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She would rather work on the tractor Than run the video camera So this may soon become tonya’s tractor Adventure Hey good morning my tractor friends my Sawmill friends and my homestead friends We’re logging good mugging We got tanya here with us this morning We are going to clear some land We just finished this project here where We put the the rock drainage i think That turned out really nice we’ll put a Bridge across that today We’re going to take three trees down at Least three maybe four But we’re going to take these two middle Trees here and the one behind it down so I don’t know if i can get my finger We’re gonna take that tree down that Tree and then the one little one back Here behind it and the reason we’re Going to do that now is because I i hate to build a brand new fence Across here and lay that tree down and Something go wrong If you’ll if i can make this thing look Up There’s a limb see right there that’s Pretty pretty stout so i think that Little tree beside it over here we’re Going to have to lay it straight down This way because This tree there’s no way i don’t want to Break that limb so i have to lay it out

Towards the road You running away from the camera Why are y’all friskiest more he loves Mornings He’s a morning dog it’s a choice baby It’s a choice all right so let’s get Started we’ve got a few projects to do i Broke a grease fitting on the stump Grinder so we’re going to do that we’re Going to sharpen a chainsaw we’ll fix The grease fitting sharpen the chainsaw Cover lay these trees down cut them up Into sizeable some of it can be used on A sawmill somebody’s gonna be using Firewood processor And then uh we will Clear out the rest and put it in Probably the gully yeah we definitely Need a bridge right here That’s an ankle turner right there [Music] [Applause] Get the tractors out got the gizmo here With us tonya’s getting the little Tractor out we’re gonna cut some trees Down today But we have got to Fix the uh Stump grinder i broke grease fitting off Uh So it’s not a big deal just a few minute Job shouldn’t probably say that out loud Because now it’s gonna take all day but We’ll get to it

[Music] It’s tanya she is a morning person Not All right so this is where the Grease fitting is broke off and i’m Using a reverse flute Extractor Maybe i can push it up in there and just Screw it out by hand sometimes you get Lucky The leftover part of the grease fitting I just turned out with that little flute My finger That’s cool You wouldn’t believe the ordeal i i Brought this over here and i couldn’t Figure out where i put it so we spent The last 35 minutes or so Trying to figure out where Where i put it All right so this is a Grease fitting This is sc with standard and then this Is metric which i’m pretty sure this is A metric You can look at this Kind of get the size I think it’s gonna be the next size up There it goes screws ready All right so Now i need to tighten it up and i Probably just do that with a You don’t want to put these things like Super tight

Because they will anyone have trouble Getting them out later if you need to I’m just going to see if i can get my Leatherman up in here and just Paint my fingers real good Gently All right all right that’s on It’s gotta be good and snug Get that for me to remind you um So you know not to get me organized so You know where your things are not Anytime okay i’m 53 years old We’re working from six different Locations there’s no way we’re going to Be organized If you’re not me you’ll get lost you can Find anything Yup [Applause] [Applause] What do you think esma So you think i put that there for you You like box there sauce on you put on Your body in it [Music] Hey Um Well [Laughter] [Music] Oh um I said that’s entirely too much change So i need to get a smaller saw yep Huh so yep

Well It’ll be nice when i cut the stumps off But Lugging that big bad boy around out here Is tough Especially do you want to get the Tractor yeah especially after a month After hernia started yeah so you want to Get tractor yeah i’m going to treacher Do you want me to get it uh no you’re Supposed to be in the kitchen barefooted I don’t think so what I don’t know who you talking about i Have no idea It ain’t me Huh it ain’t me I love playing with that big saw you Know i got it’s my new toy and I love playing with it but that dude is Just one of them deals you would want to Have around for Cutting big giant trees down but to lug That dude around just to do this kind of Stuff is It’s a bit overkill for sure can you not Use the little saw a chainsaw on that One Oh i could use the other one i could use The echo it’d be lighter It would be But i couldn’t play with my base off i Know Oh You’re dinging again

Time to read bible scripture That’s what it is Well what does it say It says he will never be shaken the Righteous man will be remembered Forever He will not fear bad news his heart is Confident trusting in the lord Probably should have reading glasses on To read [Applause] Tony’s getting pretty handy with a Grapple She’s got to be really careful to get Around that post there There we go But she’s doing a She’s been real careful not to Get those those blueberry bushes right There She’s gonna try to push her around so She can get her a better bite There she goes Now she can get a get a bite on it Just come down there push down clamp her Down real good And she got it [Music] And she’s just gonna put it over here Out of the way until we can do better It’s too dry to burn right now we we’ve Had like a quarter inch of rain in like The last 50 days And it is so dry but we are

Supposed to get some More rain here soon look at her go i’m So proud of her she never even Touched the tractor before we got Married and most of our military careers You know obviously that was not an Option And uh Look at her go now [Music] She’s putting me out of a job also and I’m behind the camera now That’s not cool I actually didn’t hurt her blueberry Bushes that was just some leaves that Hit [Music] So one thing i’ve noticed with her is That she’s starting to Think through The the each time she picks up a load She’s thinking about it before she moves The tractor and just like we all did When we first started out You know we would just go to the load And then figure it out from there but As you get more and more mature as an Operator you’ll kind of visualize where You’re going and where what’s going to Happen all before it ever happens and i See her I see her uh growing that way Always seems like when i think i’d know A good build about something i always

Learn a better way of doing it later on There she goes she got a good bite on it She’s gonna keep my chainsaw You bash my trashers I don’t know what this is No that’s Yeah that’s poison ivy right there Yeah it’s got three leaves You break my trash here i’m taking it Out of you taking you out of the wheel Yeah you’re clear Honestly guys i have created a monster She would rather work on the tractor Than run the video camera So this may soon become tonya’s tractor Adventure probably a lot more easier to Look at than i am anyway Now she’s going to come get these And put these over in another pile Because these are going to go to the Firewood uh processor You guys not seen The blacks creek innovation firewood Processor we got a bunch of videos out On that and well we’re getting ready to We got a pretty good stack of Stuff built up to split I believe this is a elm tree which will Be good firewood Yeah just just put it over there Probably need to Cut some more off of that So this is a precision manufacturing Grapple

Made up in missouri And I have really grown attached to that About 260 pounds but it’s strong enough To use on both of our tractors Look at her go Um [Music] Hey of the better cuts i’ve ever done Wow So So [Music] [Music] So [Applause] These might be good enough to go on the Sawmill [Music] Oh [Applause] Hmm Hmm So [Music] Hmm Oh All right [Music] What I know i i hate to say that but Uh I think we’ll be okay We just need to get a pole saw

If we’re gonna put the No hear me out We’ve seen the pole saw let me put me up In the man basket and we’ll cut these One limbs hanging out that’s too good of A tree Well i was thinking about like uh when We put the um Greenhouse over here That would give me A little bit more space to put my boxes Since we put the roof raft right there And the greenhouse is going to be here That would give me actually a more area Right here So now you’re going to be a tree killer I don’t want to be tree killer i love my Trees but Listen you guys she’s a tree killer the Two in the middle of it kind of looks Really weird i just think it’s kind of Funny that you are i know you’re like uh Don’t cut that tree down i really love That tree and then it’s where you want It [Music] [Music] All right cool so we’re going to do the Rest of the day is we’re going to go Ahead and knock these stumps down we are Gonna probably end up taking another Couple more trees out but The uh you know i’m still just a month Out of a hernia surgery and the old

Chainsaw was kind of wearing on me plus The heat index today it’s gonna be like 109 it’s ridiculous hot So we’re gonna take the stump grinder Knock down these three stumps right here And then the one over there so we end up Taking out four stumps that’s gonna take A good little bit so let’s get to it We’re keeping that tree though well i Don’t want to but she’s the ball so you Know i think it’s lopsided but it will Once the sun starts hitting it it will Uh absolutely start growing limbs this Way it’s just the way nature works we do Have somebody come out here and cut Those limbs down to take off the heavy Weight i think the tree will actually Go back towards the middle where it’s Supposed to be i used to would have Climbed that tree and cut those off not Anymore not anymore yeah Look at all these poison ivy roots All right let’s get this let’s get this Grinding done before it gets too hot So So My [Music] [Music] [Music] Wishful thinking right yeah but it’s so Dusty and every time it didn’t matter Where i was standing the window was Going to follow me oh yeah i noticed

That it’s like i cannot get away from it No matter what i was standing at that’s A lot bigger stump but it’s softer than The and when you were cutting that down It had a sweet smell yeah that’s that’s Uh uh Tulip poplar It had a very sweet smell to it but it Doesn’t feel good in my eyes though that Was uh Those two over there were elm and this Is tulip poplar and it’s a lot softer But it’s a lot bigger stump Well there’s another one right behind it That one right there Oh there is in there yeah but when we Cut the other tree down you can get them Yeah that’s looking good though Yeah i got a little bit more on this one That one shouldn’t be too long that’s Too popular too and it’s smaller so it’s Pretty soft So i’m going to be planning when i built Those boxes to use anything i can from The woods for the mulching and Everything uh to get some you know some Good base for the face ground what we Call it on the ground the dirt my garden But for my raised beds And um So i’m really looking forward to doing That but there’s a lot of material i can Use for my raised boxes so There’s some good soil here and there

But I’m gonna have to work it up [Music] [Music] We’re gonna call it right here because It is stupid hot And i am ready to go home and relax in The cool air conditioner with a Cool glass of tea what do you think About that okay i feel pretty good about This we’ve knocked out all four of these Stumps it probably took maybe 40 minutes To do that if that Uh the Elm was considerably harder those are Smaller stumps and took longer to do Than the bigger popular this was a Pretty sizable poplar right here that we We took out and it uh it took a lot less Time to do the popular than it did the The smaller elm this was a poplar and it Only took maybe four or five minutes to Knock this one out so poplar is Definitely easier to Take out with a stump grinder Elm and oak you really have to take your Time with it and take small bites I do still like the t25 for the stump Grinder we have the postal digger on it Right now so That’s the reason we’re not using it but This has a lot more horsepower to pull Pull the stump grinder however i just Can’t see it as good uh the angles are

Not good for for seeing the actual stump Grinder a cutter and i may at some point Get one of those cameras that you can Mount on and actually see what’s going On so Anyway that’s a lot of babbling right There listen we appreciate you watching Our channel we’d love it if you Subscribe it means the world to us God bless have a great day [Music] [Applause] You

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