Clearing Land for a new Road to Cabin. Tractor Mulcher

We are building a new road to the cabin using our TYM T474 and Baumalight MP348 Mulcher. Up to this point, we have brought all the materials to the building site through a series of trails. This has been more difficult than one might imagine. It is time to move forward on the road as time permits.

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A big old Pretry [Music] Uh-oh hey welcome back to the channel Today we're going to uh finish up a Project we started a couple weeks ago Where we started building the road or Finishing the road up to the the main Portion of the property this road will Be used to go from the main portion of Property uh to the cabin so all traffic Eventually will go through the front Gate of the property and it's going to Be better for us just kind of keep an Eye on what's going on now if you Haven't been following our Channel you Can look back a couple of video videos Ago I will leave a link in the end of The description of this video where we Took the mini clip and went in and just Started snipping off these trees today We're going to come in with the grapple Uh this is our bigger our biggest Grapple apple and we're going to just go Through here and clean up all the mess Take everything out and then we're going To on the back of the tractor I've got The bomb light uh Mulcher this is a true Mulcher with true mulching head we've Had this thing now we've probably used It's over about a year old now maybe a Little over a year and uh I would Estimate between three trashers we've Got about 150 hours estimation of how

How many hours we've used on this thing We've had zero issues other than the Fact that I did back into a big giant Cable that uh a skitter a cable broke on A skitter and apparently they just left It on the ground and it come over and Hit that big high tensil strength cable And broke one tooth off so we replaced The one tooth no big deal and it's never Given us any other trouble other than That so that's where we're going that's What we're doing today hope you guys Enjoy this okay so this is actually what We've cleared off it's still a mess but I think today with the Mulcher and the Grapple just in a couple maybe an hour Or two we can have this cleared out now The biggest problem we're going to have Have is this big prry back here which we Hate to cut down but it's dangerous uh It is literally uh been struck by Lightning the interior of the tree is Dead and I'm very afraid to actually cut It down the chainsaw because of how the Interior so rotted away uh we'll cross That bridge when we get to it right now We're just going to clean up to this Clean all around that prry so we have a Nice safe place to work and when I do Have the get the big chainsaw Out start Cutting that tree down that I'll have a Place to Run T's back here shaking her head Behind the camera I don't know if she's

Saying that I'm not I can't run anymore Or she don't want to cut the Pim Tre Down either way it's got to come down Let's get to It so these are the things we do for YouTube my wife wants me to go up here And clean off a spot so that she can set The camera up up and shoot this properly So this is not like normal things that People would Do but this is what we [Music] Do I'm going to turn around and grab the All those Briers Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Got some big old Vs see if we pull them out [Music] All right now we're going to try out the Voler a little Bit [Music] [Applause] No [Music] Up [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] N Uhoh and that's a a big old pret tree Well not big it's about 8 in or diameter More than this is supposed to do but Take your time you can do a [Music] Lot All right I'm going instead of trying to Grind up that whole for simetry I'm Going to just put it to the burn Pile Go [Music] [Music] No [Music] [Music] No [Music] [Music] A [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] We got some of Hickory wrapped up around It [Music]

A Big stump right There it's rotten but it's still Big [Music] [Music] Big old St probably too Big they're kind of Rotten maybe they'll go Through That's a [Music] Big All All Okay so we got about two 2 hours into This it's a great you know Saturday Afternoon job where the ground is dry Enough but you don't want it too dry if It's really dry it's it gets dusty and It's not any fun at all we are right on The cusp of that right now and it's Windy and it's drying out even more so We've got it done and if you look around We did a little bit more and Tanya has Intervened she wants to try to keep that Prry uh I think it's going to die we're Going to end up taking care of it anyway Later on but right now we're probably Going to take this tree down and this Tree down which will give us a straight Shot back towards the cabin and then We'll end up putting some gravel through Here and have a gravel drive

Back so as we come from this angle Around I think this tree will have to go That will give us just enough room to Keep it kind of straight and then again We'll come along here and then this tree Right here will come down we'll clean All this edge up and that's really going To give us a nice straight shot back Back I can't say enough about the Traer And the muler kuse like you like that Fresh dirt don't you buddy listen the Tym uh T474 is a beast and it mates to this Balite uh multure perfectly it's 2 hours We've done this and this tractor it's Abusive and it just keeps coming back From more uh we're right at 400 hours on This Traer and it is never um it's never Broken it's just it's other than things That I broke like you know you know you Run into a tree you will bust the fender It's got metal fenders on the inside and Plastic on the outside these are Replaceable for people like me anyway I Just think this is pretty awesome setup We've really learned how to use it and Make it work you can grind some pretty Good stumps down if they're on the Rotten side obviously you wouldn't want To try to you know grind down uh green Stumps yeah no that's not a good idea But anyway I am excited about this I Think it looks great uh it's going to Give us a a nice shot to the uh front

Gate and actually will save us some Money because the gravel's expensive Every 22 tons of gravel is about $700 For us so anyway listen you guys have a Great day thank you and God [Music] Bless

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