Cabin Build Part 11 – 1.5 Hour Insulated Floor – SIP ECO Panels of TN

The Cabin SIP panel floor went down in only 1.5 hours. It took us longer to get the panels back to the cabin site than it did to build the whole floor. Now on to the walls!

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Down There so here we go Tanya is taking the First load of floor panels down got to Wiggle this through Here we had to use a little chainsaw Here to cut one tree out of the way and That was easier than trying to drive the Old crane truck back in here with those A sitting a long ways that crane truck Is uh not don't has as long as Brakes this seems to be a lot Safer Tanya doesn't she doesn't go fast With the tractor but she's she doesn't Break things Either hey welcome back to the channel We are here today getting ready to start The cabin for real you guys have seen to This point where we have the floor joist Up we had the floor panels here Tanya Was kind enough to drive those back into Woods for us and we are going to start Putting the floor down the day and this Is Rob with Ecco panels of Tennessee now Rob tell us a little bit about Eco Panels and you know the attributes we Want to know why I did this Ecco panels Makes uh structural insulated panels sit Panels right and uh we are based out of Tennessee in Northern Middle Tennessee And um you know we ship them all over But we're happy to be here at your place And so we're well I guess in the video They'll see what we're doing right Panels are super insulated that's it the

Uh the the story this is we had a Conversation about building this and had We not decided to go with big sliding Glass doors on the front he said we Could heat this with a candle so the the Walls are like r26 the floor is r26 and I believe the roof is r46 am I right It's R40 R40 so the roof's R40 so that Is a a lot of insulation much more than A normal house so it's still going to be Very very easy to heat and cool so Enough talking let's go put some panels Up this should be uh we should have this Whole H thing done by lunchtime right Let's do it before the team moves Forward let's look back at how we got to This point they started by clearing land At the building site it was an untouched Forest when they started they used a Forestry Mulcher to complete the primary Clearing along with chainsaws and Tractors they used their tractors with Backhoe attachments to dig a level Building site into the hillside this Took a couple of weeks working at it on And off once the building pad was Leveled it was time to start putting in Peers for the foundation they used a Product called fast 2K to install the Post in the ground fast 2K provides a Waterproof barrier around the wood and Provides exceptional holding power it Outperforms Concrete in many tests once The peers were installed Tony and Tanya

Went about the task of building floor Joists out of treated lumber this brings Us to today let's jump back In All right I think we're ready to snip The Straps watch out John watch out T all right I'm Done that scared the uh the tar out of Me when that thing popped come flying Over there it went flying didn't it now This five is actually going to be down There but just get it over here we'll We'll be all right well we can actually Uh if you let it right there you could Take four and put it up cuz four goes Over here right four would would be Right here so if we just take this and Set it off we can yep put five back on I Carry it back down there yep that'd be Fine look so unlike Me on top yep wait a minute okay lift With your back not with your legs that's Right hey you be quiet behind the camera Over they can't hear you you ain't got No microphone on all right Tony come on Back here with Us John can you grab that One has that got any yeah I didn't know If it had screws in it or Not Let me get on side wait a minute we got Them I got to undo these screws right

Here y'all got Poke Salad in Middle Tennessee oh Yeah is that one te brace there is that Bol in or is that just sitting there I'd Say it's probably bolted in be my Guess they do a good job packing This It's got to go 80 M an hour at Least tell you what it never broke it Never broke 60 on the way home like Pushing Time oh I better get the Drill that it's got John that end's got To come around towards you that end over There's got to come around okay We have to go go under And there we Go come back to me a little bit Hudson There you go I'm Going come back to me toward me little Bit more All right so this one we'll slide it Over and Um you slide that off onto that it'll be Easier to slide yeah so I'm going push It over to You you're doing all the work you want To drive the trash him watch out watch Out he's he's Uh I'm in the Hole all one more watch out one more John watch out John don't I can't see You hardly Away

Here you want me to get the Back all right it's got to turn here for Us that end's got to go that way yeah Yeah Um so this is so we need five out of the Way so four can go right here so you Want to just put four on top of three Right There Tony you want to haul five back Down there yeah we Haul five back and Then anything to keep our back then we Got uh what's the next One here's seven five I'm assuming this Might be six I don't know this prob six Is the bottom one this is probably the Rest of them right here yeah six is the Bottom once we get this first one set up Now it'll be Easy Okay you want to go pass Me you want to go on and go down There well that's five four is going to Come down can we just set just set the Next ones on top of those yeah slide Them over we'll put five down there Where she's at and six and so on got you Well six is the bottom Panel what Now easy hold it there you Go first one is the hardest one want see You get in trouble with your Wife have a when this was first put up It was within 16th of an inch square but It has moved it's moved yeah

Hey are you sure it don't go cuz the Last time it Went it went three four and then five Was beside it and it went back the other Way on the other the other plan oh well Let's Look What is this one Tony that's seven so I go further back Six is on the very bottom okay let's put It on down Yeah saf our safety forming here it's There hang on hang on hold it no wrong Way got to rotate it all way Around all right hang on I got it I got It all right and then this one is our Next one down there Right and the tongue's on the bottom Correct I always leave it hanging off Like that so we can get them other ones In tongue on the Bottom me tongue on the bottom the Tongue the foam tongue on the new panel Bottom or Top that corner there needs to go that Way my side got to come toward this Way it's stuck on Something y'all be careful Now hey there you go there you go be Careful y'all don't get your head all in There now Rob do you want do you Normally put all the panels out or you Just start no cuz we'll have to fasten These two down so we can get our splines

In here right that's I didn't know if You had so I'd like to sare this Edge do You have a Uh you have a string yeah I do let's Pull a string down there and try to get This Edge straight we had they're in a Box somewhere he's good about That I got it I got it oh I'm sorry T The world up here I'm Sorry screw right Here then we'll go down here put another Screw hold this second Like the line down through here it has Moved a little bit but it ain't bad it's Not Bad you're going to have to be off of it You're standing on the board I can't Move It what you What there's 100 can't move it there's 9 I'm I'm apping there's 99 lbs of Pressure pushing down over there I think He's Implying this one's on the end right Here do we want to put this one down What's that put this one go ahead and Put this one down yeah let's screw this One down That Before here be fine this will be perfect Right here that ain't coming Up get that string pulled in there Oops going do that all Right all right well that it don't go

All the way even or it seems to be as Far as it wants to go go we'll have to Cut a little of that tongue off the Other side the magic saw on it Yeah or just leave it on this side cut It off over here yeah or you can uh if They slide that one back let me ask you A question why we got this big gap here Well I spread it out a little bit on Purpose because we're this end board Down here didn't come with It so it's only supposed to come to here Right oh well then we were boards they Were fine then take that screw out them Boards were was compensating for I Thought your foundation was too long no No it's just which is normal I think It'd be smart to go a and put these 2x4s On the outside First slide over should slide over there Like we want it Then yeah we're going to Overkill it if If one screw is good then 12's better That's my that's my rule Exactly all right what's next boss um we Need to put those two on down we need a Ratchet STP to pull that over what are We pulling it's got a little gap down There does that matter that acceptable Tolerance Foy thing Foy things come Coming at you Foy Thing that's beautiful Foy thing that's The technical term the foamy thing the Foamy

Thing put the foamy thing in There like Legos that's not going in there all the Way I want it to you got a bigger Hammer A hammer yeah guess so I don't know why It's give out a Whack she had it cut off nice in there That might be this is just a hairl may Be that's fine as long as we trim the Other side when we get over here will You go grab that saws all right In you think it'd be all right to leave It h it'll just cause us trouble later The saws all right there on table it's The um yeah that right there yeah that One might as well trim it off a little Now that'll make it Easier Later man you bent my Blade that metal blade did pretty good There we go all right and then that one Tony you can screw this guy down you Pretty good over there looks pretty good From here uh give it one good Hit you know when you lay subflooring You're supposed to leave a for expansion You're supposed to leave one In supposed to leave a Gap well that looks right but this may Be that board that was Both I don't wait wait minute let me let Me look and see which side you're on Goes there we Go north south that's North

Okay tractor or t I'll go with that is That tight down there in that corner Over there Tony I built enough to know Perfection Is not a thing not in Wood Construction No not even in metal still Toler That careful resist I know you want to Just a little bit more but then you There's a fine line right in There you want to put one right on the Other side on that other panel while You're there y that way you know where It Is Theoretically in the perfect world well That's half a Floor So let me ask you a question to save Time get this floor down pop the lines I Can come back and put the rest of the Screws down the middle after yall gone Yeah yeah Absolutely I'm more interested in your Knowledge of putting the walls and but Would you wanted to have the floor Solid it is it is going to be solid I'm Not I'm putting screws down I'm just not Putting the 3,000 that I'm going to put Down It ain't going Anywhere pick up your left Leg Around that's good that's

Good all right watch out John I'm going To cut this strap watch out I'm going to Cut this strap stand Back okay now what's 13's on top here Where's that go 13 would be the first One on on this Row do you want me to come closer spin It around that way to you well the other Way like This down there Somewh yeah over that Way all right Hudson this one here goes Right there with John's side toward that Way got to go that Way watch out Hudson don't get squished Yeah think think it'll move a lot Quicker than you think it Will so that's got to go all the way to The end yeah all right okay hang On hang On What does this say over there oh no You're Not where Is we want to go a little bit little p a Little past the last one yeah that's That looks good Tony right here allo all a Knife what that the strap right here Too where the strap went across Ser kind Of got it squished got a little Place there you go there we go that's Better I like that Better

The last One All Right Oh So an hour and a half I think that's Where we clocked it at Hudson's over Here he was he was keeping time and said Once we started an hour and a half the Floor was Up

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