Christmas trees, Timber, or both? What should you grow on your land.

So a lot of people are questioning that That has some land should i put timber On my property should i should i try a Christmas tree farm uh what’s the best For me should i do timber over here and Christmas trees over there and uh i have One section of land that you might want To try considering doing something here That i’ve done here what you see behind Me is now going into timber but It was at one point in time all Christmas trees And then when i got another piece of Property to do christmas trees i grew Christmas trees and timber on it and at The same time uh interspersing the two Different types of trees and now it’s Growing up in his timber so Let me walk you through the process of What we did here So this section of trees that you can See behind me right here probably can Show you a pretty good indicator of what I’ve done you can see the straight rows Of trees that are now in timber so in Short when i first bought this property If you follow my channel you know my Grandpa gave me a little over a hundred Christmas trees and this is a place that I planted them on my property there’s Really not good access to take them out Commercially so I just had friends and family come and Take the christmas trees and we had our

Little Fires and cookouts and Gave away trees and went what not and Then um I got land To have another christmas tree farm but Before i did that I decided that i was going to let this Grow up into timber but when the land Was bare i’d harvested out all the other Christmas trees i decided i was going to Grow Christmas trees at the same point in Time so you know christmas trees Typically around here doug furs or noble Furs i was growing nobles you grow at uh Five feet apart so i Very simply in these rows that you see Here i did a doug fur for timber i did An oval for doug fur Noble dougford noble and so it could Grow up so now The trees grew up the dog furs were Growing faster because i wasn’t topping Them and shaping them but they weren’t Significantly faster they didn’t shade Out the nobles so as the nobles got to Six seven eight feet tall i took out the Nobles used them for christmas trees Sold them or used them for personal use And then we just let the timber grow up So if you’re not 100 certain or if you Want to dabble with christmas trees you Can alternate now so we’ve got these dug

Furs growing what are they uh some of Them are 30 40 feet tall now So We’ve got these dog furs growing up and They’re in timber they’re ten feet apart Because we had every five foot spacing Uh as they get really tall this will be Even too close but they we can get to Where these will go on at least a pulp Truck uh Growing this spacing and then we can Thin out every other one And then we can let the rest really grow To giant timber Which i will probably not be harvesting Giant timber but hopefully my boys will So anyway that’s just uh An option for you timber christmas tree Timber christmas tree uh i do have area Of christmas tree farm but i got a lot Of good christmas trees out of here And Now i’ve got timber growing up and so i Don’t consider myself an old man yeah But this this piece of land that i had Here after i got married was straight Christmas trees And then it was you know for seven or Eight years and then it was christmas Tree Timber combination and now It’s just timber growing up and every Now and then i put my goats in here to Help uh keep the brush down

So as we’re walking down the row here Timber You can see an old rotted out stump Right there christmas tree Timber There’s a moss covered stump for Christmas tree Timber If you are doing this process of Alternating trees For uh Christmas trees in timber you might want To make sure that they don’t uh that They go well together uh some people in This area don’t like to have nobles next To their dog furs because they’re afraid That disease will spread from one tree To another be host a host in doug furs And affect the needles on The noble um i i think they can grow Pretty well together but uh You might want to watch out for that now In this area you know doug furs are Still a popular christmas tree and doug Furs are The Number one timber stock tree so if i Bought some that was Dug furs that were designed to be Christmas tree stock and Timber stock and put them together Probably just work really well just Remember which ones i’m sharing which Would be pretty obvious after the first

Year and then which ones are just Growing into timber As we go way back into the corner here There is a noble fur that was weak and Small Wasn’t worth harvesting but i left it in The ground so Here is a noble fur left in our stand of Doug furs I don’t have the goats in here often uh This is only like the third or fourth Day this fall they’ve been in here But uh when i do let them in here They’re happy they’ve eaten everything Out of the pasture Here At the house so they’re They really enjoy eating this foliage But uh and this time of year they’re not Gonna ruin the bark on the trees Because the goats are in here i have two By four wire that’s not very expensive But It keeps the goats from stripping the Trees uh they won’t do it here in the Fall usually it’s usually in the spring When the sap is coming up from the roots And all that energy uh is coming back up The tree it’s like candy for the goats You notice i keep a little bit of slack Here so that it’s not girdling the tree If you look right down here i let it get Too tight it hasn’t hurt the tree yet But in another year this would be a real

Problem So i’m going to release this right now And expand this out so that the tree can Continue to grow Thanks for joining me on the flannigan Homestead where christmas trees are my Business and small stand september uh Teaching is my job and outdoor projects Are my passion including multi-use Projects goat feed Timber and christmas trees all in one Place Thanks for joining me be blessed Everyone

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