Christmas tree seedlings. 3-0 vs 2-2.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead and esport Christmas tree farm So we did our planting last week where We put 500 nordman's in the ground they Were three O's I showed you that and I Wanted to show you the difference Between a 2-2 and a 3-0 Nordman fur Seedling so this is a week later we're Planting uh we got these from a Different supplier and uh I'll try to Put the video side by side so you can See the difference but I'm just now Pulling these out of the bag right here Um just another side note today is sunny And not as cold last weekend was rainy And cooler so we weren't as protective Of the trees the guys went over and Filled their buckets with water so they Keeping the roots wet and even this bag We're sitting in the shade so that There's no sunlight getting on the roots So anyway these trees are two twos Meaning they were out in the field for Two years they pulled them out of the Ground they cut the roots off nine Inches long they went through their Normal cutter which is industry standard And then they replanted them wider apart So that they had more room and by Cutting the roots and then replanting Them they could grow a little bit longer You'll see that the diameter of these Trees are significantly more than the Trees that we planted last weekend and

Also one of the things that happens Is just like when you shear your Christmas tree and cut off the tips of The limbs then the inside buds grow out And fill out a little bit more so when They cut off these roots at nine inches Long at two years old that forced a Little bit more growth and so there's More roots on these trees than there Were on the three O's well and actually They're a year older too but They have more of what you would call a Little bit of a mop And a little bit more significant root System to Establish and get in the ground so we're Putting uh Just a couple hundred more Normans in The ground today and 500 more Nobles Plug Nobles in the ground today and We'll be done for our fall planting for This year So this is just going to be a real quick Video mainly showing the difference Between 3-0 and 2-2 Nordman fur Seedlings but if you're watching this Video today I'm assuming you're a Christmas tree farmer and you're Following my channel because of Christmas trees I know that I have a lot Of other things uh raising livestock and Gardening and whatnot so if you're just Interested in Christmas trees at the end Of this video there'll be a box to click

It'll have my watch list of just my Christmas tree videos which I believe I Have 60 some at this point in time Here we have our Noble fur plugs they Were planted just this spring in a Greenhouse and then we picked them up From Brooks Nursery they're one year old And so we have found that we become huge Fans of plug planting in the fall Letting them get established in the Ground over the winter and go so a good Survival rate and we were planting 500 More of those today we did plant some Trees last weekend so most of the trees Were planted way off there in the Distance you can see the established Taller trees and then all this space in Between has Nobles in them you can't see Some of them through the weeds but this Is all young Nobles in here that you Know another five six years are going to Be used and right now the last 100 or so Of these were just expanding the field And moving out a little bit further and Just make the tree form a little bit Larger So if you're interested in more Christmas tree videos click this box Right here and thanks for joining me on The Flanagan Homestead where Christmas Trees are my business teach included Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion hope to see you Again soon be blessed everyone

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