Checkout the 2023 Hustler X-One

Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And this video is sponsored by Hustler Now we are about two weeks for mowing Season here in southeast Kansas so I'm Really excited to get some content out Actually running this Mower and seeing How it does compared to my previous Mowers at maintaining this property but Today's video is about why I chose Hustler mowers and what is new and Possibly improved about the 2023 Hustler X1 if I had to tell you very briefly What I like about hustler mowers it's That they are very well built almost Over built and They have a simple design There's not a hundred controls that are Unnecessary over here just exactly what You need where you need it and that goes From every aspect of how you operate This from the operator station they have A very nice easy to operate easily Marked system for controlling your deck Height this is a very comfortable set of Controls here that automatically engage The parking brake when you push them out I really like that feature upgraded for 2023 we have dual fuel tanks with Separate gauges and 12 gallons of total Capacity which means you don't have to Stop as often to refuel which is Definitely a good thing other new Features that are really nice is a Standard rubber floor mat on this model

Also dual USB ports so you can keep your Devices charged if you're mowing all day In terms of productivity you can now mow Up to 12 miles an hour and I can't wait To see how that affects my mowing time On the next category I don't have any numbers to back this up It's the kind of thing you just look at It and you know If you look at the the castings on this Deck lift system And the support around your your front Caster wheels Everything about this is just extremely Heavy built they also upgraded their Badging from decals to die cut steel and You can see that all the way around the Machine to match all the rest of the die Cut branding we have this 72 on here Stamped into a skid plate that gives you Better traction so you're not slipping As you step on and off the mower I do a Lot of mowing so I'm really going to put This thing through its Paces put some Hours on it and let you guys know what I Think about this mower but my advice Today is if you're in the market for a New mower you should stop by your Hustler dealer and have a talk with them I appreciate you taking time to watch This video I'll put links on the screen To more of our videos and I'll see you Next time

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