Christmas tree farming: Securing your shaker, another way.

At East Fork Christmas Tree Farm we have used a shaker for years. The first year we tried it without anchoring it. This was a disaster. We then poured concrete with anchor bolts in it as you can see in this linked video. The video you see here is of the Boy Scouts Christmas tree stand. They are using a pallet and ratchet straps to secure their shaker. It seems to be working pretty well. @FlanaganHomestead

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead and East Fork Christmas Tree Farms uh recently the question came up How do you secure your Shaker for Shaking Christmas trees uh obviously We're not in the Christmas tree season Right now we're in the middle of summer But uh I have a video on how we secure Our shaker but uh I remembered when the Question came up that I have a video of When I visited the Boy Scouts uh Christmas tree stand and how they Secured a Shaker to pallets it worked Pretty well so I thought I'd post it Here today Interesting way to hold down a Shaker They just have it on a pallet with Ratchet straps Want to see someone buy a tree just to See how well this works [Music] Is there a processing line shaker Put on the stand when they cut off top And stump if it needs to be cut and then They pull through bailing it Thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects are my Passion hope to see you again soon be Blessed everyone

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