Are you contemplating whether to use a drag harrow or a dethatcher for your next lawn maintenance task? Both have their benefits and specific uses, but which one reigns supreme as the clear winner? In this blog post, we’ll compare these two popular tools to help you determine which one best fits your needs. So, let’s jump in and find out which tool comes out on top in the battle of the drag harrow vs. the dethatcher.

Comparing a Drag Harrow to a Dethatcher: Clear Winner?


Gravel drives and topsoil areas have a reputation for their aesthetic appeal at the cost of maintenance and upkeep. Keeping a gravel drive and topsoil area clean of debris and maintaining an even surface grade is essential for their long-term durability. This article discusses the comparison between the Reist Drag Mat and CMP Dethatcher for getting a final surface grade on a gravel drive before planting.

The Reist Drag Mat: A Unique Design

The Reist Drag Mat is a unique design that aims to level out and clean up gravel drives and topsoil areas. With roll-up mat cranks and a 2-inch receiver mount, this drag harrow is available in 66 and 84 inches. The video showcases the Reist Drag Mat in action on a topsoil area and a recently tilled area with stumps. However, the Reist Drag Mat requires several passes to achieve a gradual improvement in the surface grade.

The CMP Dethatcher: A Versatile Option

On the other hand, the CMP Dethatcher is a three-point attachment with more versatility than the two-inch receiver mount of the Drag Mat. The video compares the two implements while working through the same areas. The CMP Dethatcher, while versatile, often causes clumping and uneven surfaces.

Good Works Tractors: A Reliable Vendor

Good Works Tractors is sponsored by Rim Guard Solutions, a ballast brand that improves stability, loader performance, and power to the ground. Good Works Tractors recommends several popular attachments and offers discount codes for various vendors. However, the website disclaims any responsibility for the videos’ content and recommends referring to owners manuals and proceeding at your risk.

Pros and Cons

  • The CMP Dethatcher is a more versatile attachment, but it causes clumping and uneven surfaces.
  • The Reist Drag Mat is designed for levelling out and cleaning gravels and topsoil areas with several passes.
  • The Reist Drag Mat and the CMP Dethatcher are suitable for different requirements of gravel and topsoil areas.


Both CMP Dethatcher and Reist Drag Mat are durable and are useful in specific field conditions, and Good Works Tractors offers both at attractive prices. Ultimately the choice of attachment depends on individual needs and expectations.


  1. Are Reist Drag Mats and CMP Dethatchers compatible with all tractors?
    Ans. No, the compatibility of these implements is specific to each brand and type of tractor.
  2. Can Reist Drag Mat attachments handle obstacles like stumps?
    Ans. Yes, they can handle obstacles like stumps effectively.
  3. Do CMP Dethatchers require leveling after use?
    Ans. Yes, CMP Dethatchers often require leveling after use due to clumping and uneven surfaces.
  4. Are these implements suitable for large-scale usage?
    Ans. Yes, they are suitable for farm and garden usage on a large scale.
  5. Can Reist Drag Mats and CMP Dethatchers be used on different soils?
    Ans. Yes, they can be used on different soils as long as they are adequately maintained.
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