Folks you are staring at a modded out Tractor and there is something on this Tractor hint hint That you've never seen before We'll tell you more about that later on What you're looking at right here is Something that I think the market has Been clamoring for and Justin's coming Out with it serving a need and you're Going to see these lines are completely Exposed and now part of that is I bought This tractor used and I think there is On our other 1025r there's a kind of a cheap plastic Cover here that's held on with zip ties I think there was one on this h120r or H120 loader at one point in time but This is a heavy duty Hydraulic line protection that we're Going to put on here it's going to have Some holes on Top This is for like a Third function bracket that you can put On their mount on there too this is I Mean it's beefy it's substantial just Like everything else that he builds now What I told him to come out with and he Is he's coming out with it for the the Three E Series those loaders don't have Anything and back when I sold a lot of Used tractors I sold a ton of 3E series Tractors and these lines were bent and Mangled all the time all right so it's An easy area to do damage to especially Like with a grapple on there you're in

Brush and everything else all the time I'm excited to get this thing installed And show you guys what it's all about Foreign Just going to go around The lines It catches the tube on the ends here And then you just put A u-bolt on each side so this guard on The inside it's not just sitting right Right on the lines it's got these little Grooves these cutouts on these tabs that Allow it just to sit right on the torque Tube and so they're just up Just enough right above the hydraulic Line so they're not smashing them down I can tell this is a really difficult Installation Yeah it's a toughie yeah so currently We're selling these just as a lion guard With the hardware but we also have an Option For a third function Mount which would Go here if you have a third function and Want to mount the lines there and Currently these are cut out for one Quarter inch bulkheads which I think is A pretty popular size on a lot of these John Deere's Um But I need to hear also from customers Whether they have half inch or yeah what Not because because I can offer this in Any size bulkhead so yeah so that would

Just go here Followed by the nuts Take that off there yeah thanks And that offers I feel a lot of protection to the Couplers themselves because a lot of Them just come out the front and Lowering and raising your loader can Maybe do damage where this way at least If you're lowering it down it's Protecting the lines and the couplings And everything there as well Now is this offered like the other ones In green and black yes so this is the Textured black And we also have the John Deere Green And maybe even Yellow by custom request But we're not stocking them so are you Offering these um For a lot of models then right now or Just starting to fill out the line so These are the first product for the John Deere lineup in terms of hydraulic line Guards so this will cover the 10 23 10 26 1025 and 2025 Gen 2 generation Correct yeah Gen 2 20 25. basically the H120 loaders and the 120R loaders yes Correct Um they may also fit the d120 but I've Not confirmed that yet okay and in fact Justin has one of these guards up at the Kubota that he brought over his own L2501 so we're going to take a look at That now not just that but we're going

To show you something you've never seen Before and all the other cool stuff he's Done to it just wanted to show this to Show that we also have some older Generation John Deere models so we tried To work our way through the current Models and as we can we work backward Um mainly based on customer requests if There's a lot of requests for a model You know that's what we'll focus on but Working backward a little bit this is The 410 Series so 4 4210 I believe up Through 47 10 And a few different loader models Um as you notice flanges everywhere We can put them for strength And this this particular model only Requires drilling two holes as it uses The pivot molts down below as the lower Mounting oil so There's something you're looking for and We don't offer it let us know and we can Get to it at some point if if it's a If it's there's enough demand for it hey Folks so we are going to put a black Grille guard forget is it going the Outside just like this yes yeah On the 2038 R today all right we've got Black as a choice matching John Deere Green as a choice all right so we're Gonna do this again you've seen us do This before we're going to knock it out Pretty quick here Maybe 20 minutes something like that

Maybe like maybe 15 maybe 10 minutes It could be only just a couple minutes On camera but we'll knock it out here Real quick see the dramatic difference That it makes and reminder When was that a year and a half ago Something like that One of these Grille Guards saved my 10 25 hours life that tractor right there There's actually a little Dent right in This guard it did its job protecting the Front end of the machine Let's get her done this right here is All of the hardware that's needed so not Much to it you're just drilling some Holes on both sides here and then Bolting the thing on Justin does this One have side guards as an option for This or no no but actually today I'm Gonna do some work and get a scan of ah A tractor um 2025 so we can make side Guards okay they're gonna fit around This but um not quite yet okay we'll Also do but they're coming they're in Development they're coming yeah he does Have side guards for some Kubota as we Put those on our Kubota M4 Um are they on your l2501 yes okay okay And also they were actually developed For John Deere Um some of the three series as a bolt-on No drilling okay along with the front Being no Drilling and we found that they Also fit really well on Kubota so they

Started with John Deere oh sweet learn Something new so obviously you're not The only guard company on the market There's other folks out there doing it Too but your business is growing for Good reason right I mean you're Full-time now this is the first time You've been over here I think full time Yes so well it's kind of that part-time Business that side hustle and and look Where it's come right so what's setting 511 apart Um you know I'd like to think that our Quality is one of the major things that That sets us apart uh I believe we're The only company that's using laser to Cut out all of our parts all done on a CNC laser as well as the CMC press brake And not that that may have any kind of Functional Um Type benefit but it does look like a Cleaner product uh one of the things we Like to do is try to make these look as Factory as possible not some aftermarket Guard bolted on we had a lot of Customers say that that these look like They came from the factory or they Should come from the factory like this So that's one of the the items Another thing is powder coating I'm not sure what our competitors do I Haven't seen other competitors or Competitors advertise this but we do

Five steps we do a cleaning a media Blast to get the right profile on the Surface to give a good adhesion to the To the coats We outgass them to get rid of any oils And contaminants in the steel and then We do a zinc primer layer Powder coat as well which acts as a Sacrificial anode if you were to get a Scratch Followed by the top coat so there may be Competitors doing that but I haven't Seen it advertised so you can certainly Cut cost out by taking out a step or two There right yeah that sounds expensive And time consuming right we like to have The most durable finish possible I mean These are meant to be abused basically Another item is flanges so anywhere we Can add a flange For example this is a side guard for a Kubota but anytime you add a flange here It just adds to the rigidity of the Garb If this was just flat you know you could Just push it right over but Each time there's a bend it really adds Rigidity and that's how you get a lot of Strength out of a you know fairly thin Piece of material this being 11 gauge But it's pretty much the standard for This type of product so sure we could Make a more affordable product a cheaper Product but is it going to be functional The number one thing is protecting your

Equipment Um One of the items is these cutouts There's other guards out there that you Can put a couple fingers through or Whatever this particular one has 13 Millimeter cutouts so there's a little Increased cost there due to the laser Time and whatnot but we feel it results In 100 protection so Um Top to bottom coverage flanges Smaller holes that's what you're looking For in a product like this so yeah They're a little more expensive than Some options but we feel that there's Value in it at the higher cost so yeah But you're talking about double the Amount of Steel that's on there too oh Yeah triple compared to some of the Other guys that are out there so right Yep you would expect a higher cost to Come along with that and and essentially That's just given folks options if they Want the absolute cheapest that may not Be as thick as steel or have as robust Of a design and protection then right More power to them but if they want Superior coverage then they've got that Option too yep and uh yeah I hate to see Somebody try to save the buck by buying Something that doesn't offer full Coverage and then stolen crank damage Yeah that's yeah and I've talked to many

Customers about some of the OEM options Uh specifically on Kubota and you know They've they've even told me I went to Go pick up that part and I just left it There I could tell it wouldn't protect The equipment so that's what I like to Tell people is you know I hate to see You buy something damage your equipment And then buy the more expensive protect Riders and just buying something that You know will protect right off that Cost you more in the long run that way Yeah there I've seen some designs too Where there's a cut out basically Through the center To I guess get around the design of the Factory guard we try to avoid that type Of thing at all costs along with some Ornamental Letters numbers whatever every all of That type of thing takes strength out of The garden and uh it just makes it more Susceptible so Number one is is strength and protecting The equipment speaking of cutouts and Strength and all that the majority of Our quality starts at the computer in The design phase so you know right right Off the bat we're trying to build in Flanges you know small holes Make it look like it came from the Factory and it just starts there you Know where our main focus is not cost It's how can we make this guard

Effective and and make the customer feel Like they have protection and are Confident using it so most of it starts There and then we go on from there and Make it manufacturable to begin with you Know some of this is very difficult with Multiple bends and I'll share some Guards we have that that were very Difficult to design but that's where it All starts and then our quality Continues after that customer service The actual manufacturing and and so on So these two guards this is for a 3r That's a four R both of these along with A few other John Deere models install Without any drilling at all Um So this one Just wanted to show all the different Bends I'm sorry wait what no drilling Yeah this one's no drilling so they come From John Deere with holes here and here Oh sweet Um and then we utilize these here that's Awesome so really nice not having to Drill but This is where some of the design gets Pretty complicated trying to fit it in To around their guard with both bends This way as well as this way good job on That and then this Four R is the same thing John Deere does Offer an upper like a mesh expanded Metal type thing but nothing for the

Lower So this is a two-piece guard carriage Bolts all the hardware is included but This is a no drill application as well Sweet that piece and then This piece under here Actually folds forward and leaves Essentially no Gap here so you get all The extra coverage down here no no Drilling as well this just utilizes These holes back here we're proud to be Sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We're big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps with loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at So folks here we are okay this is Justin's personal Kubota l2501 Kind of a test machine something for him To do all sorts of stuff let's see if it Fits see if it works and there's a lot Of things going on all right you might

Not even see them all here but the first One is this little hunk down here and Then a lot of other stuff too but we're Gonna have Justin tell you all about it Because it's his baby it's in Development it's not for sale yet Correct want to get your feedback on This is an important thing right if we Can dial it in get it just the right way Is it worth pursuing should he shelve it Let them know take it away hang on oh no Hang on you're forgiven for having that Grapple on the front okay Apology accepted I know that you weren't Thinking properly when you got that Grapple but apology accepted but carry On carry on this is really cool that One's actually going to be for sale but I gotta admit I've got the latest and Greatest EA grapple on orders they're Good grapples sorry So this new product we're talking about Is a third function but instead of being Electrically controlled or Electronically controlled through Switches and solenoids it's going to be A manual valve controlled third function Controlled by your foot when I was Shopping for third function kits every One of them was solenoid controlled with Switches and on a lot of the Facebook Groups and some of the other tractor Forms I'm on People often were talking about failure

Of solenoids and switches and switches Wear out and and whatnot And being kind of the Gearhead that I am I wanted to try to develop something Different more reliable So that's where I came up with this Third function manual I used to have one Up here to to control my snow plow But you had to take your hand off the Joystick it was a really clean Installation but you had to take your Hand away which is absolutely uh you Know that's not going to work so I've Been developing this to go on the left Side with a foot pedal there's a few Selling points that I'd like to mention Not only the lack of solenoids and Electrical and you also don't have to Wire those things in this is just all Hydraulic installation Is also the the speed you can control The speed just by Feathering this slowly Fast with electrical one it's wide open Like a light switch you hit It Wide Open Hit again close so this gives you a Little more control and there's really Not much of anything to go wrong with it Aside from maybe the internals of the Valve itself wearing out but that's the Purpose of it this will be a full kit Once it's completely developed it's very Close right now but I'm going to make Some changes to the orientation of the Foot pedal

But this will be provided with Everything you need nuts bolts mounts Hoses Ways to secure the hoses couplers up Front the whole nine yards so basically Plug and Play Very quick installation so I'm not sure If this is something that people are Interested in but I feel like it's a Very Very good product it will solve some Problems and we'd like to hear your Input as well if there's a lot of Interest then we will pursue this and Move forward with it so I think really You know I mean Justin said it well but From another person's perspective you Know I think there's always going to be Folks that say you can't beat a thumb Control on a joystick right and this Product isn't for them but taking out The electrical side of it it's all DIY Too right so if you're just dealing with Hooking up some hoses routing them Through securing them I mean it doesn't Get a lot easier than that the price Probably going to be a lot cheaper than Going to your Kubota dealer and having One you know an oem version installed as Well so it saves you a trip there saves These extra labor and trip charge and All that kind of stuff too even for Folks that you know have a disability or Handicap or don't have use of an arm or

Whatever it is it gives another option There for those kinds of scenarios too So I think that there's a lot of Different applications where this could Really you know be a big plus and it's Something completely different that's Out there and it's always good to have Variety so another product is this light Bar And this came from me not being able to Have my wraps up and pull into my barn I Have a shorter Barn currently but I Wanted light overhead because a with a Loader and all that I don't even really Use my headlights so I want to light up High But wanted it up high all the time and I Can't do that with the wraps up or I'd Have to jump off the tractor and lower It down every time I pull in so yeah This light bar fits both with the wraps Up or down and always keeps it overhead They're sold as a kit with just the the Mounting structure or the mounting Structure the light and then a harness That includes a relay and everything This I have wired in directly to the Ignition side of the key and um Works really well now I think you've got Individual mounts as well if you want to Correct I mean so you can have something Facing backwards forward that kind of Thing different setups available for Different rops setups as well one and a

Half by three inch two by three inch and Then two by two two and three eighths by Two and three eighths basically any Wraps that's out there we have a a pod Mount for it and then the extra holes You can actually Mount rear-facing Lights on here if you wanted to so you Can have something facing forward up top Or vice versa you know both directions At the same sideways or yeah yeah cool So these are currently available the Light bar kit for the 01 series as well As the new the newer O2 series but we're Also developing ones for MX 60 series And so on okay cool okay so we have Three more things right here that we're Looking at we've got a line guard up Here for the hydraulics on the torque Tube we've got the Grille Guards and We've got the tie down down there so Tell us more about that Justin So the line guards on this particular Model the 01s and the uh new o2s with The 526 loader the shape of this is kind Of a pie shape so we have to make this In a separate piece from the factory Guard so this basically bolts on in About a minute you just take out the two Bolts on or the one bolt on each side Put the guard in place replace the bolts We also have four or five other loader Models that we make guards for but in Those they just replace the the guard From Kubota those typically just have a

Top portion and then the bottom of the Lines are exposed and based on that Shape we can just remove that guard Replace it with ours which is a Completely surrounds it much thicker Than the factory guard and also installs Without any Drilling and uses existing Hardware so now you can also see the Front grille guards Side grille guard This is actually one of The Originals so It doesn't have all the new features That we have on our newer guards such as Big long flanges and whatnot but also The tie downs these have been very Popular very hard to keep in stock Probably the difference in ours versus Some of the other ones on the market is One the thickness these are 3 8 thick Steel Um Bolt on without any drilling they go Between the brush guard and the frame And these have about a three and a Quarter inch opening so you can fit Pretty much any type hook right through The tie down bring it back and secure it Whatever way you want So very flexible and very strong we're Also working on some for the rear just Trying to make more of a common type Which may prove to be a challenge but we Will be coming up with at least the 0102 Series rear tie downs very soon and last But not least back here a homemade

Ballast box Contraption I figured you Guys would want to see it because you Guys love seeing the homemade stuff so We got what a toolbox here some kind That you fashioned in and what what do You got going on just a job box I was at The local tractor supply place and I Thought I'm gonna buy one of those put Some weight in it fill a full of Concrete then yeah so basically from Here down it's scrap steel topped off With concrete and then Uh smoothed it out put plywood down and Then some nice carpet Um just to hold whatever you could Probably even put a small chainsaw in Here maybe yeah but chains tie downs Whatever tools It's like eight or nine hundred pounds I Think somewhere in there yeah well when You fasten this whole mount for it right Yeah with some bracing on the inside and Everything too yes yeah yeah looks Really cool nice work on that oh thank You well folks you got to see all sorts Of new stuff today and so did I I want To thank you Justin for coming out again Nice to see you thanks for having me Sounds like business is going good yes It's going very weird yeah very good you Know this guy's just running a mile a Minute sounds like he is busy as can be So I'm really happy to see that and so You can check out the other videos this

Is the third or fourth time now Something like that you've been out here So we hope to see you again You're welcome back anytime now if you Want to get more information on these Products go to Justin's website we'll have that up here On the screen Down Below in the Description you can find that stuff on Our website too and get you right there And of course he's a discount Club Member so that means you can use code GWT you save five percent off of your Order ordering on Justin's website he'll Ship it out to you direct and this stuff Is packed well we've shown you before But he packs it he takes pride in his Work from beginning to end and it shows When it shows up on your doorstep now For everything else For the front end loader or the Three-point hitch more than likely we Can help you out go to goodworks if you enjoyed today's Video you want to see more make sure you Hit that subscribe button down below and Justin's got a channel as well 511 Design so make sure you check that out Too thanks again for stopping by thanks Again Justin and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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