Can You Run a Workshop or a Jobsite with a Portable Powerstation?

Now let's get really crazy with it and See if this power station will run this Air compressor and this table saw at the Same time Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I want to show you my plan to Power this Quonset hut and the new Sawmill building with the generous home Power Pro 2. So our house is up here and then we have Our electric service and then we have Power trenched into the main shop and There's a 200 amp service in the shop But then I ran a conduit over to the equipment Building it's just a small shed just has A couple lights and one plug in it and I Put a small like 30 or 50 amp breaker Box in that building Then I put up the Quonset hut and I'm Like how do I get power out here Now I'm going to put up a sawmill Building and that building is going to Need lights and I want to set up next to The Sawmill I want to have a resource Station And I want to be able to charge stuff Out there and everything else so I was Looking at you know do I I don't want a Daisy chain power out to all these Buildings So I was thinking do I trench all the Way from the the main electrical service Do I see if the electric company will

Come out here and put in another service Behind the Quonset hut those are Expensive options and they only put Power in one place Whereas using a unit like this allows me To have power here or out there or to Take this with me on a job for whatever I might be doing these portable power Stations have become really popular Lately and for good reason it's just a Really useful and versatile tool And because of that I've been approached By at least five or six if not as many As 10 companies wanting me to make a Video about their portable power station And I've been declining those offers Because I already have one it's a Smaller one than this and I didn't Really need one but the one I have which Is actually generous brand as well Is It's a great unit I've been really happy With it but I can't run a table saw off Of it and for me I only wanted a new one if it could run Everything that I want to do and that Means an air compressor any kind of a Power tool And the lights for this I only wanted it If it was really going to help me Because the last thing I want is to turn This YouTube channel into a never-ending Infomercial for products the specific Unit I have here is the geneverse home

Power Pro 2. it's got 2200 watts of Continuous output which equates to 18 or 19 amps and the majority of anything That most of us use on a daily basis Isn't over 15 amps On a 110 Appliance so it should be able To power any kind of power tool I want To use while also running some lights or Charging a phone or or Little Things And mainly what I want to do in this Video is plug a bunch of stuff in this And see how long it's going to last when I took this out of the box it said zero Percent battery Plugged it in to a wall outlet it said Charged in approximately two hours I Went and got some enchiladas here in Town it's about 10 minutes away and in The time it took me to drive over there Get something to eat and come back it Was already 80 percent charge so Didn't take too long and the website Said one to two hours so I'm gonna say That's accurate then I've got two solar Panels here with it and you know what We'll look at the solar panels here in a Minute right now I want to start Plugging some stuff into this so that by The end of the video we can test out the Battery life So we'll start with a small thing that's Actually going to be really convenient For me is charging my camera batteries So I'm always out here working I gotta

Stop you know every 30 minutes or an Hour and run in and get a new battery For the camera So we'll plug this in Says it's charging And on here This charger is using eight watts of Power And at that rate 99.9 more hours so I could charge It's unlimited with you you would Probably take two weeks of charging Something like this to run the battery Down but 100 hours is the max it says on It and let's go ahead and charge my Phone And my phone is at 90 battery life so I Think it's doing the smart charge thing Because it's only drawing four Watts so These two things together pulling 12 Watts 99.9 more hours of charging at that rate Now let's activate the AC side I've got a Craftsman work light out here And now we're up to 42 Watts Hours remaining 45 hours so charging These two things and running this light This battery will stay up for 45 hours Right now filming this and a lot of Times filming this I have two DeWalt Work lights out here Just so you can try to see my face a Little better with the light behind me And I'm constantly going back up to the

Shop to swap out these batteries Let's go ahead and charge one of these DeWalt batteries This is one of those uh 20 volt 60 volt Flex volt setups and that's charging We're now using 67 Watts I can run this charger this charger the Phone charging and this light For 30 more hours Not too shabby now let's go to something A little bigger and if anyone's Interested in getting any of the Geneverse products I did get a discount Code Where you can save a little bit of money On ordering one of these so I'll put That information in the video Description now I really need to move The model A and get some work done on it But I've tried to start it a couple Times and the battery is always dead 50 Amp engine start 10 amp boost 6 to 2 Amp Charge Pretty nice little battery charger here We're going to run it over hook it up to The Tractor start charging that battery And see how long this will charge that So That says it's on and charging so at This point We are running this work light A DeWalt battery my camera battery my Cell phone and a trickle charge

To the tractor battery All of that is taking 300 watts And this will run for 7.6 hours running All of this at once Now let's just make sure that that's Even accurate I'm gonna go around and I'm gonna get some bigger power tools I'm gonna get my table saw an air Compressor just a bunch of a bunch of Tools and bring out here and and put it To a little more thorough test but while I do that I'm going to leave this Running And make sure we don't have any sudden Drops now if I wanted to run all of this Charging all day I'm just out here Working the whole day I'm and I'm Charging stuff I'm charging the battery Maybe I'm charging the battery on the The Sawmill whatever the case is I can charge this at the same time by Plugging in the solar panels and the Solar panels each of these is 200 Watts Charging so I'm currently using 300 Watts of output I could run this setup everything that's Plugged into it right now In theory I could run this indefinitely Because I'd be charging at least the Same rate I'm drawing so after running That stuff and me testing it the other Day we're at 95 battery Using nothing right now we'll try the Drill

On Startup this drill went to 700 at Startup and 400 continuous Recip saw was 400 at startup and uh 250 Continuous so it should easily be able To run both of these at the same time That's using 700 Watts when it's capable Of 2200 Watts so if I'm charging a Battery Running three lights and charging my Phone and then I want to start working I Don't have to unplug stuff like I could Be running the recip saw and someone Else out here helping me and we can run The circular saw at the same time none Of that's going to be a problem so let's Go up to something a little bigger I've got this job site table saw Cobalt It's pretty nice little saw about as big As you'd ever want to have as a portable Saw that you take with you and then I've Got this air compressor here which is You know when I said I was going to test It on an air compressor I have one of Those little pancake units that's One horsepower I think this is a much Bigger compressor this is two horsepower 60 gallon and it's two stage And I actually I tried to look up and See how much draw this had and I Couldn't find it because they've changed At Harbor Freight they've changed I Don't think they have this exact same Compressor so I'm going to try running This now and then we'll do the table saw

I'll get you a close-up on this So the compressor is drawing 1100 to 1200 watts And that was saying you could run that For 1.9 hours So if you think about the way a Compressor works let's think real world Say I'm out here and I've got someone Helping me and we're building a project Out here and we're using an air nailer We got measure cut nail measure cut nail Plan I feel like you could work all day Running this because your air Compressors may be running a fourth of The time and it says you can go 1.9 Hours you could probably work an eight Hour day and if you had this plugged Into solar panels and we're running that Air nailer in this compressor I think You could Work as long as you want it's going to Keep up with you so very impressive Table saw is running 300 watts And it says you could run the table saw Continuously for three hours Now let's get really crazy with it and See if this power station will run this Air compressor and this table saw at the Same time I really don't think it will but it's Only one way to find out and I don't Think I don't think you're going to Damage it if you say I don't know how

Much this draws it might be too big Let's just plug it in it's got overload Protection you're not going to hurt the Unit I'm running a two horsepower air Compressor and a table saw bolts off of One power inverter that's pretty Impressive to run a two horsepower Compressor and a table saw at the same Time that's running 1920 Watts it would Run it for one hour Foreign Thing to note on the table saw it will Draw more power when you're actually Cutting with it so even though it rammed Both of these if I was pushing a board Through it probably wouldn't run them Both but we're just finding capabilities What's the scenario well I need where I Need to cut a board while the compressor Is running up I mean it could happen but I am really Impressed with what this thing was able To do let's take a quick look at the Solar panels and wrap this thing up I really didn't want this to be like an Unboxing or reading off all the stats About it or anything like that because All I really care about is how much work Can you do with it All right I've shown you the front I Will show you the back and how Everything connects And my point about this not being in

Unboxing is to say all this is really Well packaged their their manuals are Very clear and easy to understand and Have a lot of information in them This is your regular AC power charging Cord plugs in right here looks like Pretty much any other cord and we've got A nice cord here that lets you charge From the old cigarette lighter style 12 Volt power port And obviously plugs into your car or Whatever else And then plugs in right there Same thing here this is all really slick Looks great it's got these protective Cases for the solar panels Unzip it right here And this is what your solar panel looks Like it has magnetic closures on it So it pops right open but it will keep Itself closed Now the ones I had before were just like This this one Is twice as big It's got four panels to it And Each section has a kickstand so you can Have these be freestanding And then your zip up pouch that it comes In has a pocket right here That's where you keep your cables for Charging it and it's got a manual with Information on the solar panels the Rating says it takes three to four hours

To charge this unit With these panels which is not bad at All I think the other one was like six Hours so they've upgraded their Technology a little bit also this is Each of these is 200 Watts so you're Charging it at 400 watts So that was quick and easy you just Unfold that Plug your power cord in Same round Fitting here And we're plugged in now this says it Can take Four of these you buy little splitter Boxes So I got two solar panels you could run Four if you wanted to charge this thing Fast it's currently charging at 79 Watts Says it will take 5.3 hours for this one Panel to recharge the Box That's because the sun is over there and It's not getting direct sunlight Probably if I turned it it'll get more Let's check yeah so same panel all I did Was rotate it We're now getting 133 watts and it will Charge in 2.7 hours so if I set the other one next To it we'd be getting 266 watts and Have 1.4 hours to charge this So it's all going to depend on the Conditions if it's cloudy or sunny where

The sun's at but I think if I set these Up along the building over there and Just left them there It would charge this for well six hours Every morning six or eight hours And probably just be full all the time And I think that's what I'm going to do So you'll see updates on this as we go Along I think These are fantastic I think generverse Makes a quality unit I already own the 1000 watt unit and put a lot of use on It it's great Portable power unit never had any Problems with it battery life still Seems good after I've had it a long time So I appreciate you taking time to watch The video I'll put links on the screen To more of our videos and I'll see you Next time

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