Christmas tree shearing crew, I’ve been searching.

Well we’re talking about uh finishing Sharing the christmas trees this year uh I wanted to mention one more thing so as I was working on my campground property I drove past a neighbor who has a Christmas tree farm and he had a crew Out there cheering and I’ve been looking for a crew so i i i’ve My boys and i have shared our christmas Trees for years and my boys are Graduating moving on having careers of Their own so they they have other things To do so i’m losing the labor and i’m Getting older and plus i have other Interests like developing campgrounds so Time is of an essence so it’s like It is getting harder and harder to find Good help so i stopped and asked these People about Their their what they do and how much They know christmas trees and it turns Out this though one it turns out to be a A hispanic crew uh one of the guys Though has been doing christmas trees For 25 years and over the years he’s uh Bartered and and has Forty thousand trees of his own that he Does plus he he shares christmas trees In the area and uh he said he’ll plant Herbicide Uh shear whatever you want to have done He does christmas trees and so i was Saying so what does it cost to do it do You do it by the hour do you do it by

The tree or whatnot and so he said well I do it by the tree but i can’t tell you How much it’ll cost until i come out and Look out your field because if you’re on Flat ground i charge less and if you’re On hilly sloped if there’s weeds Everywhere you’re tripping over it’s Harder so plus he looks at the tops the People that left him from the year Before and he’s very accurate in this if You leave a bad top and it just creates A lot more work for the guy coming in The next year and so i said well that’s Understood and i said i’m finishing up My own trees Tomorrow which is today now and so uh i Don’t need You to come out this year but just just For an example what let’s say we hire You next year or whatever uh what do you Charge And he said well as an example a no a Seven foot noble is about 38 to 40 cents Depending on the circumstances for us to Share a christmas tree so uh that gives You an idea If there’s a crew out there they usually Do it by the tree this guy in particular Does nobles seven footers for about 38 40 cents so depending on how much labor We have how many of my own kids or how Much time i have We may be Pursuing having him and his crew come

Out and help do our christmas tree farm As i mentioned before we’re low on Taller trees right now we’ve been Harvested out But we’ve got a lot of small ones coming Up and so we could share ourselves for The next couple years because we don’t Have a ton of trees but as thousands and Thousands of young trees are getting up To height that they need more shearing We might need more help so there are Christmas tree crews out there somewhere It took me a while to find one that was Available And uh hopefully Uh if needed he’ll be free to help us Out next year And once again thanks for joining me on The flanigan homestead where christmas Trees are my business teaching and Cleaning horticulture is my job and Outdoor projects are my passion be Blessed everyone

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