Folks moving trailers is a handy thing To do with a tractor and you can do it With the front end of the tractor or the Backside take your pick we're gonna go Over four different options that maybe You can see maybe you can't see we'll Give some close-ups some strengths and Weaknesses pricing features all that Kind of stuff I like versatility Personally some things are just Trailer Movers and that's it some things have More bang for the buck okay so what We're looking at over on this side here This is going to be from ju fabworks This is part of the bucket brackets that We've talked about before they bolt on To the top of the buckets like John Deere's kubota's and others you can see The two inch receiver that's here as Well as a couple of d-rings and some Chain hooks as well ju has different Combinations all right so you don't have To get that exact setup Take a look at their website a lot of Stuff but that's what we're talking About there oh save five percent with Code GWT taking a look down here you're Going to see a plate that's bolted onto The back of our 1025r this guy here is From mud's Customs got a couple of slots In here to put your chains on has a Little hole right here if you can add a Ball to that too or of course you have The two inch receiver

Heavy hitch we work with them as well They also make a similar setup for both John Deere and for Kubota I do believe So check them out either way at those Locations muds Customs or heavy hitch You can save five percent on anything They have with code GWT next up this is Going to be our own creation the Versa Bracket well let me take this out of Here this just goes in the receiver [Music] But what you're looking at here has a Lot of different functions to it all Right you still have the two inch Receiver you've got chain hooks here you Have a weight bar okay so you can put Counterweight suitcase weights right on There you have a little multi-platform Here we've got a what we call a chain Saw holder if you want to put it down There or you can set a toolbox on top of Here and strap that down or utilize it For something else but a lot of Versatility packed into this To give you the most bang for the buck This is going to be a trailer mover all Right and so you've got the gooseneck Ball up on top you got your two inch Down below with your your slots to put On your your uh your chains there your Safety chains that's all this thing does Okay Again we're going to kind of compare all These but this is from Oregon tool

You'll see these on our website as well Now when you see these mounted to a Speaker or to a quick hitch you know Like this red guy and the other red guy Over there you don't have to you can Mount them directly to your category one Three-point hitch or a category two if You have sleeves that you can put on top Of your pins because the balls on the End of the three-point arms are going to Be too big so the category one quick Hitch compatible but they're also a Direct fit to your three-point hitch all Right let's get pricing out of the way And I'm not going to put the exact Prices in here the reason for that is Because these videos are out there Forever all right now I don't want to Give a price point now and somebody goes To look for it later and it's a lot more Expensive because that's what things do Over time but cheapest and most Expensive your two cheapest options are Going to be either this ju fabworks Bracket or the one from mudscast heavy Hitch basically the same price either Way not a whole lot of price difference Again totally different ways than how They're used but lower end of the price Spectrum middle of the road in general For a quality trailer mover that you're Going to see some Chinese stuff that's Not really my jam I don't I don't deal With the cheap Chinese stuff so you can

Always get anything Cheap from China off of Amazon or Ebay If that's your thing that's just not Mine so kind of middle of the road as Far as pricing goes is going to be the Oregon tool trailer mover again you can See it's built Stout it's built well Okay has a nice powder coat finish on There too gonna be more expensive than The first two options there but a little Bit beefier Obviously the location is different as Well we'll get to that too Right in the middle for pricing okay so Now the most expensive option to move Trailers is going to be this Versa Bracket all right but again that gets to The versatility in the name of Versa Bracket all right and with that you're Able to do a lot more again we talked About holding the suitcase weights for Counterweight when you're using your Front end loader a big safety issue that We talk about a lot you've got the chain Hooks on here all right if you want to Pull and drag something along you've got This extra platform if you want to strap Down something to it like a toolbox or Put the chainsaw in there So you're getting more bang for your Buck you're paying more but not like Double the price you're paying I don't Know 20 more to get all that additional

Versatility let's talk about position of Where these two inch receivers are all Mounted and Pay attention to in a little bit we're Gonna talk about safety all right There's a safe way to use uh these tools Or these accessories I guess to make Sure you don't tip your tractor over all Right so stick around for that a little Bit later And always read your manual too we are Proud to be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps us loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at All right so this is the only one that's Mounted up on the front of the tractor I've seen some out there that are Mounted to the front Um kind of frame down here on the Tractor itself but uh I don't really

Know how I feel about those to be honest With you most of you have loaders on There so I think it's a real Inconvenience so having something Mounted on your loader is Nice to have some guys are going to want To have a drop hitch that comes out of This receiver though because you can't Always get This high of the bucket down low enough To get underneath the trailer so if you Have a little drop hitch pretty common If you have trucks too because Oftentimes they sit up higher you may Find that comes in handy dropping down a Couple inches there but really nice to Have well I mean and this in this aspect Of it you can think about however much Your loader can lift and that's how much You know General ballpark tongue weight That you can kind of lift off the ground To which is more than enough to move Most of our trailers but I think the Other big benefit of having your trailer Mover up front is you're looking forward You don't have to turn around and back Up and try to line anything up you're Looking forward to go up and hook up Underneath the ball and then you do have To drive backwards I suppose well maybe You could drive forwards and push it Along I don't know I would think you would want to drive

Backwards and kind of drag it along Wherever you want to go but I guess you Have that option to decide whatever you Want to do either way you're looking in Front of you okay so this guy down here Mounted on the back frame of the tractor Well these three-point arms are kind of And a good spot to show this issue Because imagine you had your your tongue Right here your trailer tongue right Here and you wanted to swing hard left Or right you'd have to be really aware Of the fact that you need to raise your Three-point arms up and out of the way Otherwise they may interfere and Potentially depending on your setup this Connection point is going to be tucked Further back in there and these tires Could really get in the way where you're Trying to make those tighter turns and That could also interfere with it too so That's where the option for the Three-point mount comes into play so That's the nice thing about these Three-point Trailer movers is the fact That they're outside of that General Interference Point that's found on the Three-point arms found on certain tires If you're trying to turn and all that Kind of thing so it's pushed out a Little bit further back can be easier to See to try to hook up from the operator Station as well and I think in general For most trailers that were moving

Around you may have some really big Honkers right but for most trailers that Are getting moved around you're going to Have plenty of lift capacity to get it Up to drag it along where you need to go And so that kind of brings me to the Safety topic in general You know A good rule of thumb is to Always go slow when you're doing this Stuff anything with the tractor for the Most part and that comes into play with Trailers as well you don't want to have Well even if you're pulling a trailer Down the road you need to have your Weight balanced properly and that's the Same thing that's going on when you're Hooking up a trailer to your tractor to Tow it around you don't want to have way Too much weight in the back of a trailer You know and then it's wanting to to Raise the tongue up and take weight off The rear tires or I don't know take Weight off the front of the tractor or Take weight off the three-point anything Like that you gotta you gotta use this Stuff with a lot of common sense and on These three-point Mount Trailer movers All right there's no there's nothing Holding it down all right so if that Trailer starts to lift way up like this Look at me I'm just lifting up on the Three-point arms there's nothing that's Going to lock it into position From going up further until you reach as

High as it can go all right and Hopefully that makes sense but that just Means that you want to have enough Tongue weight on there so that it's kind Of keeping some down pressure on there Too obviously not enough tongue weight To to exceed what your your tractor your Machine can do and some of this is Common sense right but it's also good to Hear it from time to time because we've All well At least I have been guilty of Forgetting things in the moment so if I Can hear it on a every so often bases You know it somewhere it bounces around Up there and hopefully comes with the Front when I need it so hopefully that Gives you a decent Decent the different trailer movers that Are out there or at least the different Styles of them there's certainly more Trailer movers than just what I show Here everything you see though you can Find one way or another on our website At goodworks we either sell It directly or it's part of our discount Club where you can go then to their Website use code GWT and save five Percent off of your order and while we Don't sell trailers like big old tandem Axle trailers we do sell small tandem Axle trailers and single axle trailers That you can tow behind if you're Looking to just drive something around

Your property move mulch move dirt move Firewood whatever you got to do the Ultra Tech trailer lineup that we have To offer has been very very popular a Lot of great features we've done some Videos on those so check those out too And if you want to take advantage of the Most versatile Trailer mover out there the Versa Bracket you can get it as a standalone Item or in a bundle with suitcase Weights as well so you can make sure You're set up for Success whether you're Moving trailers or using it as battle Suede so for these attachments and any Other attachments you need for your Tractor go to goodworks They include free shipping rewards and Financing too if you enjoyed today's Video you want to see more hit subscribe Down below it is completely free I want To thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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