Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Now [Music] [Music] Thank you If you enjoyed today's video hit that Subscribe button we want you to tag Along and like it too give us a thumbs Up and we do sell and ship tractor Attachments all over the country so Check out Foreign [Music] Folks unbelievable weather here in Michigan January 4th it's like 40 Something degrees today I had to take my Coat off I was getting hot Just a week ago just over a week ago I Guess Covered in snow had blizzard warning Everything for Christmas and it's Basically all melted away besides a few Random piles one of the reasons I like Loader mounted attachments over like a Frame mounted attachment a snow Pusher Like what we're taking off today putting On the grapple easy and quick to do

Because we know there's going to be more Snow coming pain in the butt to take off A loader put on a front mount snowblower Then vice versa if you want to do other Jobs other chores with your tractors so We're putting the summit grapple the Work day on The Summit tx25 Fun little job for it here picking up Some logs going to cut some firewood so You're going to see The Summit GX 54 Grapple it's a clam shell style grapple Okay so one long top jaw one long bottom Jaw tines are fairly short on the bottom And I like that I've talked about that On some other grapple styles that we've Had as well works really well for kind Of raking and pushing things along and We'll show you some of that pushing Along later in this video too but with a Longer flat bottom jaw those have Benefits to them and you can kind of Maybe carry things better but I think You'll see in this video we can carry a Log pick and carry it just fine even With the smaller jaw there the top jaw You just kind of rotate It Forward down And it locks on anyway we've done a Whole grapple overview we'll put a link Somewhere in here so you can take a look At that and get all the the specs on it If you want to but we don't sell this Grapple it's available through summit's Website so even if you find it on our Website there's a link that'll take you

There on where to buy it but honestly I Was pretty surprised you know this is a Small compact tractor and pretty Surprised at the amount that it'll lift Up on these logs there was one I didn't Really want to cut up today is kind of An awkward weird looking one and I Wasn't even sure if the tractor would Pick it up it did pick it up and got it Off the ground just barely but that's Kind of the idea behind in general when Somebody will reach out and ask me What's the right size grapple for them Getting a a strong lightweight grapple For a small tractor it could be a small Compact it could be a subcompact like The 1025 arms the Kubota BX you don't Want to tie up too much weight in your Grapple because that's precious lift Capacity that's being taken away from Being able to get a log like that off The ground alright so I am not a Professional forestry man okay so go Easy at me with comments I'm not putting Myself out there just to get ripped Apart on that if you have some Constructive feedback some tips to make Life easier I'd love to hear about that Too but overall we wanted to see how the Grapple could help With cutting wood and lifting up those Logs and kind of getting more to an Easier to reach height and easier to Handle height you don't have to cut it

On both sides then you know so you're Not worried about pinching your saw that Way too and for the most part that Worked well I wanted to be aware of the Fact to not let that load get too uneven So I kept going back and forth to one Side of the log and the other that way There wasn't a maybe a I don't know a Potential tipping Hazard with a tractor Or anything like that too and anyway I Want to get everything just roughly the Same length overall that's a 16 inch bar That's on there so I just kind of Eyeballing that I have a tool somewhere A little magnet with a bar on it that You can adjust the length and kind of do Initial just little check mark Cuts all Down your log and so you can you can Knock that out quickly but I don't know In the move I seem to misplaced that It'll turn up eventually oh so one thing I did want to bring up and I I feel like I saw this somewhere but you know I Think my my Chain's starting to get a Little dull and what is it if there's Big chips that are flying out that's When it's nice and sharp but if it Starts to be more like sawdust and Smaller chips that's when it's time to Be sharpened it wasn't really struggling To cut this wood but I feel like that's Kind of the The eyeball test right is if it's if It's one type of chips coming out it's

Sharp if it's another type of chips Coming out it's time to be sharpened so Anyway when they sold me that Chainsaw The the Sharp Shop they they sold me a Sharpener for it too so it'd be good Chance to use that you know I've used Chainsaws sporadically this is the most I've ever used a chainsaw since we've Had this new place here and I'm really Loving it and looking forward to cutting More wood and and seeing how everything Goes well so we got a nice pile of wood Here we have more over there and I just Want to keep the wood coming it's fun to Just come out here and spend a couple Hours especially on a beautiful winter Day like this you just don't get many of These in Michigan so I want to enjoy it We're going to end up splitting this With the split fire wood splitter that We have in the back of the Kubota give That a shot and um you know I don't heat My house with this I don't heat the barn But you know we had the bonfires and We've got fireplace in the house that's A lot of fun and just like having a wood Supply there and who knows maybe we Start a firewood business little Roadside stand out there I guess more to Come on that now if you enjoy firewood There's a lot of good firewood channels Out there you have Hometown Acres Ohio Wood burn and GP Outdoors outdoors with The Morgans there's a lot of other

Channels out there that know a lot more About firewood than I do I just enjoy Cutting it up Mm-hmm [Music] [Music] Mmm [Music] Foreign [Music] All right [Music] Now if you are in the market for a Tractor attachment something for your Front end loader or your three-point Hitch we sell all sorts of stuff we also Have a discount Club too so we work with Partner vendors where you can go to Their website enter in code gwts save Five percent off your order but the Stuff that we sell free shipping 36 States you get rewards we have financing Available check us out give us a shot at but as far as This tractor well summit's website will Tell you the retailers that's available At as far as this grapple you get that From Summit tractor's website and on That note if you enjoyed today's video We'd love to have you tag along hit that Subscribe button right down below I want To thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon

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