Christmas tree farming: tree prices, words of encouragement, few tips for sales season.

Rob here from the flanigan homestead uh Looking forward to opening season this Exciting time of the year Uh i just got in from a cold wet day Outside and i haven’t even opened up the Christmas tree farm yet but most of us Traditionally open up the day after Thanksgiving i know things are getting Earlier and earlier but i want to talk Pricing a little encouragement and a few Tips That we have as we uh open up the season And as i warm up by the fire here Okay first thing i know a lot of people Have been discussing is pricing how are They going to price their christmas Trees this year uh we’re going to move Up our prices a little bit but we’re not Going to gouge our customers and our Guests that we’ve had for a number of Years nobles and nordman’s we’re going To move up to 85 dollars for any size Tree That’s ten dollars more than it was last Year uh grand firs we’re going to go 65 Dollars for any size tree And doug furs will probably still do 50 55. we have a very small selection of Those so nobles and nordman’s are the Selectories here in the pacific Northwest that’s where the higher price I I know a lot of people price tag each Individual tree

We don’t do that and we don’t even do it By the foot If they’re small trees and people want To buy them they can have them if not They’re going to grow up to the fuller Size trees that we want the following Years So we just and if they’re a bigger tree We want them gone because we don’t want To keep getting up on ladders and Sharing them so we price Uh per tree you could probably get more Money uh doing it by the foot or tagging Individually but We’ve just found for the ease of labor And Moving the bigger trees out one size Is the price Harvest season is always an exciting Time of the year and a fun time of the Year My in-laws are potato farmers and Alfalfa farmers and during the harvest Even though it’s a ton of hard work it’s A joyous time Celebrating the culmination of a hard Season and it should be the same way With christmas trees even more because You are Helping people celebrate their christmas So i would encourage you uh to really Keep that mindset that this is a Celebration and you’re helping people uh Celebrate their christmas you are

Hosting a party at your farm if people Are coming out so Smiles should be free candy canes should Be free they don’t cost anything and Make people really want to come back for The The christmas tradition uh this is you Know people some of you have been doing This a lot longer than me and have Bigger farms than i have but i’ve been Doing this for about 20 years now and i Aim to represent our industry well we’re Going to treat people really well We’re going to give them a good product And they’re going to want to come back And i hope that you’ll do the same so You’re representing me and i’m Representing you and let’s uh have a Real positive experience for everybody That comes out to our farms this year Here’s another trip uh tip even if You’re early in it you don’t have a ton Of money yet buy professional grade Equipment for you I want to talk specifically about rain Gear here in the pacific northwest today It was raining in 39 degrees when i came Home Not the best weather i’m sure that you People around the great lakes and the Northeast are going to be pretty cold And wet I have no idea what the weather is going To be like for you people that are a

Little bit further in the south but in The pacific northwest you know i finally Invested After a few years with a professional Rain gear like the grundens And if you’re in a rainy area i don’t Know why you would not have a hat with a Brim that’s waterproof it’s basically an Umbrella on your head get yourself the Proper equipment because once you get Wet you’re not getting dry once you’re Out there that day So take care of yourself If you’re the boss out there and around Where people are loading the trees There’s two things that you should Always have on you i always actually Every day of the year i have My Clippers in my holster And it’s ready to go in case you need to Clip a branch or the top of the tree and I recommend you having a box knife in Your pocket it’s a lot easier to cut the Twine or whatever when people are Loading up the trees or need to buy Something so those are two good things To have Just as another side note while you’re At it if you have holstered clippers Have it more towards the back of your Body still your front so when you’re Bending over to grab and lean things You’re not poking yourself

With the tool i just like to wear mine a Little bit further back instead of in The front One more thing last year we decided to Invest in carbide tip chains uh for our Chainsaws it was worth every bit of it They cost about three times as much as a Regular one but in years past when we’re Running five saws or whatever out there The boys were always running back saws And i’m trying to Do sales and greet guests and sharpen Chainsaws and it wasn’t worth it We when we got the carbide tip chains uh We went days without sharpening the saw And just kept cutting and cutting and Cutting so uh If you’re short on manpower and not Wanting to Be cutting or sharpening a chainsaw all The time Carbide tip chainsaw And finally remember you get the honor Of being part of everybody else’s Christmas You might become part of their tradition And their memories so spread joy spread Cheer And just give everybody warm feelings on Their farm Be blessed everyone I’m out there with you

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