Clearing Land and Tilling Deer Food Plots in the Woods

We are preparing for deer season and making deer food plots in the woods. We used the TYM T474 tractor with the@ironcraftusa Ironcraft reverse tiller. These implements are made for each other. The reverse tiller is the heavy-duty version and can handle hitting a few roots without damaging itself.

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Hey welcome back to the channel today We're going to do some fun stuff we are Getting ready for deer viewing season uh This year we would like to view about Three deer and so what we're going to do Today is we're com in in our in the deer Viewing alley that we have created we're Going to till up this area with the 474 And the tiller and plant some Fall deer Viewing Plants You going to view some deer with Me H what you find He he's a mighty mole killer so I'm Going to put my deer viewing platform on This tree and it's going to be aiming Back this way I'm probably going to come Back in here with a mini clip and clip Off a few of these right here uh just so I can get a good good view I guess I Could push this off here and put it on That tree that would give me a straight Shot down through there with my deer Viewing apparatus all right here's where I'm going to clear this out I'm put my My deer viewing platform right There it leans up against the tree about 15t in the air probably have to push a Little bit this out Too okay so what I've got going on is I'm going to go ahead and clear this Area right here I'm going to try to just Get as much of this up as I can and set

It over here out of the way behind me And then I'm going to come in with the Rases and just run the rases through This so that I can get this loose enough I might even throw a little bit of uh uh Well I got Ry grass I got wheat I got a Bunch of uh turnips and stuff you know Deer deer stuff for the winter I'm going To put right here might put it just a Little bit under the the deer viewing Stand and then down through that that Lane right there I'm going to go ahead And put little spots Here There and Under so yeah let's get to It Very dry very Dry got some rain coming though it's Going to be a good time to do It Next spring I'm probably going to find Me a spot out here after it's got a few Rains pile a bunch of this up in the Middle burn It That's good All So I really don't like this one tree Right here and I don't want to go get a Chainsaw I I'm going to try just to push This over I don't recommend doing this Uh but this soil is very Sandy and very Dry right now so I think we're going to Have a pretty good shot I'm going to Just push on it a few times if it if it

Goes right over then I'm good if not I'm Going to bring a chainsaw here and cut It Down Now So I guess it's a little more firmly Planted than I thought so I guess we'll Just get the chainsaw and come back Down if I kept messing with it it would Come out but it's no sense in bending Your loader you also when whenever I Push something with the tractor I always Push in the center like a pushing the Center of the gravel grapple so it's Evenly distributed on loader you never Want to push off to one side that's when You can really easily bend your Loader These are some sort of bush they don't Have a lot of uh they don't have a big Root System so you can generally just yank These out I don't even know what they Are I never seen them growing up as a Kid and they're now they're Everywhere So last Year Last year there was no light down here This was completely dark it and it Stayed wet year round and By Us opening This up this has dried out quite a bit Plus we've not had rain any measurable Rain in almost a month so uh I see I

Want to try to go down through there Normally that is so wet that I can't go Down through there and if I can open a Lane up through there that would be Pretty nice it would be just perfectly Line with a tree but we'll see W That that tree is dead uh but it's still Silent so there's not I'm not moving That with with This I'll have to go back to my original Plan I don't know if I can push this Tree down or Not may have to lay it down with the Chainsaw pretty good size Treet That's what I was talking about the Sol Differences that one tree is must be in A a better a more clay area that right There is very much same Wet like a legitimate Tree A lot of mud on the bottom of it so I Doubt we can go any further than That there's there's Springs all over Our Property you watch our Channel you know A couple of years ago that we we buried A tract out here just driving Along Wet Roots Sy P you want get closer to The Roofe I don't know if I can get over

Here hey there's water there's water Squishing up out of the Ground all right we're going to start Tilling now and I'm just going to till Some small spots here and then I'm just Going to go down through there killing And after we get our first Frost all This is going to clear out a great a Great amount already uh I can't go any Further on that lane there without Bringing the chainsaw in uh just because Simple fact is waterers just the Pressure of the tractors pushing water Out of the ground and we know there's Live Springs over there and we literally Can bury this tractor to the point that It's you know bad we're going to get After it cuz it's starting to sprinkle On Us I'm going to go very slow because this Has never been taled there's little Little stumps in Here see how dry it is and right over There there's water the water table is Only about uh probably about 2 ft under The under the surface Here so I've got my tiller set on Auto I'm only scraping About maybe 3 or 4 Ines down This tiller is amazing though it's just Chewing through that those roots and Stuff this is just the way it goes so

We've got a uh a rain that moved in Quite a bit sooner than they said it was Going to this a pretty substantial rain Too so I'm not going to take the big Camera down we're going to go put the Big camera up cuz it's uh it's not Really good and waterproof we'll take One of our small action cameras down There we're going to throw our seat out And then and uh hey we'll see what Happens got a little break we better Run we better hobble Fast I need a I need a UTV For Can we go now are you done Playing are we done playing are you done Playing can we go now listen it's still Warm and just the light rain I love it Stuff you are you are I Don't I'm going to put my mineral blocks Out Here perfect Time Where Gizmo at in the Camper a pup he a care nothing about the Rain so I got a mineral salt Brick mineral salt brick what that taste Like lick it going taste think I'm free No I do anything $5 like Salt Now this one is A mineral salt brick honeysuckle fever I

Can't do that though cuz it's got Honeysuckle in it are you just PL just Being chicken huh no I'm a carn I'm on a Carnivore D I can't have no sugar well It doesn't matter it doesn't hurt you One leg one leg she's she's trying to Get rid of me what's going On I want the big money is we waiting For me when you're Gone you hear huh I'm waiting for the Big money to come in when you're not Here no more yeah I know you married me For my money yep all right guys I love This stuff we got it uh we got I I wish I had better a better time of doing the The spreading but it's raining and I Wanted to get it out and it's showing a Big rain coming so try to get this all Done before the big rain gets here we Should we've got a really awesome Awesome awesome deer viewing Lane right Here right now let's let them see the Deer viewing Lane slow Motion so you won't get seasick Here the tree that I'm going to put my Tree stand on is about uh probably like 25 or 30 ft further Back and right there I put it on that Tree and that'll give me a perfect View okay let's go let's go bye Everybody God blessed I had enough one Let's get Home

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