Gamble right um I don't know exactly What's going to sell and how much to buy And

Now that we're post pandemic some of the Manufacturers are starting to have good Lead times and so if we if you buy Something from us and we can submit it To the factory and order it sometimes It's only a two or three week lead time Sometimes they have the stuff in stock There too and so with these short lead Times or in stock stuff at the factories It helps keep the cost down because we Don't have to pay to transport the Equipment into us which drives the price Up and then ship it back out um and then It just helps us be able to offer more h A bigger variety of equipment right if It's not just picking certain sizes and Models that we can stock here we can Open up the catalog more with those Manufacturers and and give you guys more Options as well to choose from so there Are some benefits to it um if you can Afford to wait an extra couple of weeks Uh that's going to be a nice thing so uh Putting a couple of hydraulic kits on Tractors right now that's why you you See these here putting a multiplier on The back of this one which is just about Done and actually yeah so take a look at This we just got we got the hoses made Up actually they're ready we just had to Get get the hoses and uh plug them in so This is a hydraulic multiplier so this Down here that I'm touching right now Was the rear remote that came on this

Tractor and the customer buying this Wanted to add on an extra multiplier and So we installed this before it's getting Shipped out and this turns this one Hydraulic function into three hydraulic Functions back here so get more Versatility this comes from Summit Hydraulics you can get these you can get Hydraulic multipliers third function Kits top and tilt kits hydraulic hoses Hydraulic fittings all that kind of Stuff you can save 5% with code GWT on Their website coyote we're putting a Third function kit on this coyote as Well uh just got this all laid out and Ready to go and coyote kits are one of The easiest kits to Install the coyote dealers love doing it So um I think we've got everything shown In here Let's take some stuff outside oh Actually we got part of this installed Already this is what this is the third Function kit so this is the the summit Hydraulics kit right here got it Installed and it's kind of starting in The front working our way towards the Back So getting There swing outside and take a look now We Are mid mid process of getting our Building Painted and it's a bad time of year to

Do it the painter actually painted it And then it rained afterwards he's got To redo this whole section here pretty Bummed out about That that's how that Goes it'll get fixed Though it'll get Fixed so we got everything pulled away From the building so that's why the BR Brush Hogs are out here and all the Pallets and all the other stuff but Uh 20 32 hour that one just came in That's a low hour machine we started Selling used tractors again so it's been Fun everything's still pretty organized Out here we've got some discs Left some air Raiders there's some more Airers in another location as well then Some box blades over here few little Random things here and There You know anytime you don't know what Size tool to get for your tractor just Shoot an email okay I mean for most of The popular models I know off the top of My head what you need Um you know there's some other brands I Don't know but it's easy enough for me To look up and I'm going to base it on Machine width um weight of the machine And horsepower and make a recommendation On it you want to cover the width of Your machine with most attachments um Sometimes you can go wider and be okay

Sometimes you can't so landscape Brakes added wheel or uh gauge wheels to These landscape brakes recently in a Video and a couple videos I think maybe And Landscape brakes with wheels are Incredible so that I I love them without The wheels but adding the gauge wheels To them makes them even more versatile Such a handy tool to have relatively Cheap in the tractor world too as far as Attachments go I'd encourage you to Check them out uh a little bit of Del Marino stuff left over not Much just about sold out of everything And uh we'll be restocked next year Going to carry the ironcraft flail Mowers too next year really looking Forward to those Um I I love the Del Marino and I'm not Going to get rid of the Del Marino but I've really enjoyed everything that I've Used from ironcraft and so I'm excited To see their flail mowers as well and See how they perform There's some more of the air Raiders There have a few land planes left it was A good year for land planes that was one Of them Again the this year 60in and 72in land Planes were the big ticket and we sold Out of those way too early in the Season you just got to have like a it's Like the stock market for tractor Attachments you just have no idea what's

Actually going to sell it's all based on Hunches and stuff uh rear blade though These basically never Sell they seem like a staple of a Tractor in the tractor attachment world But we just we just don't sell many rear Blades I don't know why but um they Aren't my favorite tool I mean I think There's other tools that are better Maybe that's why maybe I shouldn't say That maybe I should say they're my Favorite tool but uh I can't do that got A few air Raiders Left air Raiders Colts Packers sorry No Nope got a lot of these left last year Couldn't keep these in stock now this is A good time of year to use them in the Fall early Winter these are for drainage subsoilers All right great for Drainage taking care of those problems In your fields around your property These are heavy duty we have the smaller Versions for smaller tractors but these Are for your utility tractors you know You get a single bottle maybe for like a A 4066 or an l6060 Um we use a double bottom on our cabota Really really beefy sub soilers unreal Unbelievable so Oh let's see oh yeah Chris says Mentioned the Ed listing yeah we've got Uh a used listing Now ed/ demo so when

We get in random pieces of used Equipment or if I'm done doing demo with A piece of equipment we've just got one Kind of rolling listing where we update It with a few pictures and uh add the Items to our to that listing and so you Can save a decent chunk of money and Often times if it's a demo it's still Going to come with a full warranty and You're going to get it at a cheaper Price um or you know just Rand if we get You know since we're buying tractors Again for example sometimes tractors Come in with extra attachments with them And and when we resell them a customer Doesn't want to buy all the attachments That came with and so those would go Into the US listing for example so that Kind of Thing uh more snow Pusher stuff all the Snow Pusher stuff there snow Plows as well HLA snow plows you can get Those a manual or a Hydraulic Angle and so then here's all of our used Machines that are for sale not this Summit again we're we're done doing the Advertising deal with Sumit now so this Is just going to get picked up and go Back to them but it was a good tractor Still recommend those But it worked out right back in uh the Used tractor Game got a few machines at our house too

That I use out there for Video but a good variety of equipment This one sold that cab tractor down There Sold but you Know I I used to sell a lot of the 1025s and The bxs and I still love the 1025 never Been a big fan of the BX but I enjoy Selling a little B bigger attach or Tractors you know I I I enjoy using them I like to use them and having I guess Maybe personally having more property And wanting to use bigger tools maybe That's maybe that's drawn me towards it Too a little bit as well is because I Like to use the stuff and and show you Guys how it's work and all that kind of Thing and get more familiar with it Myself and and I also like I just like Cab equipment I like to be whether it's In the summer for dust allergies Bees heat or if it's in the winter snow Wind cold I just like a cab and I know They're more expensive um and we get in Obviously the open stations here and There too but um generally you have to Have a bigger tractor to get a cab on it With air conditioning and and heat you Know you can get some of the smaller Tractions with the heat only which you Can take the doors off in the Summertime but you know anyway I'm just

Kind of rambling I suppose more snow Pusher stuff Here so really folks that's a a good Look I want you to it's good to See I don't know a unique perspective I Suppose a lot of dealers probably don't Show you this kind of stuff and it's Nice to know kind of get a Hands-On of What's actually going on with the Dealership We're just kind of transitioning from That summer mode to the winter mode um There's certain Staples that we sell Year around like the pallet forks and Ballast weight uh with the wheel weights And and suitcase weights and um there's Other products that we don't sell a lot Of like those tillers we won't sell a Lot of those until spring it's just it's How that works you're not really Chilling in the winter time but the snow Pushers snow blowers snow plows uhmw all That kind of stuff that's what we're Really gearing up towards for fall and The first half of winter and then uh That second half of winter that's when We'll start to get restocked resupplied For all the the summertime tools you Know and I don't know we don't really Have any plans to bring on any new Suppliers at this point I'm sure we will I just don't have anything on the radar Right now uh we're we're really happy With the manufacturers that we're

Working with have a lot of good partners Uh there's always things are going to Change over time but I focus on Providing quality feature-rich equipment At a good price point I don't ever Expect to be the cheapest because you Just can't you can't get the quality and You can't get the features and also be The cheapest that's just you're cutting Corners somewhere you just can't do that So I want there to be a good competitive Price Point without sacrificing the quality or Or the features and so that's what You're going to find here and we ship Nationwide we ship all over the country That's all we do so you'll see semi- Trucks in and out of here all day long Dropping stuff off and picking stuff up And we just have a good time so if You're looking for something for your Tractor or maybe you need to get a Tractor and some attachments we'd love To help you out you can go to goodworks to see what we have to Offer I want to thank you for taking Time out of your day to stop by and Until next time stay safe we'll see you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon [Applause]

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