Clearing Woodland Trails | Tractor Forestry Mulcher, Chainsaw & Luck

Foreign [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Hey welcome back to the channel we are Going to have some more fun today this Is going to be a fun video I guarantee It if you watched our last video we Cleared all this area down here it's a It's another trail that comes down you See how crazy it was when I when I come Down so to the movement of dancing Anyway we are working back on our Trail At the back of our property we've made Some really good Headway getting back Here uh with this Mulcher this is the Obama light Mp348 Mulcher and I know that because There's a sticker right here that tells Me so but anyway we've made more Progress with this thing in the first Uh I'd say probably the first 50 hours That we've used this than we've made in The last three years with the other kind Of mowers and stuff that we've had and Chainsaws and stuff this just is a game Changer if you have a large amount of Property to clear this is the way to go However today we're taking the 474 and This mulcher And this is winter and it's rained a lot Snowed a lot and it's back it's Mucky Muddy

Froze right got three below now it comes Back to 60 degrees there's a higher Probability we're going to get stuck Today I'm just saying you guys come on Let me show you what we're going to do Okay we got the 474 here again There's an another trail that we worked On earlier this year that's right over Here we're going to try to take this Trail and meet with that trail the big Issue is that there is a year-round Stream in between and there's several uh Springs that just pop up and and we we Really don't know this area that well Right here solid you can go walk right Over here you know 50 feet and be up to Your knees it's just crazy so anyway we Think we have found us a path and that's What we're going to try to attain today Is to to make these two pass meet Probably gonna have to have a bridge at Some point but if we can just get close It's gonna be a big it's going to be a Big win for us let's get to it Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Here and I hit the roots of this Hickory Right here this is a big old hickory Tree I think it's now you know what this Is a tulip poplar absolutely is a tulip Pop all right so I got to here and I Back in and you want to stay close to These big trees but not too close Because if you see the Big Trees you Know that they're Solid Ground here the Big Trees will not grow unless they're Solid Ground close by uh however I Nick The root here and Nick the root here I Hope that doesn't kill this tree Um I'm very very sad if it does but Anyway uh this is pretty solid this Right here is the stream we were talking About earlier this stays wet and it it Runs all year round no matter if it's All year whether it's a drought or not So we may end up putting like a little Bridge across here We can't go right there If we go right there there's a big uh Sinkhole and just walking in it I like To lost my you know it almost went above

My knee so can you talk about going Around the field right we're going to go Around this tree here I think so this is Our plan uh We've walked this if we go Right up here there's Springs there's Always there's a spring really close Right here matter of fact it's leaking Out right there uh in this area here is Solid even though it's mud right here You can see when I walk across this it's Muddy But it's it has a solid base to it so Once we once I get my step in there It's it's solid about six or eight Inches down So it's definitely it's just like a Kid's dream right here this is every Kid's dream right here we're doing it We're doing it for video love it but Anyway I think we still will need to put A bridge across here but the thing you Can go from there to maybe over here Well I think that's what we're gonna Have to do because I don't want to be Able to yeah yeah just do something from Here over here from there to over here Put a bridge Make it right away more more a raised Trail Yeah like a pier kind of deal except Kind of zigzag and cross because we Really need to come from start over There and then make it all the way here Before we come down because during the

Really rainy season this the water rises Here Yeah And then just right here we're pretty Solid ground So I think we're gonna go ahead and now It's just a little bit too risky uh to Try to get the tractor across here we're Going to go around the whole Trail come Back around from the other side and try To make these things meet and then for The temporary purposes we might just put A big Big beam across here You know a big log that you know cut a Big flat log and lay across it and put Some like a well we'll figure out Something this will be a great place for It's just cool I think the pair of the race You know what I don't think we're going To do today It's already we're an hour away from Dark So if we're going to do this we need to Get at it [Music] Okay what I'm going to do now is just Set this tracker camera up here and I'm Gonna go for the other Trail around to The back side where those two trails are Going to meet you can get an idea of how Long it takes me to get there sure we'll Fast forward this but hope this will

Help you see [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] So there you go that's the end of the Trail on this side pretty good ways Around all right we've got around the End of the trail I'm going to turn the Tractor around and aim the Mulcher back This way just in case I do get stuck I'll be able to get pulled out a little Easier and obviously the mulchers on the Back so let's try it There he is Spring right here It's easy to see definitely don't want To get into that [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] All right right here is where I was Mucking in the mud just to probably 35 Minutes 40 minutes ago and we made the Trail all the way to here and then we Met up with it on the other side of this Little creek and it goes all the way up To the Northern end of our property and

Goes all the way around you've already Seen that little clip of video as we Come back in here let me show you the Ditch The creek I guess it'd be the creek All right we are We have made our two Trails meet See I'm gonna show you this on the phone Because I'm not sure that the other Camera got it it's a little easier Sometimes with the phone to walk This is the Mud Hole not the Mud Hole This is a year-round Little Creek that Runs and uh this is where I was mucking Around earlier and that's the trail we Worked on the other side so we're about To build a little Bridge across here and Uh be nice And let me show you again the Big Creek This is the biggest Creek on our Property and it runs year round as well So always clean water in there They say it's drinkable I don't know But anyway here it goes This is a pretty good sized Creek When it rains I mean it's a raging River It goes way down through there At some point we're going to build a Bridge I guess probably right in here And that's our property over on the Other side And we don't really have a way to get to That kind of land locked in You're gonna choose like a big dog

So this is a natural spring that runs All year long on the back side of our Property even in the Wettest driest times of the year the Water always runs And Gizmo Dougie Almost not Mama down So this mama light right here Is the she is Nick I'm telling you It has we have cleared more trails and Made more progress with this thing In a couple weeks than we have in three Years Yeah three years before absolutely I'm getting the nod over there Hey guys I hope this is Entertaining to you as it is for me I Have had a blast uh we're gonna come Back and get some fuel and come back out Here and play some more and I'll be Another video clearing land I have got To I'm gonna I found you a place I'm Gonna make me a Range so I can sight in Some of the Pew pews we can't say those Fancy words or the correct words on the YouTube algorithm or they'll they'll Flag it so you got to figure that out Anyway it's gonna be a nice uh little Rains going down through here I'm Looking forward to doing that see you on The next video clearing some land happy New Year bye see you next year happy New Years [Music]

Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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