Clearing Land With A Tractor Forestry Mulcher and a Chainsaw

Foreign Hey welcome back to the channel we are Out at the farm you can see the Greenhouse starting to go up behind us And that's another video coming uh soon But we need more white oak uh posts for The greenhouse we need six more so we're Going to go out in the woods today we've Already been out looking at trees and Marking trees well white oak trees that Need to come down based upon future Building projects we're trying to save Every tree that's healthy that we can But some of them they just got to come Down because I don't want a giant tree Over our building on our structures so We're trying to be very responsible About this you guys come on foreign Ite uh forestry Mulcher now we've got Probably Got 10 15 hours on this thing now so I've got a good understanding of how it Works and Tell you right off the bat I love this Thing it is a monster of a machine for Clearing land and what we're going to do Because we're going to be cutting some Trees down we're going to use this to go In and clear around the big tree so that It's much easier for me to work around It But it's time to do a little maintenance On it I gotta pop this door off over here so

This thing has a uh a door on it that You can inspect your belts and also the Last grease of it All right let's get this last look a Little bolt out there we go and then we Check her Our belt's good and it's got one grease Fitting at the bottom that we need to Look at One Grease fit it at the top make sure These are not Dusty So just so you know there's a grease Sitting at the on this wheel and a Grease fitting on that wheel All right I wouldn't expect anything to Be out of the ordinary at 20 hours and Nothing's out of the ordinary it's in Everything's perfect Pretty impressed with this rig So these three trees right here they're Some of our first victims I hate to do It especially this one right here it's a Beautiful white oak but we're going to Build a cabin here and in this area a Little small cabin and you can't have Something where it's going to fall on The cabin at some point in time there's Several Big Trees this big Oak in the Back's got to come down several of these Trees have got to come down because we Don't want anything to be able to fall On the cabin Breaks my heart but we got to start Somewhere so first thing I'm going to do

Is take the uh bomb like Mulcher and We're going to come in here and clean All up around this area so I can easily Walk around it with a chainsaw and it'll Already be cleaned up What do you think Gizmo Gizmo's gonna stay with with with Tanya Because he's over behind the camera Because he absolutely is terrified of Trees falling which is good he shows He's a really smart dog Foreign Okay Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign So just like that we've got this area Cleared up around the trees that we want To cut down go ahead and park the trash Here there's a walking trail right here And sometimes our neighbors will come And walk on our Trails so park the Tractor sideways here so They understand not to come back right Now So let me put my safety gear on and I'll Be right back with you We just got a half inch of rain Yesterday but it's still Dusty under the Leaves but not anything like it was I Mean it was It was absolutely almost pretty much Brutal

To uh Be able to try to work around this Neotec I think it's the NH 872 I got the other One too I can't remember which one I Picked up Beyonce And uh this is a 72 CC Chainsaw with a 20 inch bar I'm going to go ahead I think this is going to follow this big Tree here uh it's probably I would guess 28 to 30 inches at the base It's a big it's a big tree Big Tall Tree So you know what I need to do though I need to bring my wedges down I left The left the bag up there Tree to go down but it's such a pretty Tree Well like I said we it's better than Waking up with it on your head Well yeah but it's no tree I love it I do too What do you think Ismail you like it too All right so my goal is to there's a Little trail that comes here and Eventually the trail is going to go on Down further but right now this is kind Of the dead end so I want my I want my Tree to lay down this way so that it Doesn't block the trail probably going To damage a few of these smaller trees And that's just part of it but uh yeah

Just lay it right through there Do my face cut Amy right there and then Do my back cut Hope for the best Pray for the best All right Foreign All right I'll pull the old uh Echo Timberwolf out Of injured reserve Had a little clutch issue a lot of hours On this thing needs a new clutch on it So See what we do at any crank in a while So See what happens It's a good sign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Okay I'm I'm excited we got two big 12-foot logs Um and then a couple eight Footers uh This is a red oak and we want some white Oak but uh Beggars can't be choosers This is where this tree is where the Future cabin's gonna go and so therefore It had to go we are Um You know it took a little time because We're back in the woods it the tree fell

In the right general direction but it Rotated and a bunch of the limbs fell Over into the trail that we needed to Get the logs out of so we had to clean All that up so that turned out to be Instead of a you know Half hour hour job it turned out to be a Three-hour job because we had to cut cut The limbs out of the way so we get the Tractor in to pick up these logs so I'm Pretty all things considered all fingers And toes are accounted for that's a good Day Gizmo he's ready to call it because He ain't he ain't really about cutting Trees down listen I appreciate you Watching our video got any insights Anything I did wrong leave a comment the Comment section below I'm always Learning I'm I'm a hard head I'll admit It I'm a hard hit but I do listen to you Guys comments God bless have a great day Thank you

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