Cabin Build Part 12 – SIP Wall Panels Installation – Eco Panels of Tennessee

Follow us as we build our SIP panel cabin in the woods of Tennessee. In this video, we were able to get the walls up in only 6 hours. What a pleasant experience. Stay tuned for more.

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So this is your special Tool Careful so first off introduce yourself We're going to introduce today's crew I'm Rob with Eco panels of Tennessee down here to help out right And I'm Tony if you're new to the channel Tony Trat Adventure we're going to be Building this cabin from start to finish All right Hey I'm Kevin here to help Tony week back week mind I got it going On we got it covered week back weak mind Both of us I'm Hudson I'm Robson and this is my first time putting Up an Ecco panel's house so I'm learning A lot he's got a strong back and a Strong mind I like the back Part there there where we going there go Just introduce you I'm Josh with Eco Panels of Tennessee That's it that's all you got that's it That's all I got everybody knows John He's been with us on he built the Greenhouse he's been in a lot of our Projects but go ahead and introduce Yourself one more time I'm John I'm Tony's neighbor and friend and Very good friend I hope along with Tanya And I'm just here to do whatever I Can the brain I'm a goer the brains of The

Operation [Music] Before we start let me take you back for A quick project recap Tony and Tanya Started their cabin Journey one year ago You can click on the playlist at the end Of this video to see the journey so much Was unknown at that time they settled on The middle of the property right before An extreme drop off this area was Completely wooded with a secluded feel This was not an easy build location but It was perfect after clearing the Building area using a tractor mounted PTO Mulcher they dug a building site for The cabin at this point Tony and Tanya Had not settled on a style of cabin as They were researching cabin Design Energy Efficiency became an important Factor as this cabin will start its life Off grid they went to a seminar at Ecco Panels of Tennessee's Factory ecop Panels make structural insulated panels This seemed like the way to go once they All agreed on a cabin style it was Off To the Races Tony and Tanya put a wood Pier system down using fast 2K fast 2K Is an extremely strong and easy to ous Alternative to concrete which protects The wood it allows people to build in Places that are prohibitive for concrete Transportation after the peers and floor Joists were built they then put down the Structural insulated panels for the

Floor this brings us to today's Video 91 and a half 91 and A2 we need Day Tony's doing manual labor again this Is not manual labor what do you call That then playing with glue just playing With Glue labor requires labor this is just Squeezing a squeezy you're using me a Thumb and squeezing it so that's manual Labor this is acceptable manual Labor all right I'm good Littleit what do you got in your hand I Got a can of Liquid Nails using to glue Down the SE plate so what are you going To do with it I'm going to throw it away Cuz it's empty so you going to dispose It the right wayse I'm going to dispose Of it properly go [Music] Eight 42 and 78 you should make a Commercial saying it's so easy to build This house a child could do it cuz I'm Here it's adult more adult ch right not Little Child you got the the the most important One right there is to glue making sure All the boards done so you you're in Control of the Foundation now so making Sure the foundation's straight mhm there You go all [Music] Right be That's perfect that's I like perfect got

Me right There got me I do on these it's going to Be bigger and I'll fold this in Here and then since I can't reach that I Just do the top part of this One have to make sure you don't fall Outside joh don't be in the way I'm I'm Way you want to put it like this To it's Com all right that's Good see it pulled together Yeah that'll kind of sew it together There as it goes up See how much pressure does this put when You uh each cam Lock's like 200 Something lb 275 or something and you Got what five of them there Yeah beautiful look at you Cam Locker it's stuck in the [Laughter] Hole it Up Now tap it over There so it has like a locking mechanism Inside yep yeah that locks them together Cam lock kind when it IT grabs the hook And then pulls it Back I think that is so cool that is Pretty Cool I'm becoming a very professional Cam Locker If Tony can do it you can do it that's a Fact right

[Music] There I am a oscillating tool Master all right we got hung Up got plenty of foam so that's good This definitely good with me yeah you Don't any on there now cuz you put it on The b careful John Tony be Careful [Music] [Music] Go all right we're out here with day two We've I we were really productive Yesterday a big portion of yesterday was Moving stuff back here we put the floor Down the seal plates um and the wall one Wall and start of another wall within Basically 3 and 1/2 hours that's Actually 3 and 1 half hours we're to This point so once you get the stuff Here it moves really fast so what what Do you think our mistakes were yesterday What what mistakes did I make what what What do we learn well I mean one of the Things you mentioned I mean your cabin's In a remote location and you can't get a Truck down here in the trailer so things Were brought down with the tractor which Is good but that takes a little bit of Time so part of any construction process Is staging everything yes getting it all Here on site making sure we didn't Forget one of these drills or nail guns Or something like that and uh but once That you know once we got that done

Because it's pre-cut we we we were Rocking and rolling we just ran out of Daylight yesterday yeah we spent a lot Of time going back up to the front of The property get like the level yeah or Get a drill bit or you know those little Things that just happened in Construction I think today is going to Go really really fast we're going to We're going to do it we're going to rock It ready to go let's do it brand new Can [Music] Touch Back [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Something I took them off to be more precise and Then I was not Precise watch out Work that g Lea got in [Music] It [Music] [Applause] All Right I hit your NE Can you can see it pull together yeah And put it right here and then 10 and 3/4 if it needs to go back what that 10 your b a little Bit

Another nail huh well somebody went Freaking [Applause] Crazy didn't we move the lad here the [Applause] Doorway Careful or Not over this way just a little bit Before you drop it There not too much that's Good She find one it'll pull it Together this is already pretty it's Already pretty tight that's what I was Saying I already got it earlier oh I Still it pulling Together One that's awesome last one had a floor Go had to go down and then Back [Music] 9:00 Now was on the ground my Pocket [Music] [Music] One more hit Always so that's another window yes Seene looks a little high it's about A4 In high it's a little it's a Little we did a Flor is not quite flat She she's Good put some in the End be the tight we

About that's actually going to be a Pretty good deew right there it's pretty Cool half an Hour eight right here so we going to Have to cut This like the other Way better than that wire so we come up To a corner and you guys give us a Little leadway the first Corner we did Was absolutely spot on yeah and this one Is what a/ inch yeah so every every wall Will have what we call an adjustment Panel does not have the cam locks Because foundations are there's no Perfect that's the way they are so you Got to you can't adjust where a cam lock Is so we ran into down here at the far Corner this measures 8 in we 7 and 1/2 In left right to reach our corner so What we're going to do is we're going to Cut a/ in off both sides of this we're Going to trim out a little foam and uh Then we're we're back in business right Still Still way way quicker than Building this traditionally yeah yeah a Lot quicker okay so just uh let's go I'm Going to measure back half an inch if I Can find my pencil here it Is I'd prefer to be right there that longer Nine tone okay got You hold On yep that's better I like that Better and if you're a quarter of an in

Inch out it's not going to change Anything well to keep it from being so Tight and having to have trouble making It fit especially since you're elevated And it's hard to right do um if it if it Needs a half inch I'll do a half inch Maybe add an eigh to that you know just A like a 38 just pull a little extra That that end ain't got no got no chalk Ain't got no blue on it all right there You Go all right you got admit that's a Pretty professional chocolate line right There that looks good I mean people Could mistake me doing this every day It's you're a good Chalker [Music] They pretty good they're right There a little dip there well that'll Get covered up by your drywall that's Right all right so now we need to roll It over where we're kind of hanging off The edge and where we can uh cut the Other Side you hang it off your saw horses There got you now see what you're doing Like So no can I get people to hold this you Want me get kind of a short corner it's Not going to hang well no put on that Chalk Ln Again oh that's beautiful that's good That's a good chocolate

One [Music] All right now if we can pick it up that Was horrible there and put it on the saw Horses with this side down on the saw Hor like So okay we're inch and a half yeah inch And a half okay so what you want to do Tony is you want to cut a bunch of Grooves a bunch of grooves and you're Going to cut right at the edge on both Sides right like they here and here Where it's bonded and then just cut About right five or six Stripes so we're Going to come in here you don't need to Cut this this part the wood we we'll Leave it like it is we're just going to Dig out foam so we're not going to mess With the wood at we're not going to mess With the wood Just [Music] So this is your special tool oh look at That they're just kind of taking the It'll just kind of Pop right out of There yeah that's pretty neat a lot of People will call me and they'll say well Yeah I put up sit panels before and we Use a hot knife and you know we would Just cut that Pham with a hot knife well That doesn't work with foam that doesn't That doesn't melt right I remember you Showing the flame on this phone and it Does not burn since it doesn't melt

Since it doesn't melt you you can't use A hot knife so you have to mechanically Remove like this so the the the leftover Is not really that precise but when you Spray the foam in there yeah we're going To spray yeah so it's going to take up All any yeah cuz it's not perfectly flat In here but we'll put an ample amount of The spray foam in there well you know if I'm M for the gun it's going to be You're going to yeah you're you're a You're it's going to squish out you're a Good foer I'm glad they can't hear you talking Smack back There I've some other panels in the past Now what is the largest sip panel house That you've ever built square footage Biggest one we did was About was it Josh like 20,000 Square ft Was it that big yeah I guess it was tell You had a it was the basement and the Two yeah it it was ridiculously large Right about an inch and a half Away see if that's sticking in there we Need to make sure we're sticking up an Inch and a half watch It so let's put this yeah see that That's much let's put that in there just Dry fit it to make sure so we want to a Check and make sure that we have an inch And a half or or no more than an inch And a half sticking Up that's about what I got well it would

Have been better if I'd cut a straight Line I'm just saying it's it's a little It varies a little but that's due to the Cutting the cutting that's okay so the Cut has so let's put a uh some foam in Here we got the drill and some screws Right Here looks like sherbet really does what Have a TI I don't think it tastes like Sherbet but it don't I'm going to need To cut this off just a little bit you Got that saw Off cuz you want to make sure you're Above see you got to be where your plate Is under here so now let's squish that Down and put some screws in It I really did a poor job On we're not not we're not here to judge You T That's Right Drywall will cover Everything and that's the outside zip Siding and siding and zip board tape zip Tape will cover that when nobody know Nobody will know but me and you that's What I'm Saying so you want to you want to TW get It in here and then twist it in that Part we just did has to fit in this in This groove right here clear watch out For the ladder Mhm so let's stand it up stand it up I'm Going to rotate it [Music] Around luckily this is not terribly Heavy it's not as bad that front we do

All right [Music] Tell all right Careful H hold on hold on let me right Here your Hood ready yep Y tight in here I Believe Yeah put some screws right in it right There we got Screws this way we're good yeah we're Great how about on this one over here That's Good Now we got to go back through here and Put a bunch of screws in this later Right yes Sir where on that Board WIP a Careful I took notes on your B Looks Like I [Applause] Like [Music] So here's the door going out on the on The porch the the in porch so this is The header that's over the door that Means we don't have a footer here this Is a 6ish sliding sliding sliding patio Door so what we want to do is we want to Measure how wide the OSB is on this on This

Header and it is 71 and 1/2 in wide so We'll come over Here and measure over from that OSB 71 and 1/2 in and we're going to Make a mark right There so when we set wall 19 we'll set the edge of it right here Okay so that we have the right space up Here for Our for our uh header this piece do Header and now we've also got to measure Where the electrical is in that panel From that Mark over so we can drill Those holes all right so let's push this Out of the way Yeah over There your pencil we are making some Floor space in here though ready here Josh you want to measure those and see What we Got it'd be from The the short short Side what is that 10 10 and 28 and 28 all Right I need to use my tape measure Though no me Stop tan even Yep [Music] All [Applause] Right hold it hold It so we're not going to put any screws In this just yet no we're going to put

Some we want to level it up and go ahead And set this front corner then it'll be Strong for us to drop that header in it Won't be flopping Around where's that line line up you're Fine just go ahead and get it St up we Can tap it over with a Hammer so we'll put some screws in this And hold that in Place looks it looks like right on the Mark though okay hold it right there Let's see what I got up Here that's good that's good just hold It hold what you Got espe not Now What watch your head H I ain't a big fan of them beats or Those screws for that Matter Yeah those screws are a I don't think It's a screw maybe it's a bit Something you want to level it First uh right now it won't matter too Terribly Much can we Move yes we moved a Lot one more down there somewhere about In front of that your knee somewhere That's right Yeah thank You all right Tony Tapp her down there a Little Bit let me see what I got

Now tap it over a little bit More all right hold that Line I like that better where's that Other Mark you still see it uh yeah We're a you're A4 in off of it oh good Good good good good that's our next Corner foot okay put that back I like That Better well I looked up through the Bottom and I can see light straight that Screw for the plug hole yeah oh good That's a good sign that's a good Sign when saw the light I Saw the [Music] Light They're ready for 400 [Music] Lb all right do not do a Miley Cyrus Thing Now I'll was go see if he spin me around With It I'm pretty sure there some redneck Water SK That all right so that's another [Music] Door [Music] And [Music] Idex [Music] Forgotten a [Music] Lot

[Music] All right it's going to be crooked I Guess I guess that's true that's all It's going be make you do It I didn't notice it was slanted T it's About 2 in Out good all Right All Right Be you want the hammer maybe I don't Know thank you that's a nice nice TR bar There it is a nice I Like all right this has been pretty Awesome we have got walls everything is Up other than the ceiling and lvls we Got to this point in 7 and 1/2 hours of Actual time so if you had all your stuff In place you could get the walls up Floor up everything in one day that's Right very motivated crew yeah and but You had to work with substandard labor You were motivated yeah I was motivated Just substandards all substandard worker All right let's go outside and take a Look around okay so we're on the outside Here and I I want to give our viewers Kind of a visualization what's coming so These going to be three 8T sliding glass Doors on this end one 6t sliding glass Door on this end and this is going to Walk out into about a th000 squ ft deck Now this portion down here will be Another deck but it'll be under the roof

Of the of the cabin as well so this deck Will step down about two steps down so Be one step in between and it'll go out Probably I'm thinking 15 to 20 ft out we Kind of you know every time we say 15 Then we go to 20 you know it keeps gr it Might as well you know this is going to Be a Livin Space cabin it's outdoor Living space yep so are you happy with It to this point well I'm hoping you're Happy I'm excited about it I mean it's I Mean8 hours an 8 hour day and we have The walls we got all the floors and all The walls up well I mean that that's not Even really telling the whole story I Because it's the walls the conduits in The walls the insulations in the walls I Mean you we've saved a ton of time so Check it out stay with as we go forward On this bill got a lot more coming God Bless have a great Day

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