Christmas tree farming: Will natural disaster equal government relief payments.

Hello rob here from the flanigan Homestead uh and esport christmas tree Farms i’m out here at the christmas tree Farm right now i wanted to talk to you About something i don’t have a ton of Details but you might find interesting Because it may mean dollars in your Pocket I was just meeting with a lady from uh The united states department of Agriculture as they have a program that Ensures crop loss it’s government Subsidy so uh the the long story on this Is for years i’ve had friends you know That farm and they they do a food crop And every year they buy crop insurance And they said every single year they get Paid out more in the premiums the More further loss than the premiums they Pay every single year they make money on It and because it’s a government subsidy And they do it every year and i was like You know i lose uh new planted christmas Trees some every year so i looked into It and i got shut down left and right uh Because it’s not a food crop i couldn’t Get uh insurance and there are places You can get crop insurance but it’s Really not good uh i mean for what you Have to pay and the things that have to Have then you weren’t paid out so i got A call from my brother’s father-in-law Who works with the county Usda he said call you can get uh money i

Said no i’ve been through this no you Can’t but sure enough i called And The lady said that because of the Extreme heat and the natural disaster That there is a not just crop but a tree Assistance program and so they came out To count the loss of the seedlings that We lost this last year of the uh you Know grant furs make it pretty well doug Furs make it pretty well but nobles Those could be the tougher ones and we Almost had 100 loss of the bare root uh Nobles we planted this last year due to The heat and the early heat and so they Came out and took pictures and took Statistics And said that i qualify i haven’t got The money i they want me to stay in Christmas trees so i have to buy the new Seedlings plant them and then afterwards Um She said that i’ll be getting paid some For the seedlings so some for the ground Preparation and some for the actual Planting uh she doesn’t have exact Numbers yet uh but she believes to Replay it you know that i’m going to get A pain after i’ve replanted the trees And i’m going to get a payment of about Four thousand dollars For the christmas tree so that’s better Than a sharp stick in the eye But anyway i would rather have my trees

Growing in the ground But I did not buy a premium this is just a Government program Uh due to having a relative that’s Involved calling me and sure enough they Came out and took numbers uh the one as An interesting thing because i dug a Hole in the ground there’s some kind of Cultural evaluation has to be done to Make sure i didn’t dig up any indian Artifacts although i dug that far to Plant a christmas tree but uh It’s a new hole in the ground so anyway Uh that’s not something that’s going to Be an issue for me here she says anyway But anyway So I don’t have any more details because it Was a new program for her she had never Done it before there usually work on the East side of the mountains not many Christmas trees she said these are the She’s working through her first couple Ever of these but she’s asked a lot of Questions and believe That i’m going to get a payout on this So she didn’t have more details so i Wish i had more details if i get more i Will keep up on it with you but It does look like i’m going to get some Government relief Uh for The loss of my uh seedlings this last

Year And once again thanks for joining me on The flanigan homestead where christmas Trees are my business teaching clearing Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion hope to see you Again soon be blessed everyone

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