Compact Tractor digs Spring Water Well? How do We Develop it?

I would say that's Probably three or four hundred gallons Of water right there Hey welcome back to my channel it is a Cold December morning and it's only Going to get colder we're going to get To zero degrees tomorrow it's so crazy But today we got a 50 degree day so 50 Degrees today zero tomorrow crazy However we are going to dig this natural Spring out here last year we got stuck Uh last summer we got stuck it right Here at this location And I had a lot of viewers say hey you Need to dig that out for a uh like a Little pool for a wildlife water source And I agree so you can see down here Right now that there is water behind me This is kind of Swampy during the during The Rainy Seasons but during the summer This is pretty dry out here so we're Going to dig this out and then we're Going to put a time lapse camera on it And see if we can watch it fill up with Never done this before Gizmo likes the Water a lot so there's still a little Bit of water here it's always water here Ever since we got stuck here so there's Always been water in these ruts even in The driest part there's always been Water here all right let's get to it you Ready to get Mo he ready [Music] Foreign

[Music] Drop off from this where the Sawmill is At to where this water hole is Literally about 60 feet drop in Elevation This is I know the camera doesn't Justify a house or doesn't uh show how Steep this is It doesn't it doesn't do it justice at All [Music] Hey I'm going to push this stuff out of The way a little bit [Music] [Music] All right that'll give us a little more Room So my biggest concern Is obviously getting stuck again It's pretty wet now so back in the Summer it was so dry like we had one of The worst droughts we've had in about 10 Years [Music] So I don't want to get too close to it That I bury the tractor but I need to Get close enough to it that I can dig Down deep This backhoe will dig I believe this one Will go down seven and a half feet Uh Square bottom I think it's like a Two and a half foot by two and a half Foot square bottom All right got the brakes set really good

My goodness we are really downhill Uh-oh [Music] Cold wet butt coming up [Music] All right I don't know why we want to do this Today but we didn't have nothing to do So it's too cold to do anything else I Want to play This is gonna make a water source for The animals And be give me something to do [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So I'm gonna try to go straight down Deep as I can go [Music] That's a lot of sand in that [Music] Sand filters the soil And that's why this water is probably Drinkable We'll see sand shoots on hillsides Around here and I'm sure that's where These uh Springs have popped out or pop out During different times of the year So they're at the top of this hill if You go from here this elevation all the Way to the top of the hill we're Probably looking at 150 foot drop in

Elevation from there to here so we're at The edge of pretty much our County's Water table where it goes into the Bottoms Just kind of comes here and drops off Water's just pouring out of this [Music] Okay I see a lot of sand here That's why the water's so sweet around Here all the whales around here have Really sweet Sweet Water [Music] Yeah the leaves smell rotting everything At the top of the surface is smells like A swamp but once the the water is Actually that comes out of the ground It's really Really clean It Gizmo smelled it like he got up and Left [Music] [Music] You know this is also like an emergency If you're a prepper we're I don't say We're Preppers but we're kind of Semi-preppers uh We dig this out deep we could actually Put a pipe down in the ground and make It a uh actual water source for Emergencies [Music] [Music] Yeah that's a lot of sand in that

[Music] Give me your ideals I thought about digging down like uh Seven feet and then putting uh putting a Pipe straight down in there and then Pouring like getting sand and put it on Putting all around it putting the cap on It and making it you're just making an Actual A whale that you could go dip a bucket Into if you need to It's pretty amazing the It's not common to have live Springs in Our area and we've got like five or six In our just on our property alone [Music] Yeah now we're pretty much just straight Uh sand which is While again on why our water is so clean Around here we have really good drinking Water from our whales [Music] Foreign [Music] Into a vein of white sand going this way And I'm pretty sure that's where the Actual spring is at that sand is very Clean So I'm gonna I'm gonna take another pass Right here And we'll yell at my wife so she can Hear me so there's a white vein of sand Going this way that's where the water is Coming from so I'm going to take this

And move it over here And the water is actually like right now I can see it seeping out of the of the White sand for sure That's where the water is coming from I'm dipping the water out about as fast As it's coming in right now But if I let it let it alone for just a Few minutes it's already pooling water I will have to say this is the deepest I've ever dug with the back hole in the Back of the tractor And again it's Pretty fun My inner inner child is coming out All right let me get one more scoop and I think we'll call it Otherwise we'll be the Be digging to China here before we know It Some Australian guy is going to look up At me All my friends from Down Under they they Watch a lot of our our Channel [Music] [Music] Okay I got a question for you guys or Actually I want some advice this is my Ideal I want to put a large pipe in this Ground this is about right now it's About six foot wide about uh eight foot Wide this way and about eight foot deep So I would like to put in maybe a six Foot wide uh like

Culvert aim straight down in there with Some hose drilled in the bottom like Some real fine holes drilled in the Bottom with maybe some screen around it To keep the the big stuff out put Rock In all around the top And then turn around and Maybe cap this with concrete so that you Know the the leaves and nasty stuff Can't get down into that and it would be An emergency water source so tell me What you think you guys had any Experience with this kind of stuff I'm Definitely you know I don't have any Experience with it I know that this Water is is uh potable it's clean enough To drink but uh you know I don't know Anything about maintaining or developing An off-grid well so we'll all do some Research appreciate your comments on This you know what I said before we're Going to let the time lapse run and We'll give you uh we'll let you see how Long it takes this to fill up [Music] Check it out it's pretty dark out here Right now the camera makes it look a lot Lighter than it really is But this is uh see what time is it now It's five o'clock so We did this from 10 30. this morning Until five o'clock and it's about Halfway filled up I would say that's Probably three or four hundred gallons

Of water right there so it's a pretty Good pretty good movement of water you Can really help our Channel out by Hitting the thanks button on YouTube or The star button on Facebook it helps us With all of our projects Hey guys I appreciate you watching our Channel it's going to wrap this video up We would love it if you'd subscribe and Uh hit that like button for us Merry Christmas and God bless [Music] Foreign [Music]

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