Christmas wreathes: what branches will last and what wont.

Hello rob here from the flanigan Homestead uh i’m out in my yard right Now i’ve got a redwood tree behind me And another cedar tree over there i’ve Taken clippings off of them i’ve got Some noble clippings and i’m going to Take several other branches of different Varieties of trees also definitely Western red cedar The reason i’m doing this is For making wreaths that we sell you sell At your christmas tree farm or just Making them at home what Evergreen branches last the longest and Do uh the best Okay so the branches have been sitting Outside granted they were outside in the Weather they could get wet they could Get sun on them they could freeze which Definitely happened because as expected The noble bows still look really good And that’s why that we use those as the Base of most of our wreaths out here When you want to put Things to accentuate or different color Or different styles of branches in here One of the common things that we use is Cedar and our cedar branch is still Looking pretty good uh i lost some of Them they blew off the deck some of them Were looking a little bit more weathered Than this but the cedar held up well the Dug fur doesn’t look great but doesn’t Look bad but it’s quite honestly not the

Prettiest branches and the ones that i Was really disappointed in Are the Coastal redwood i have some on my Property there’s other people that have It around here a really pretty branch And waxy dark green and so We’ve tried putting them in the rees This year and this is kind of the result We got they do not last nearly as long So that’s a disappointment you don’t Want to put that in coastal redwood Is definitely very dry to the touch and You could see a lot of yellowing down at This end so um i’m finding and the Reason we made i’m finding it’s not as Good and These had blown off the table sometime And i put them back up but the western Hemlock i didn’t pick back up because i Wanted to be able to see this the Western hemlock exposed the same as Everything else It was a beautiful branch And you could see almost all of the Needles are on the deck and none on the Branch so Note to self Do not put a western hemlock in your Ease this is the one that One of the kids gave the principal one That was made out of basically Western hemlock and it was kind of funny How it’s falling apart in his office

Not wreath making material If you want to see how to make some Really nice Wreaths My son who’s really good at it teaches His wife how to make them in this video Right here that there’s a link right Here that you can click on that and you Can see how to do that and thanks for Joining me on the flanigan homestead Where christmas trees are my business Teaching including horticulture is my Job and outdoor projects are my passion Hope to see you again soon be blessed

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