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Here comes here comes [Music] Who that’s heavy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Hey good morning welcome back to the Channel Me and tony are out here having a Debate about which trees To cut down and how to cut them down And I win because i i run the chainsaw so She that’s not she’s not happy behind The camera Anyway hey we have had a A wonderful morning already it’s about 80 degrees we’ve had rain we we went 50 Days without really any measurable rain And we had heat indexes over 100 for Like three four weeks in a row just Brutal Hot and so we’ve got a small break here Small window and as we get over into August it’s going to start having cool Cool mornings so i’m looking forward to That Still Right here is going to be the greenhouse So we’re probably going to take down These three trees maybe a couple more Back in here A problem you’re always going to have

When you have a wood line next to a Property is that they are always going To the trees are always going to grow Towards the sun the opening And then they Inevitably all inevitably inevitably Always fall over them dairy gum Inevitables they’ll fall over So we’re going to be using the echo Timberwolf today it’s a 59 cc chainsaw With a 24 inch bar now the other day i Was using the the big neotech with a 36 Inch bar and i love that saw but it is a Hoss to Manhandle around And uh Got another neotec on the way that’s Going to be it’s a little bit smaller Quite a bit smaller saw when we run a 20-inch bar on it and it’ll be a little Bit easier to whip around with and take Small trees like this down but when we Go to do the big stumps and some of the Big uh eventually we’re going to try to Do some uh Chainsaw saw milling and that’s when That big saw is going to really come Into play so got some cool things coming In the future but for today let’s cut Some trees down quit talking What does i always say Less talking more sawing So let’s get started we’re going to use This echo and i have not started this

Saw In probably two months because i’ve been Using the other saws so we’ll go ahead And see what this does i use good gas so I have high hopes got the choke pulled i Got my compression release Oh did i turn it on yeah i did turn it On Oh good side This is not the proper way to start a Chainsaw [Music] She’s a little She’s a little cold right now [Music] [Music] [Music] So our goal is to lay this tree Right down here there’s blueberry bushes Here and obviously we don’t want it to Go in the road it’s leaning really hard Towards the road so what i’m going to Try my best to do is to do a proper Hinge today to take my time with it and See if i can hinge it the ball right There Very low traffic when we get to that Point we’re probably gonna put some Tractors out here with flashing lights On to block traffic Let’s go [Music] [Music] So we’re gonna grab the tractor and put

It down there with a flashing light zone It’s crossing the road so as i’m cutting This down it you know somebody doesn’t Drive up in my blind spot It’s only been like three cars It’s like three cars a day that go up Down this road but Gotta be safe about this one So Tanya can see down the other roads if Anybody’s coming I said we’re going to try to move be Quick about this I got my wedges my hammer I think we’re going to be Okay it’s got to get a good hinge And it should fall right down [Music] So Um [Music] That’s it we’re gonna have to let the Hinge Do the work It’s moving Here comes here comes [Music] [Applause] And there it goes Well That’s pretty good it actually fell Exactly where it’s supposed to but when It hit the limbs it rotated over But

I’m happy and my blueberry bushes Uh it didn’t really hit them that bad It’s just kind of got some limbs on it They’ll be they’ll survive So it’s not a perfect hinge by any means But it definitely did the job Because of the the lopsidedness of the Limbs all the limbs are on this side Because this tree that we just took down There a couple days ago had shaded One side so it made all the limbs on one Side and That means when it fell over instead of Just coming straight down When it started hitting those limbs it Rotated over so now i’ve got a little Dangerous situation here Where there’s some of the hinge left Instead of me getting in here and trying To mess with this i’m just going to bump It with a tractor and knock it off So this is a an elm tree of some sort Not really sure what brand of ailment is But Should be some good salt mill lumber Hope there wasn’t a birth nest in there I’m just glad i didn’t die well that’s Too bad i just you always like to cut Trees down white birchness in it That was my priority not dying Safety comes first though All right so I’m gonna use A wedge technique i i get lazy sometimes

And don’t bring all the tools so i’m Going to make a cut up here and i’m Going to use a wedge technique i’ll show You guys Probably a better way of doing it than What i normally do Pretty good size tree at the bottom here But it really starts thinning up about Right in here so we’re going to Cut our first log to about right here I’m guesstimating that’s about 13 14 Feet Should have a tape measure with me but It don’t makes a good sawmill this is All Awesome poison ivy i’m blessed Blessing the fact that i’m not allergic Poison i i am but my lovely wife can I’ll have to take a shower before i can Give her a hug Yeah or if i mad at her i’ll just give Her a hug be out of camera personally Yeah i will be out of camera person That’s sure Can’t have that now Hey [Laughter] That’s the only drawback to it it can Jump back at you so be ready for that But that bad One down About 700 more to go But it’s not 900 degrees out here today [Music]

Is the worst tree in the world for Hanging together [Music] Elm is the most unpredictable uh log To cut with all these tree limbs going Every direction You just don’t know how they’re going to Kick back it’s hard to read them There’s a lot of knots here tanya I saw that i never i never cut elm On the sawmill i know it’s hard i can Tell that already What do you think about trying to Just try a piece of this On the sawmill actually i was looking at It well before you start cutting it and It has a beautiful beautiful design in The barking area and everything in it And the shape it was so i would say Let’s give it a shot i don’t know i i Doubt it would be structurally Sound with uh you know with all these Knots in it but first house would it Make some beautiful boards yeah we can Still see maybe Make some sort of furniture top or Something that doesn’t really need a lot Of strength but just prettiness Okay we’ll give it a shot Oh let’s see there I feel like i’m hanging up on there’s a Limb up on it i’m not seeing All the limbs were leaning against Towards the road so well it rotated when

It fell down The flat side went down so let’s change My mind keep that One that one right there And get the basket and cut those off So we got we got a couple of limbs on This this down here that are on the Bottom side that i can’t get to But it’s the one that cut that one there So we’ll cut it off here And um See what happens Here huh don’t want to cut that one down Oh yeah we’ll cut that down It’s hot It’s humid Not like last three four three four Weeks Pretty white wood [Music] Really white [Music] You give me a wedge and put in there Oh well that’s tough tough tough work Right there Lots of limbs Lots of things you can go wrong Slap around and Hit you in the Tree face uh they’re stout trees for Sure Supposedly they make really good Firewood too so We’ll find out

Whatever we’re not using on the summit We can use the firewood yeah on those Even the smaller pieces like the limbs We just cut up the saw me over the Chainsaw and then you know use those for The fire laws you can but i just don’t Know that the value is there Well the The time it takes to cut all that little Stuff up i’m talking about the thicker Part with the big i am i’m gonna save as Much as i can for the for the firewood Processor even without the fire price That we can use just use those piece Models well i will watch you run the Chainsaw well give me my little chance I’ll do it i’ll watch you run it And uh Then you can make a determination if you Think it’s worth it or not It’s all about being patient and Time-wise no it’s all about lifting a Chainsaw and fighting limbs Afterwards some trees are more I meant afterwards this is not the Hardest thing ever i’m just I’m just got soft All right so right here is one of one of The tricks One of our viewers told me about this I’ve seen it before but i just never put It to use until the viewer brought it up I can’t remember what his name is but He’s like hey make sure you put a wedge

Here so watch what happens to this split I’ve still got meat at the bottom so Basically it’s a hinge at the bottom Every time i hit it the actual tree Actually comes up off the ground a Little bit more So the tree lifted up off the ground so Now when i cut it i’m not going to get My saw In the dirt and it should just snap Right off the only drawback is it can Come back And pinch the chain and kick a little Bit just be prepared for that I wasn’t paying attention i stuck my Bar in the dirt I think we’re in a place where we can Start clearing At least get to the point where we can See Okay i changed my mind again let’s cut That one down Nope you’ve already made your mind up Now I was thinking about that would make a Great spot for a box race box listen And the dirt when you celebrate and i’m Gonna yeah let’s cut that one down too When you put a contract in and then you Do a change order each change order Costs extra money So put it on my tab put it on your tab Yeah So you it’s like 32 change orders but

Actually from The same job to not the same job to the Same job to not the same job Well i was thinking about The dirt right here should be really Really well i wish you’d do me a favor And quit thinking about it i can’t help It i’m thinking future plans I thought i hit the dirt pretty hard With a With a Chainsaw but i didn’t i just barely got A little on it apparently All right let’s See if little rufus will What little rufus will do but i’m taking All this stuff off because It holds heat in So i had one viewer He told me he made a comment See if i can find it i’ll put it up There he said Quit wearing those little boy pants A little boy shorts and and put on some Man pants i told him i wrote back in the Comments i said man i’m a scottish Distinct you’re lucky i’m not wearing a Kilt my blackberry is hanging out So Let’s see I’ll leave that i’ll leave that visual For you guys to figure out on your own I’m sweaty It’s like real work

I can’t do it uh i’ll have to just get Some and go because the that gas sign is There Some of it may still be attached So hard to work with [Music] Uh-oh Still had a little bit of hinge left on It Oh that’s heavy I may need some ballast [Music] So Rolling Hi Rolling rolling Did you turn my mic off I got fuzzies in my mic Take the stuff off I’m gonna go ahead and knock these extra Limbs off that are pulling And then i’m going to come back and chop This stump off even with the ground so We can put the stump grinder on it so We’re cutting the other tree down right I don’t want to cut that tree down but Look at the mulch i’ll make a really Beautiful raised bed box area right There with the grapes so you’re going to Kill a tree so you can put a raised box With it Yeah to grow food and stuff yeah heck Yeah I don’t really want to cut any trees

Down but You’re cutting a lot of the trees that i Want to keep so let’s cut that one down Too while we add it It will totally change the feel of the Property because you’ll start seeing the Property Doing this way now well You know i still like i was just Thinking about you know great box area Well you can put raised box bread Anywhere but you you’re you got that Mulch really ground up really good with The stump ground well we’re gonna have Plenty of that anywhere soil and i don’t Have to bring a whole bunch of stuff in If we just cut those two limbs off this Tree is going to bush out And it will be a nice shade tree over Here in just a short amount of time Well it gets some shade in the hot sun But We put a we could put a A a swing over here or something I used to If you cut that limb down out there it’s Not be able to put a swing i’m cutting It down you want to go down i’m cutting It down yeah it’s cut it down It’s gone it’s out of here put a swing Back there in that corner over there We’re gonna have a big giant pasture When it’s all said and done put a swing Back over there

Okay After you clean this mess up though One mess at the time Oops i hit the off button [Music] [Music] That is a lot You know if i had some raised boxes Right now i can use a lot of that stuff To fill it in Baby that’s element It is so hard I’m talking about the branches the Leaves i got it but The problem with elm that’s why i call It the cursed wood Is because it it it’s curly hue It it flips around it twists around it It hangs on other Limbs It’s just horrific to work with It’s hard as a rock you’re talking about A little change to view if we cut that One down Oh it’s going when we can’t take these Down here or these that one and that one It’s gonna Really open this area up and fill I still i think it’s the right thing to Do because You know that fence is gonna go right Down through here so yeah this is the Fence line so as the fence comes down Through here

It’s going to It’s going to give it a pasture feel so Do you want to keep the tree now no i Want to go and cut it taped down now Let’s get this cleaned up and then we’ll We’ll go go from there We’re gonna have to have a water break After i clean this up I may have to go get the big rufus i Mean a big red to get that log over There I’ll just leave it there for right now That dude’s heady Helm is heavy heavy heavy heavy Well for now just roll it over to the Side [Music] [Music] [Music] Right there about the max i can do Without a ballast on the back a real Ballast Getting light over here I’m just moving over here ready to drop It if it needs to be [Music] So [Music] So [Music] So So [Music] So

[Music] [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So [Music] [Music] You

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