Folks you're looking at a beautiful John Deere Gator okay This Gator is a couple years old not That old doors look like crap it hasn't Sitting outside for a year plus okay at Our other property didn't have a place To store it inside out there and this is What happens the rest of it will clean Up very nicely and the doors will look Like this because it wants to embarrass You kind of in my life with a gator and We're going to try to fix that today Also you're going to see it sitting in This awkward position because the Battery has died and you know just jump The battery right Courtney that's all You got to do but Well cameraman please be gracious enough To show them the battery location it's Like an impossible spot requires an Operation to get the battery out of There no easy way to to jump it and get It started it's I still own the gator so anyway we're Going to try to put this stuff on here Okay we've already tried WD-40 because Why not Um car guys okay black plastic restore a Couple others too we'll show you Pictures so this door has been treated This is this is a treated door right Here it didn't last the rest of the Plastic look great back in the cab is Also this chalky color

Project Farm selected this as the winner Of his black plastic restorer cerakote Trim coat restoration kit supposedly a Lot longer lasting Ceramic coating all right like what you Put on a vehicle for example so 10 extra Large wipes The door has been cleaned and prepped We're gonna do it on the other side too Give it a shot fingers crossed this Brings it back to the original luster of A brand new gator but Let's find out all right I think it's Worth noting too how on some of the Areas of the door and the other side There's Um sections that look a lot better so It's like Not the same composition or something oh There are gloves in here nice About the same composition throughout The whole uh The whole door The handle is good the trim's good it's Just Anyway so I was going to sell this Gator And I had it for sale and Um And then I didn't and then some people Were interested and I was like you know I got to get this thing cleaned up and Detailed and looking good because the Pictures I had in the listing were old And then we use this Gator whenever we

Went out to the other property because There's so many parts of that property That are hard to access Just the way it's designed and Configured and so we kind of needed it Out there now we don't really go out There so I brought it back I don't know I think I'm gonna sell it I'm still back And forth on it I don't like it but it Is functional When the battery works It smells like dead mice So that's my bonus okay it says it's Simple clean dry apply and uh well let Me let me double check make sure there's Nothing else Do not apply and direct sunlight Wipe and overlapping passes I can do this and also we do have uh two Floor mats in here kind of like the WeatherTech same kind of concept custom Molded floor mats from tractor mat both In the bed and on the floor inside the Gator five percent off with code GWT on Their website or you want to start just In the corner here I guess Now while this looks good now we're Going to give this a day or two And see if it holds true Because Um some of the other products looked Amazingly beautiful just like this And then they dried out just after like A day

So we're going to give this a little bit Of time Before we call it a win It seems to be really soaking up this Liquid though because of how severe it's It's dried out and how chalky it is I Think Oh right in the dirt Just the gator I can handle it 10 wipes in there in that small and I Think there might have been a bigger Pack I can't remember I felt like 10 would do It I looked in the FAQs on the Amazon Listing in it gave somebody had asked a Question about a lot bigger Application than this And asked if one 10 pack would do it and It said no problem so I figured for two Gator doors It's got to be okay I mean if this if if this stays looking Like this that would be insane I don't know if you guys all watch Project Farm or not But uh you probably do He's always doing good comparisons and Normally this stuff is spot on I use a Um a knife sharpener That you know that won his comparison to And I mean that sharpener is simple it's Effective And it gets the knife sharper than uh

The old way I did it I'll tell you that I posted pictures of these doors on Social media Last night And a lot of guys mentioned using a Torch And I have seen that and I've seen it Work I also feel like there's a lot of risk Involved and potential Unintended consequences there that uh I Don't know I just wasn't ready to To deal with Didn't really want to change the Composition of the The plastic maybe lose the texture but If this doesn't work that may give it a Shot because It can't be any worse than this faded Black look I just prefer not to go that route This just doesn't go on thick enough to Do just continual Strokes I think that's because the condition of The plastic though Well now the doors look darker than the Rest of it Well we'll see if it lasts Okay got the doors all shined up and Actually had enough juice and a battery To raise the the dump bed a little bit And get back in there interesting though If you see back here there's a lot of Faded area that there was no exposure to

The sun like it was behind This bed like all the way down in here It's still faded I don't I don't know What the heck's going on so I don't know If this is Sun related or Heat related or what but uh Yeah it's very strange where there was No sunlight getting back in there how it Still has the same fade Anyway You can see right here there looks to be Like a relocated battery terminal and I Tried this yesterday we're going to try It again my brother doesn't believe me He thinks I'm a liar or I'm just an Idiot well you know idiot part might be True But we're gonna give this a shot again And uh I know this has juice that's been On the charger and actually if you turn It on right there You can see you got you got full juice Okay we're gonna leave it off for the Moment I do wish these cables were a little Longer on here but That's that's on there Now I would think there's no negative Anywhere I could just ground it on something all Right There should be a Be something happening here But there's nothing happening there

Oh there we go though That other why did this not That piece of Steel didn't work but this One did I clamped it on that Bolt I clamped it on that rod and I Think I clamped it right on that there We can cut that part out about the idiot Thing though You ready for this Are you sure Picked you up Man it's still not doing it [Applause] Alrighty folks so we're gonna give it a Day or two We'll see how this looks after that it's Already starting to dry and there and It's it's losing some of its shine It's not as black as it was but it is Definitely better and maybe you can do a Second coat on here and I would imagine The second coat would be easier this is A pretty harsh scenario a pretty worst Case scenario uh I would think for black Plastic fade and I use the car guys Black plastic restore on all the Tractors that I use to detail and it Worked really well this is way beyond That level so fingers crossed I don't know maybe maybe it works or Maybe it lasts longer too at least That's what project Farm says and a lot Of the reviews online say too so we will

See you in a day or two we are proud to Be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We're big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps with loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimguardsolutions.com Folks five days later all right we're Gonna do it the next day I took a couple Pictures the next day of the day after About five days later this is what it Looks like okay so it's not as shiny as It was but it was really bad and this is Really good in my opinion compared to Where it was at Um haven't had well we had it outside For a little bit but uh not too long so It hasn't seen sunlight bacon down on it But uh this is really impressive the Back panel is not quite as good uh I do Think I'm probably going to put a second Application on here given how horrible It was to begin with and maybe take

There's still some and maybe it won't Come out but you can see like Blotchiness and I think that's really More of the plastic than the product Because I definitely overlapped and Everything else and it's not the kind of Streaks that would line up with an Inconsistent application it's more I don't know it just looks like the Material itself so anyway very impressed Again it's only been five days but given The fact that the other products didn't Make it a day before reverting back to That really chalky grayed out status This is a vest Improvement and really Not that much more money especially with These kinds of results so this is it Folks cerico ceramic coating I want to Give a shout out to project Farm if you Don't watch it for some reason this is Validation that what he's testing Actually it's accurate okay we took the Winner the best product that he Recommended used it and you can see this Is the difference that it made when all The other products failed so that's Going to do it for us today now if you Enjoyed this video you want to see more We'd love to have you tag along hit Subscribe down below we sell and ship Tractor attachments all over the country So if you're looking for something for Your machine for the front end loader or The three-point hitch more than likely

We have what you need so check us out Free shipping rewards and financing too I want to thank you for taking time out Of your day to stop by and until next Time stay safe we'll see you soon [Music] [Music] Please

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