Can my Christmas trees survive the hottest day ever? New Christmas tree seedlings in the heat.

Hello rob here from the flag and Homestead if it doesn’t look like i have My normal workloads on it’s because i Don’t Today in june 26 27 Something like that is the hottest day In the history of The land around here uh which is not Good for christmas tree farmer i’ve got A few thousand christmas trees that are Under two years old we normally don’t Water around here i’m in western Washington state The average high temperature here in June is 76 degrees today got to 115 Degrees so it was about Almost 30 over 30 degrees Uh hotter than the normal high so I’m going to put some water on each tree Just trying to soak it a little bit or Get enough water so it actually soaks in The ground gets to the roots and maybe Revive it This is not something we don’t have Enough water to do this all summer long We’re not set up like that But i’m liking this to a marathon and You’ve done 20 of the 26 miles you kind Of hit the wall And you want to quit and someone comes Up on a golf cart And picks you up and takes you a mile Forward and gives you some Water and some food and refreshes you

And then sends you on your way so We’re hoping to give these trees just Enough of a boost That they can make it to the end I turned on the radio on the way down Here today and The portland radio stations portland Oregon is about 20 miles south of us We’re saying there’s only three places On the earth that were hotter than us Today It was like death valley somewhere in The persian gulf and somewhere else and We’re just not supposed to be getting That here You can see the effect that the Weather’s starting to have These were beautiful green and now They’re starting to get brown tips Brown out on the outside edges they’re Pulling back in trying to preserve what Life they have left in them Every single one of them that was Beautiful A month ago are definitely getting a lot Of brown Might be too late hopefully We can save them we’re choosing to do These trees We’re choosing to do these trees because We dug them with the auger And put them a little bit deep and so There’s actually a little hole here that Will hold

Some of the water so it can sink in it’s Like a little tiny mini bucket so Hopefully it’ll sink in The other trees will be a little bit Harder Okay the technique i’m using today i’m Going to go down In between two rows water both sides on The way down Skip over a row and water both sides on The way back And so a row will be getting hitting Twice each time that will Allow the little hole to fill up with Water water seep down Fill that hole up again seep down Hopefully we can get some water Down there eight inches part of the Reason i’m doing it a few hours before Nightfall besides the fact that it’s Cool enough to be out here Uh finally getting down to about 100 Degrees is uh Less evaporation it’ll have overnight Fall to let the water get down into the Roots Thanks for joining me on the flanigan Homestead where christmas trees are my Business Uh hopefully it will be after this Summer as well just kidding it will Continue to be If you saw my video just a few weeks ago Sometimes things aren’t going to go

According to plan Sometimes trees some of the trees are Going to die you just do your best keep Going And you’ll be profitable in the end That’s going to happen so here on the Flank and homestead christmas trees are My business Teaching and cleaning horticulture is my Job and outdoor projects are my passion Check in at the end of the summer to see How these trees did

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