Champion 7500 W Dual Fuel Generator – What Can it Really Handle?

Champion 7500 W Dual Fuel Generator Review. Can it run a welder?
Champion manual transfer switch

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Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to hook up this New Champion generator and hopefully We're going to use it to run a welder I've bought this Champion generator About six years ago it's been a very Good unit haven't had any problems with It I've actually bought a lot of Champion equipment so when I was looking For a generator that could run my welder I reached out to Champion and they've Provided me with this unit right here And one of their caveats to it they said If you're going to do it we'd like to See you set up a manual transfer switch So that in a power outage I can run the House off of this generator so this the Transfer switch to the house will be a Separate video but but today we're going To find out if this can really handle What it's rated and run my 220 MIG Welder the generator that we are working With today is a model number 201 277 it's got 9375 in starting watts and 7500 in running Watts now this is a dual Fuel generator which means it can be run On gasoline or propane but I think Instead of 7500 Watts running on gas you Get 6,500 Watts off Propane it's electric Start five mode intell gauge I really Don't know what that means but we'll

Find out it's got covered Outlets volt Guard cold start here's a list of a lot Of the things that can power at the same Time but it can really do the majority Of your house during a power outage so Operation on this seems pretty simple if You flip this switch This direction you've switched the fuel Source to Propane if you flip it this direction You've switched it to Gasoline once you've got it on gasoline You just hold this switch down this is Your electric start before I do that I Want to open the garage door for Ventilation but right here we've got the 120 volt RV style plug three prong you Can put you can get a cord for this that Runs out multiple regular outlets for 110 then right here we have two GFCI Outlets under each of These and I think that's about all there Is to it you've also got this screen Right here that will scroll through and Show you kind of your power usage and This also alerts you if you're building Up carbon Dioxide you know from like if I was to Start this without opening the garage Door that could be be very dangerous in A hurry and we don't want that so this Is a built-in safety as far as setting It up all I had to do was slide pins Through the wheels put a cotter pin in

It and then two bolts on each of these Front legs um put the oil in it put some Gas in it and we're ready to go so I Guess I'll open the door start it up Then we'll run something small 110 on it And then we'll try the welder so you Probably notice that none of these Outlets are made for a welder cord at Least not the ones I'm familiar with so You need an adapter you can buy those Adapters but I didn't want to order one And wait so I've made my own one end is Your four prong RV Outlet goes in and Twist and then on the other end I've put This cord that is the same cord used on My plasma cutter and my welder all right So we've got a regular m manual choke Switch over here by the [Music] Carburetor I missed it earlier looking At the box but on propane instead of 9375 you get 8,400 instead of 7500 it's 6750 all right so I've been messing with This welder for a little while now Trying to get it set up and it doesn't Look like it's going to happen right now Because this Regulator has a leak whenever I turn it On so I'm not going to be able to use The welder till I get a new Regulator but in the meantime I have a Plasma cutter that has the same rated Amperage draw as the welder so we'll try The plasma cutter right

[Applause] Now All right so it did not have any Problems slicing through that Metal and that was a hardened lawn mower Blade pretty thick I made two cuts and And cut this sliver Off and I've got that thing cranked all The way up to 50 amp no problem at all For the generator so if it can handle That it should be able to handle the Welder couple other things that came With the generator that are pretty nice One is your propane hose and this is not A screw on end here it's quick connect That plugs in right Here the other thing that I was going to Show you that came with it is a cover But since I've got a couple things Plugged into it we'll wait and do that In a minute let's plug this into to the Propane hopefully my propane bottle Isn't full i' think I've got a couple of Them but this one felt kind of light When I was moving it [Music] Around Oh I'm over here clanking tanks A couple weeks ago the power actually Went out and was out for like eight Hours during the day that hasn't Happened here in a long time but it was An incentive for me to get on the ball And get a propane or get

A a bigger generator and get it wired to The house so I can Easily you know keep everything Running Squeak I had the Big T And I was thinking it might be empty but As I was shaking it a little bit it felt Like it it probably is empty but then it Didn't matter because the top is Different than all my other propane Tanks it only takes the internal threads Where most of them take both so I'm Going to have to get an adapter so to Run it off the propane we just flip this Over here we'll go ahead and choke it [Applause] Again [Music] I like to shut it off by closing the Valve let me just pop That unplug this Cord and we'll see how this fits Not too bad so what we have in this kit Is an eight breaker box it's got one 220 Breaker and six traditional Breakers or 110 Breakers all of this is pre-wired Into this Box and I'm no electrician so I'm going To have to do some studying to find how You you install this and that's going to Be a future video it may take me a Little while to get all that figured out Here is the box that you you connect to This and then you run a cord they send

You a long cord and you run a cord from Your generator into this which Powers Into this and you run your house off of It so I'm really excited to get backup Power set up like I said before I do not Know a lot about this but I'm going to Be reading the manual and learning about It I really wanted this for the two Obvious reasons I've already mentioned Backup power source for the house but Almost as important is the ability to Run this 220 power equipment and have a Mobile welding setup so if I have a Project that I need to do I now have the Ability to do that on the go another Option is to run my out buildings Sawmill building quanite Hut anything Like like that off of this generator I Could set it up in a similar way and use This as a power source when I'm doing Any bigger work I could have chose any Brand but I went with champion because I Have a lot of Champion Power Equipment That I've Bought and some of this equipment I Bought years and years ago and it's Still working well so why switch Brands When I've had such good Luck and I have no reason to doubt that This will perform just as well I Appreciate you taking time to watch the Video I'll put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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