Cabin Road Build Part2 – Stump Grinder – Forestry Mulcher – Chainsaw

We are back building the road again. A couple of trees, and stumps to remove. Tractor Stump Grinder, Tractor Forestry Mulcher, and Chainsaw

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[Music] A hey welcome back to the channel we are Working on the road again today uh the Last video we come in with the wood Chipper and cleared all this area out I Really wanted to take this tree down but I was overridden by my wife this is a PR Symmetry it's got It's Hollow it's it's Horrible but she loves it for some Reason so it stays anyway that means This uh Oak right here has to come down This looks like a red oak and uh we're Going to go ahead and lay it across the Way here it's got a natural lean that Way anyway so I don't think it's going To be a big deal and then I have one uh Looks like a sweet gum tree behind me Here and once we get these two trees out Of the way and we'll come back with a Stunt grinder and grind the stump down On both of these it'll give us a Straight shot back uh for our road and Right now it's going to do it's going to Do two things it's going to make a lot Cheaper to put gravel back here uh cuz The the original way we were going to go In was going to be way we were going to Have to put an entire New Road in we're Here we're going have to come in from Our main gate and it's also going to Give us a little bit more security Because anybody that has to come back Here will have to come through the main Gate and the fence eventually we'll have

The fence across the entire front of the Property and the only way in and out of The property will be through those Gates hey Christmas is just around the Corner and sometimes we need to get a Christmas gift for oursel this both on Grill is amazing and I should have done It years before I'm getting one for each One of The Trackers and what this does Is help protect your your investment Your tractor is an investment and a Grill protects your Investment installation is a Bree and All of the hardware that you need to Install it comes with It I'll leave a link in the description Of this video where you can purchase This for your tym Trashers head and start it in a Minute W lay it that that [Music] Way [Music] A [Music] All right that could have been my most Perfect cut ever in my Life you got to come see see this so I'm Fairly proud of this this is probably The best cut I've ever done uh it broke Off at the hinge exactly it was about an Inch and a half hinge across there and And I come across with my cut even and

It did did a really cool job I'm so Excited about that getting better at This guys if you see anything I could do Better let me know I thought that pretty Well it's pretty safe tree to cut down Anyway as safe as a tree can be to cut Down the cedar cedar is going to be able To spread out yeah it'll Bush out some More especially when we clean up around This a little bit but I'm not going to Clean out much because I don't want People to See so we'll cut this off and make this A uh this will be a uh a saw log for he Got there's probably a couple of good Saw logs in here especially for the Small Sawmill and I once I get this down I'll Come back and cut this stump off to the Ground low and then uh we'll take the Stump grinder and grind this out of the Way and then we'll knock that little Tree down with a with a Muler [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] Nice clean log We'll get the Traer And [Music] [Music] Oh

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] A [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] N [Applause] [Applause] A It's going the other Way all right had to run down and grab a Wedge tree kind of set back on me a Little bit I knew it looked like it Might but I thought I might get away With it and might was wrong and we had To go grab some wedges and wedge it it Fell no issues pretty good hinge it Broke off pretty

Nice little thin Anyway [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] All right so this is not a stump grinder You can grind up like 6 in things but I Just going to run across this a couple Of passes across the top of this to give You an ideal of what it's not really Good at doing this is where our stump Grinder comes into play and we'll swap This out for a stump grinder and take These two stumps out but I you can do Some especially if the stump is like Older and dead got a lot of rot to it This will actually do it but if it's Green like this let me show you what Happens it's won't be it won't be Horrible but it would take you a long Time to do [Music] It Oh [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] Hot hot hot hot hot Hot okay so you can see now that's a Sweet gum tree which is fairly soft and

And we did make a we did actually smooth It out and probably I could sit here and Keep hammering away at it this thing is Built like a tank I don't see any we Have uh I would Say we we maintenance well but it we've Abused it as well and it's never given Us an issue at all but you can see that A stump grinder which will put a lot More pressure per square inch in a Certain area it's going to be a lot Better off and I wouldn't even dream of Doing this with that red red oak up There because it would just bounce off But a a soft tree like a popular or Something that's been dead for a while It's in the ground you can knock down Some pretty big stunts we knocked some Down yesterday that were probably uh 25 Or 30 Ines around and that was just Because they were rotten quite a bit it Still was a challenge but anyway let's Go get the stump Grinder All right so we got the 2515 with a Stump grinder on it now we're going to Come up here and finish knocking out That stump we were playing with Earlier so this is only 25 horsepower Traer but you don't need a lot of Horsepower for uh the stump grinder but The extra weight of this Traer this is Where this is a winning platform now if You need a high PTO horsepower I I get I

Get a lot of comments people will buy This tractor and then be disappointed That they can't pull a 7 foot Implement Well you know a PTO Implement and the Reality is is this is a 25 horsepower Tractor it will lift a lot it will pull A lot because you don't need a lot of Horsepower to pull or lift however you Do need a lot of horsepower to run uh Bigger PTO implements like brush Hogs And tillers uh this this tractor is Pretty much going to be limited to a 5T Put uh bush hog or fla mower or or Tiller so it's just something to think About but for this kind of stuff right Here it's spot on Right W [Music] Go So I went ahead and went I I guess I Went probably eight or so inches under The surface there because I'm going to Be coming around with the uh grater at Some point I don't want to ever hang That that stump so what I done is I I Ground down past the actual stump to Where I got to individual roots and you Can you can kind of tell you learn to You learn to uh run the stump grinder Based upon sound some so you can hear Things like the roots breaking versus Actually you're in the hard stump now This Oak is going to be a lot more

Difficult cuz it is uh just a harder Tree sweet gum is pretty good I went Like I said I went pretty crazy on that Uh that's you know normally you wouldn't Break a you just knock it off about 3 to 4 Ines under the the top soil put the Dirt back over it and you're good to go You can put grow grass on it with here We're going to be building a road Through here so I want to bust this up As good as I can but I don't want to Like take this root out with a back hole Because then I'll have a big sinkhole Here so we're just going to bust it off The top and maybe try to get down to the Roots with this one I don't know we'll See yeah well that's true W [Music] I got a little too greedy on that One can really smell that red Oak [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh Okay so that is approximately a day for Us that's we've been out here messing With this for I would say somewhere Along the lines of about 4 hours between Swapping out pieces of equipment and Cutting trees down and swapping out Equipment again and swapping out

Trashers so about 4 hours we cleared That those two big trees um and then we Started moving some dirt in here so what I want to do is get this like a ramp Built up around like so the water will Go this way and then we're going to put A culvert here cuz this will be a Natural water flow right through here And then uh we start bringing gravel and We've got a load of gravel already and I'm excited about it but we still got a Lot of work ahead of us hey really Appreciate you watching our Channel Thank you for watching please leave a Comment below God bless have a great day Can't believe Gizmo didn't come today Lazy [Music] Dog

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