Christmas tree farming: 2 simple things about taking care of your knife.

Okay one more thing when you’re done Swinging your knife chewing your trees For the day Uh grab your crew have them bring your Their knives to you An inch and a half pvc pipe makes a Great Container for the knives you can throw All of them in the back of the truck and They’re protecting each other themselves They’re not balancing the blades hitting Against each other doling them up Putting uh kinks in it jinx in it just Slide them inside inch and a half pvc Pipe great way to protect them doesn’t Cost very much Hello rob here from the flag and Homestead this is going to be a real Quick video on a couple things to do With cleaning up and storing your knives That will help keep them To be a very valuable and sharp tool But before i get into that if you are a Christmas tree farmer and you’ve been Watching my videos i would love to see In the comments Where you’re farming and what type of Trees you grow i’ve heard from ireland And East coast and southern california and Many other places And it’s been really interesting for me And enjoyable for me to Learn about what types of trees you’re

Growing in other parts of the country so If you don’t mind putting that in the Comments i’d love to see that And enjoy the video okay another side Tip for sharing christmas trees that You get pitch all over the knives it Makes them heavier and it makes it so They don’t go through the tree as well You need to clean them off So we don’t have a ton on pitch on today Because it was a real short day But very simply before you go to bed Take your knives Fill up a five gallon bucket and you’re Going to put the knives In so that the blade and only the blade Is getting wet And none of the wood obviously you don’t Want to get the wood wet and you’re just Going to leave it in here overnight and Then tomorrow morning It will scrape off easy i’ll show you That with a putty knife Tomorrow morning okay the next morning [Music] Pull the knives out and go to your Workbench Yeah okay you need to have a putty knife Or something a knife with a Flat straight edge that’s nice and firm And then very simply Gonna get this flat on your workbench And slide this across You’re not going to get the pitch off

Any easier Or better then doing this [Music] The water from the night before just Softens it enough That you can get all that pitch off and It’ll go easier through the trees the Next day that you’re working So that’s shearing side note number one How to clean your blade Once again thanks for joining me on the Flanigan homestead and esport christmas Tree farms Where christmas trees are my business Teaching including horticulture is my Job And outdoor projects are my passion and Hope your christmas tree farming is Going well

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