Clearing the Back 40 with a Grapple and Flail Mower

Foreign Foreign Foreign Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to deal with some Trees that I left on the back 40. now You guys probably know I don't even have 40 I've got 20 but you get the idea Last year sometime I cut down two trees Back in the back I harvested a saw log And a bunch of firewood I almost Completely cut up one of the trees and I Left behind some big firewood rounds and Some branches that needed cleaned up the Other tree is still mostly there I think I took one saw log from it as well and It's time to get that cleaned up the First thing is in the time since I cut Those down nature didn't stop and wait For me so we've got all the grasses Grown up and all that wood is kind of Buried in there so we're going to take The Flail Mower back there and do some Mowing around and identify what's in There after we knock all the grass down We will sort out the firewood from the Limbs and branches that are too small For firewood and probably start on Bucking that tree up so Should be a lot of fun let's get started Foreign Foreign So I think rather than take this tree up To where I've been splitting firewood

I'm gonna bring the splitter down here And make a lot less trips split it into My totes down here and then just carry The totes up so what I want to do first Is mow an area where I know there's no Brush get that cleared and then I'll Carry all my limbs and rounds down here And get them sorted and we'll split Right down here Please Foreign Foreign Thank you I hate the way that sounds when it shuts Down I'm aware that it's just as it Loses momentum the Hammers Dangle and and smack the drum a little Bit it's nothing bad but it sounds like A bad noise You know I've been told by a few people That when you run your tractor hard Especially mine has a turbo a tractor With a turbo especially If you run it hard and when you're done Before you shut it off you need to let It run for a few minutes or it can uh Build up in the turbo or something like That you guys heard that is that Accurate something I've been trying to Make sure I do let's talk a little bit About what this project is down here why Why am I even messing with this So the previous owner had made brush Piles down here

On top of tree stumps That became wildlife habitat Which I I like the idea of some wildlife habitat But I cleared those all up and I dug the Tree stumps out Had a video one of the first ones on the Channel there was a big tree stump right Out here I dug it out and it had a Massive pile on it I cleared all that Because what we have back here We've got Hayfield back over here And this It's got a bunch of junk and stuff piled In it and it's kind of a low area and a Swamp Then all of this would have been where They were using it like an animal Habitat and there were a bunch of big Trees down here And I thought about just leaving it that Way but what I decided was The neighboring property as Hayfield Over there And I thought about turning it all of This back here that's flat and fertile Turning all this into hay field And that's not the whole property There's still several Acres up here that I'm never going to touch I might put one Trail Through the through the property line Just so we can access it and go from Here from the front to the back I may

Cut a trail back there but otherwise This is gonna Stay basically like it is But I think I would like all of this to be Hayfield So That's why I'm down here doing this if Especially if I decide I'm going to bail My own hay Then I'd like to get a little bit more Yield for the fact I'm buying a piece of Equipment All right let's go see what kind of mess We got up here to deal with All right so the wood so these trees Right here are the ones I cut down and The lumber that I've been drawing in the Shop I've shown that in the last couple Videos that was all cut down and saw it Into Lumber in one day and the Sawmill Set right here And And we've got this Gap right here Between where I just mowed in the fence Line now this spot right here I could Get to with the Flail Mower but most of This we've got all these trees Overhanging Really difficult to mow this I can get Most of it with a brush hog and backing Under this the further down that way you Get the more there's tree limbs hanging Down I'd really like to take one of Those Precision manufacturing mini clips

And go down this and trim all these off That tree right there is growing right Into the fence There's no reason to leave that that's Not a desirable tree I want there it's Going to end up eating the fence wire And being wrapped around it if it's not Already if I need to cut that one down And clean all this up You can see down here I've got a bunch Of brush piles Got a branch that's split off right here I Guess That's The Neighbor's tree Branch I need to give it back to him All right So this brush right here is off of the Same tree But we didn't use some of this is brush From the piles that were already out Here and then some of it is off the Trees I cut down All right so here Is our firewood rounds That should make some good firewood then I've got a big stump up here I've got to Remove And we've got This entire tree to deal with so I'm not Going to get all that done in this video But I'm going to get started on it and Within the next couple weeks hopefully Everything out here is done that tree Needs to be completely gone Cut into firewood haul these rounds into

Firewood grind out that stump Grind out the stump at that end and mow All of this I've got another brush pile There I'm I don't know if I'm gonna Leave that or not I think that may have Rock under the brush but we'll see Anyway I guess first step is I'm gonna start grabbing this firewood And moving it out into a pile over here We'll have a firewood pile a brush pile And then I need to mow all of this which Is going to be mulching up some big Sticks Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Lost a pan out of the back out of the Three point And I might have drove like that a Little while before I noticed it because The mowers setting on the ground so it Wouldn't have been some dramatic Difference in how it was acting Walk around real quick I'll show you First let's go look at I'll show you What's missing Pin out of right here Foreign Has fallen out And say the odds of finding it are Pretty low

I'm gonna make a few passes around here I don't find it I'll go up there and Find something that I can use as a pan Through there Just to carry the flow mower back up To the house I'm gonna still cut some of that tree up Even if I don't finish this mowing here Hey You can see With this little patch here we'll have Covered quite a long distance A good start but I'd like to finish this Off and maybe even go up that way some More if I can find that PIN Thank you All right guys what do you think I Should do with this big stump I've dug them out ground them out and Burnt them out if I grind it out it's Not going to get all those roots below The surface and those will rot and this Will sink and there'll be a hole there But it's all right it's not the end of The world Digging it out with the equipment I have Even though it doesn't look that big That's Almost three foot across Digging that out is gonna take all day And you've seen what happens when I burn Them so let me know what you think how Should I take that stump out Foreign

I actually thought I had taken the saw Log off both of these trees But this The Bud is still here this This has a big log that's 30 inches 16 foot of 30 inch diameter We'll see what it looks like after it's Cut up I'm gonna work on getting some of The limbs off of it I'll I'm Gonna Save this is so long so I'll need to bring the skid loader down Here to move it that's gonna weigh an Eight foot piece of that's going to Weigh over 3 000 pounds I started up through there limping this And realized my main camera battery had Died don't really have time to go get Another one I'm gonna finish it off here With the GoPro If I cut anymore I'm going to move some Of the limbs with this grapple Foreign Foreign Well I'd say that's all we're gonna get Today because Sunset according to the Weather Service Sunset is in seven minutes And I'm getting a little bit of sprinkling Rain so I was hoping to accomplish a lot More than this today but sometimes That's just how it goes I appreciate you Taking time to watch the video I'll put

Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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