Can we move the excavator shed to a new location? Built to move, will it work?

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead today I got a lot going on uh We just recently the RV pad is right Here we just had someone that wants to Move there permanently we’re not going To do hip Camp until next summer so We’re going to go ahead and let an RV Family move in and stay there but we I Told her I would get the excavator shed And this wood out of the way since her RV is going to be right over here and Then she could have room to park and Move around so anyway I I built this if You follow my channel I built this not Uh trust by trust but I built this as a Two walls and stood them up which was Quite difficult I thought I’d be able to Stand them up with my excavator but my Excavator wasn’t tall enough so I am Going to take this apart try to move it To its new location but it was planned For originally and uh hopefully it goes I have my sons uh I went to the early Service at church and then I came here To start getting ready they went to the Second service and I think they’re going To get done and get over here and help Me first step is going to be taking off The ridge cap I purposely did not put Too many screws in because I knew I was Going to be taking that apart someday And moving it so the ridge Cap’s coming Off and then the boards that are inside Holding together I need to separate

And then we’ll go and it’s again a hot Day for October here in Washington and Usually warm it’s uh not as quite as Direct sunlight because of all the smoke From the forest fires that are pushing This way but there’s finally rain coming Supposedly this coming weekend and Hopefully settle everything down Foreign So if you come inside the shed now and Look up You’ll see two long two by fours right There that were screwed on to the Trusses that uh that uh Were used to strap straps on and lift as Much as I could with excavator although The excavator wasn’t tall enough to lift It all the way up and then I’ve got a Couple two by fours you can see one Right here that is splicing The two plates that are up top together It straddles both plates there’s screws On both sides there’s one here And there’s one on the end this is what Has temporarily held the top together [Music] What’s up Foreign I’ve taken all the braces out it should Come apart I’ve got my boys here Three biological one adopted he’s taken The place with the one that went to Texas So anyway I got a good strong crew the

Plan here is the boards that are screwed In there we’re gonna tip the top away Slide the bottom out hopefully not Crash It To The Ground set it on the trailer And move it away we did use an excavator To kind of help tip it up but it’s hard To get that in here so we’re hoping this Works we’ll soon find out Okay go ahead and move it a little bit More on this side Is this on the outside of the brace Um Can we are we low enough that we can Start grabbing it by hand lower this Into the ground Let me go a little over here Go ahead and take the bottom out that Will go that way a little bit more Okay Now we need to just It might be a little heavier than you Think but just be ready I mean I just lifted lifted it by myself Okay [Applause] Okay so how can we just safely do this With you guys underneath it Back here that’s like six feet long Like the tank hold on Isaiah lift and Push back a little bit around to go slow [Applause] There’s the tank Right Got the bracing of the wall behind me

I’m starting to get tired here please Foreign Guys towards the trailer thanks A letter London Bridges You guys walk backwards it has to go Farther the brace is right there No we’re good Oh we have a camera right now No the camera is looking right at Troy Go ahead and set it down Look I lowered that with my pinky [Music] Okay Hold on Okay we gotta spin mine we’re going that Way okay so then we’re gonna need to Lift and get for this joints [Music] Thank you Why don’t we just slide it over real Quick Thank you [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Music] So good oh that’s terrible Okay I’m gonna go back to that brace and Push up this is yeah I’m gonna hold on Ready To go you’re doing a great job Robert Foreign [Applause]

Lift that board swing walk back here we Go I’m gonna go ahead and set it to the Ground Ready one two three Look at those muscles [Music] Get it Zay All right How much were we able to hang over That tree [Applause] Scrape your chest on that one Jackie ah Just a little bit Here we ran into a little frustration Because of the maple tree in that small Hill there we couldn’t bring the wall in From that side so we had to scoot it Underneath the braces and that was a Little bit time consuming plus now we’re Gonna stand up the wall a little bit Higher so that uh we’ll have room to Swing and we still didn’t have enough Room to swing up we decided we had to Move the base of the wall towards the Maple tree a little bit to get a little Bit of space We thought at this point in time it Would work but upon trying to lift it up We realize we’re going to still hit the Wall so we took the other side wall even More vertical took some measurements to Make sure it would clear and then once We realized we were going to make it we Decided to start lifting it up

There’ll be some time lapse on this Video and some cutting out of chunks of Video for obvious reasons it takes a Little bit of time to stand this up Jostle it into place and get it to line Back up there are marks on the ground And Bricks for the walls to be sitting On that are 16 feet of apart each wall Is 16 feet tall so when we meet it up in The center it should form an equilateral Triangle and uh but uh moving a wall Like this isn’t easy so a little bit of Moving in here moving there and making The tops match just right takes a little Bit of time Thank you And just when you think you’re going to Get it all put together you realize it’s Not going to quite match up right at the Top so you got to push the walls tops Back apart move the base a little bit And then slide it back together Support So the boys helped me get this in place We’ve moved a stack of lumber you can See the lumber there we put on the right Hand side because the Boom is on the Right hand side of the excavator so when I park it in there it goes more left to Keep the boom right in the middle and uh The Sun is setting in the background There I’m going to take a little bit of Time and splice the two uh the top Plates back together again May uh get

The hopefully get the ridge cap on today And then put the excavator away Foreign [Music] Well that’ll be a wrap for today I still Need to put the ridge cap on but I have Some other things I have to tend to on The property before it gets dark it was Great having the boys come and help me Today uh one I could never have done it Without them and two I enjoy their Company so anyway uh it was about an Hour and a half I think from the time The boys got here we started actually Tearing it down moving it and standing Back up and I let him go about an hour And a half it’s time worked to move this Whole thing and we weren’t trying to set A land speed record we just wanted to Make sure we got it done before Nightfall uh there was the one little uh Slow down when we didn’t have enough Room because of the maple tree over here Uh in the way so we couldn’t enter from That side so then we had to go Underneath the braces that were holding Up the one side and then lifted up the Other way that slowed things down a Little bit but we got her done Thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects like Building these sheds are my passion hope

To see you again soon everyone be Blessed

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