Cabin Build Part 10 – The Things Most Don’t Show

I have watched a lot of videos about building cabins in the woods. It looks so easy. Well, it’s not! LOL! It is well worth the work, but WOW, work it is.
The TYM 2515 does a good job of taking the work off of us.


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I'm going to have to go through this Little ditch that's going to be the hard Thing Probably look got to go work Buddy welcome back to the channel today Uh we're going to show you again what it Takes to build a cabin back in the woods Everybody's going to be different based Upon their equipment how far back but What we're running into now as a problem Is we have these they're lvls um they're 22 ft long and our road is probably at The widest point about 11 ft maybe 12 ft Uh it we've taken 16t boards back there And there was just 16t there's basically Had to wiggle our way back between the Trees to get in there's no way we're Doing that with these so we have come up With a a scheme me and Tanya has come up With a scheme on how we're going to uh Get these big lvls back then also on the Back of the little trailer over here We've got uh we've got three 8T sliding Glass doors they're uh they're big and They're heavy so we're going to have to Figure out a way for me and her to get These off of the trailer and get them Set up under the barn until we're ready To put them in now if you're going to Ask about these lbls what they are for Um there will be 14 of them but there'll Be actually seven beams the will be two Of these sandwiched together and these Are going to run the entire span of the

Roof from out over the overhang all the Way to the back of the roof and all Through the house so uh this is what's Going to hold a roof up right here and Uh these boogers are heavy so let's get To It summer just ain't going to give up is It h some you help me to untie these all These on this Side I said summer ain't going to give Up still got the cool nights But get back up in the 80s so if we put I figur we just put I Was just thinking about trying a wagon And then the and then put it back on the Trailer put the trailer on back of the Tractor and then have both ends Pulling I'm going uh I don't know what You just said but I what I was going to Plan on doing is taking about three or Four Taking ratchet strap putting around Three or Four uh at a time and Then um put set one end in the trailer And then pick the other end up with a Traer and pull them like a truck that's What I meant except I was going to use The trailer and the little wagon no There's no way we can use the trailer I Don't know what trailer you're talking About that trailer with all the doors on N there's really no way to do it that Way we got a plan let's just go with it

With what we okay it'll Work we may you know worst case scenario We do three at a time maybe one at a Time well one at a time and as long as We get them back there it don't Matter that's all I'm worried about Getting them back There without any damage must have some Wind back there cuz I come back and the Tarp is blown off of the of the little Ttin we put up Mhm so we've had uh had some wind and The tarp that's on the uh over the floor The edge of it was blew up just a little Bit but it didn't get wet so I put the Board Back Oopsie so I'm going to take one of these Straps and after we get three three of The or get maybe pick two or three of These at the Time and then um I'm going to try four It first see what how much they are how Much they weigh I think they're like 100 Lb a Piece probably going to use a 2515 with A plow on it cuz it' be easier to tie Off of with a plow then it will the okay I meant to bring that hitch with me but We got Sidetrack Hard drive this boot On So I just had an epiphany these little

Seeds are stuck to me And I realized at that moment in time That God created velcro well before man Did just seeing cuz they like like a Whole little pot of them stuck to my Leg where were They where were they yeah I don't know But I just threw them out in the grass Over here so we're probably going to Have some here next year no I mean where Were you over there did you get them on I think back here in the woods when I Was back at the back cuz I've been Looking for some of those the sticky Round ones with the round yeah yeah I Need some no they wenter around they're Like little flat seeds but they okay They're definitely Velcro they were stuck to me I'm going To push the top two back and see if we Can just grab these first four and then We'll strap the first four together it's Too hot with the jacket on it's too Chilly in the shade that is fall that's Why we lose so many jackets in the fall Cuz we'll start off the morning and then It'll be hot and then we'll start out by By midday it's too hot and you laid your Jacket down you forget where you laid it Down you find it next year With with the extra set of tractor keys In it yeah but I never lose my jackets I Don't know where this coming from I lose My jackets all the time and then we

Always find my jackets later and then I Have that's where the tractor keys At So if anybody ever want to know if you Could do two functions with a 2515 valve I just did It we might have to go two boards at a Time it looks pretty heavy I mean that you're telling me this Because you picked them up or what how Do you know no from from the looks and Trying to take them back there I think Full board's going to be too Much well I'm an overachiever what can I Say I think I'm use that little One be a little bit easier to Manage I don't know if this is going to Be you might have to wrap it around it And Then Possible oops I may be right again I Wish you quit being Right get one put one on the other end That pulled them together didn't it mhm All right I think that's going to be We's get our cart and put it under this End and then we'll strap the cart to This and then we'll make some sort of Harness to pull it with that in I don't Think nothing could go Wrong don't let it run you Over Are those yellow jackets that's flying Around that's Hornets no the other one

The little ones um I don't know they're Like a little bee they're not yellow Jacket Yellow Jackets are bigger they're Still bees well they're still s wasper They wasper they're still stingy they The wasper family wasper family huh Y'all call it Waspers I would think you might need those two Sides to hold it in one place well since They're just those little pieces of Clips that kind of hold it in there oh Okay they really don't have no holding Power I'm seriously thinking about Taking the the tongue off of This well if you take the handle put it Below I'm going to take tongue off of it It's just too easy to do be right back For really all the weights we carried on The back wheels cuz we're going to pick The front of it Up and then I'm afraid when we're when We're going down the road this is going To fall down and dig into the Ground all right Let's set it up on It I guess fether in some more no I want it On the end because it's going to go like This if you don't well that's okay I Just So I'll put a couple of straps around This and Then probably shouldn't maybe strap that

One in There well you do need to strap it Because no I mean I I strapped this in Together I mean I could accomplish the Same thing by Let's see what this Does don't want to just like crank down On This just enough to hold it in place and Then we'll if you take a yellow strap Strap it around on the back there so so You can actually hang it on The tror and you can pull it with It I a hear nothing you say of course You didn't take the yellow strap and put On that end over there towards more like The middle and then you can H it up with Pick it up with a tractor I thought it Was in the middle how didd you get it Off so far off CER I Didn't you drove I'm talking about the Other end I'm not talking about this I Understand but it's not even center of The it's not center of the Boards it's going to however that's Aimed is how that's going to Drive you look like you got a big hot Mess going on again a big hot mess yeah Story my Life you lifting It Up From The Bottom That's what I wanted Do I don't want the front wheels trying To be fighting with the back wheels when I pull it

I'm going pick the back of it up high Enough That should Be you want put a yellow St on that now I want to I need to put uh something up On that so when I set it down it Don't If you set it on the B you be able to Drop better this one be we got to go Through that big old dip right yeah and I got to keep it level and high enough That I can keep it on the back wheels be Driving backwards the whole time well it Won't be the first time I went backwards In my life Ha so I'm going to go ahead and lower That down and figure out some sort of Sling system I'm going to put a move Them move them in the middle HM move the The no I want in the middle I want to Put a chain on it make me A a loop around It Yeah I might get my Blake my brake Bleeder ball and bleed out the brake so I eobot again before We let me thr another link on that so it Won't Slip All right let's see what this looks Like don't make fun of me I hear you Laughing behind the Camera I'll wait for you go there you're

Shooting into the Sun So this is my big concern is a real big Tip so it's going pick the boards up Really high on this side and then when I Go up the other side I'm going to have To lift it really High as the tractor tilt down the other Direction I play forward drive I'm going wait till The Front I don't think that this Uh Living in the woods it's never Over what I was trying to say is I don't Think that the camera is really showing How steep this this really Is I'm about to go through this little D Hey will you grab that little piece of Wood I'm going to have to go through This little ditch that's going to be the Hard thing Probably We got to move these uh boards down and Uh take that tar back so we can set These up on top of There hey look what I Found what did you found give more oh The Ball he like to run into that plow this One too all of those we got to flip it Up Yeah let flip that one off and then

We'll take the I'll flip it Off so we're going to take the tarp and Go about halfway Okay all you good right There those boards are War pretty bad M i height these are pretty much the Exact same height We we'll adjust them after we get them Over Here All right I think that'll Work He Come on come here come here come here Come come Here stay out the way bud come Here Crap All right be up There So all I want to do is put this Stud on under here like this okay I'm Going To uh screw it In are you going to screw it into the 2×4 down here I I was thinking about Pulling these out up under It and making like a kind of a crate Around them mhm to protect them cuz They're going to have to be like this Until we put the walls up Yeah kind of wish we hadn't ordered them Now to wait it but uh Hey thought this was going to go

Faster so we're going to go down it's Not really it's not long enough either Way so down that way right angle right There Take these handles Off and I want that to go out over the Edge okay this too Long I'll have to cut them you can't set Them up huh well this is the floor oh Okay All right so we put a 2×4 down the side We got a 2×4 across the top it's already A board across the bottom and you see How these stick out at the top so what We're doing is making this Frame cuz It's going to be a good minute these Doors came in a little bit earlier than I thought they would it's going to be a Good minute before we actually use these Doors and we have to stand them up in The in the Shed so I want to have some sort of Rigid way to hold them Together and pick them up cuz just being A tiny out Here these are 8ft doors so they are Very much Uh so what we're going to do is make a Strap a strap hole and uh how we're Going to do this is we're just going to Drill a hole right here in the center But I'm going to put a big long screw Down this side and this side because Other otherwise this wood could split

And the strap would come out so Probably not probably wouldn't happen But if you put a screw on either side it Definitely Won't part of It So if we put a chain through here or if We do any kind of anything like that It's it's possible that it could split This up through there so what I'll do is Just take a big Screw pull it all Together do the same thing below it I'll Keep it it'll make it less likely that It'll split but even if it does it's Going to go up and hit the the Screw Two on the other side we should be good To Go we'll take the Forks and wrap these around the forks Need more tightness this is too much Leadway no cuz we got put it around the Fork so it doesn't Fide Thank my Kitties you got it back backwards first I can hear you you got to back it up Pull it out some before you pick it Up Let's Go Sh All right guys we have got all of the

Lvls at the back and we got this uh These three doors we had to build frames So that me and her could pick these up Uh with a Traer uh it's what you do when You you work by yourself a lot and it Worked out really well the first one Wasn't as good then we learned to put a 2×4 across the bottom now when we got to Put these in it's going to be fun but We'll come up with something we'll ledge Or we'll figure out something this is What we do listen this was an all day Project but it's what you have to do God Bless have a great Day

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