Christmas tree seedlings available now. Nordmann fir ready for you 3/4/2022

Hello rob here from the flanigan Homestead uh this is not going to be a Long video i am making a video we’re Planting 700 more trees this weekend and I want to do a planting video but i uh Wanted to get information for you guys So i called my supplier uh brooks tree Farm in salem oregon and i said you know How i had them shipped to my house this Time and it instead of picking them up Myself and uh They you know they gave me the cost my 700 trees it cost me 70 bucks to have Them shipped overnight through ups so You can get the trees that way And uh they were 66 dollars per uh tree When you buy them by the thousand which Is actually when you have 500 or more Anyway they said let uh let people know That uh we actually went long on our Production of uh northern fur seeds Seedlings and uh we have extras so if People want uh some call us so i’m i Said i’ll let my youtube channel know And they’re like perfect let them know So norman first we’re trying to get more And more of that’s becoming more and More popular here in the pacific Northwest uh we’ve had to fight for them I’m already on the waiting list for next Year’s so If you’re someone that’s looking to get Trees in the ground right now Here’s a golden opportunity brooks tree

Farm in salem oregon has them you can go Pick them call them first make sure they Still have some left and you can order Them and actually have them shipped to Your house i’m going to show you a Little bit of video that i’ve started Mine showed up on my doorstep yesterday Here’s a little bit of what it will look Like if they ship them in a box And then that will be part of my video Coming Hopefully by tuesday i’ll have a video Of different things that we did with our Planting uh this winter our second Planting of this winter which is going To happen this sunday It’s thursday march 3rd 2022. I just got home from teaching and i have Here in these boxes 700 nordman firs for Our Planting This late winter spring This winter we already did a planting of Noble furs we did 1500 plugs which is We’d like to do plugs in the fall and Get that root growth But you can’t we can’t get nordman first Uh And plugs so we were on a wait list Because they were all taken up but we Were able to get 700 nordman first so We’re gonna go plant these and uh one of The things that’s a little bit different This year

Is We normally get our trees from brooks Tree farm in salem oregon which is about An hour and 45 minute drive from my House where i’m sitting right now Fortunately for me my son’s been going To college in salem for a while so when He comes home On the i have him come home on the Weekend that we need trees i pay him gas Money a little bit more and he brings Them home uh this time he’s going to the Coast dang it son no just kidding for a Friend’s birthday so we couldn’t have Him bring him home so we’re having Instead of driving over three hours There and back and paying for all that Gas and everything we’ve had these paid Uh to be shipped ups in these boxes Okay as i mentioned at the start of this I should have a video i’m planning to Release it on tuesday of How everything went planting this Weekend which is the 700 nordman that we Have for this weekend we planted 1500 Plug nobles in the fall kind of an Update on all that look for that on Tuesday and once again thanks for Joining me on the flanigan homestead Where christmas trees are my business Teaching and cleaning horticulture is my Job and outdoor projects are my passion And i hope some of you are looking for Trees saw this video and can get a hold

Of brooks i’ve had a good relationship With them over the last several years And See what they have

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