I got a little bone to pick with Mike Morgan he is stirring up the pot we're Going to set the record straight all Right so a viewer sent over a link to me From one of Mike's recent videos and I Am subscribed to Mike as well love this Channel love what they have going on I Watch his channel possibly more than any Other channel so um but before I had a Chance to watch this one he was going to Get his tires filled with a different Liquid ballast They used to use rim guard they used to Use calcium chloride They're on to something another product Um bio ballast is what it was and he had Mentioned by Word of Mouth that they Said they stopped using rim guard Because There's issues with the tires The flu is leaking out whether it's Ruining the rubber the valve stems Corroding whatever it is there's a Reason they don't do it he wasn't really Sure what it was you know on second Thought let's just watch the clip from Mike really quick that way we know Exactly what his dealer told him and What he's relaying and then there's some Comments in his video too some comments In my videos it just comes up right so We'll go through it Give you the answer straight from the Horse's mouth from rim guard applies to

All liquid ballast in general take it Away all right I got the tractor picked Up and it's about 500 pounds heavier Than when I dropped it off this morning They put 22 gallons of Bio ballast it's Called in each back tire and it weighs About 11.7 pounds per gallon which works out To about 257 pounds per tire so that'll Give that tractor some really nice Additional weight where it needs it now Something I wanted to tell you I don't know what to think they used to Put rim guard uh for in tractor tires And I thought that was the thing that Everybody did you know they used to use Calcium but they found out that it was Corrosive and they'd put antifreeze in There for added weight but it's not as Heavy but it won't freeze and then they Came out with the beet juice stuff which I think they call it rim guard and Everybody swore by that now these guys Are telling me that rim guard they have Found that it is corrosive on the valve Cores in tires so they stopped using it Take it for what it's worth you know he Said she said kind of thing uh I don't Know the whole story but we are trying Out bio ballast I don't know about rim Guard I don't want to bash a product or Anything like that if I don't have any Personal experience with it alright so I Think the uh the stem of the issue is

Going to be with the valve cores or the The stems The Fill stems on your tires Themselves where this is kind of There's a misunderstanding and I want to Try to break this down in a way that Makes simple sense all right all right So corroding valve cores that's the the Issue at hand so first thing I did Logically I just went right to rim Guard's website They have an FAQ page started scrolling Through those FAQs and I found this are There any disadvantages to beat juice Ballast I don't know maybe like Corrosion for example and they say there Are no functional disadvantages rim Guard beet juice will prevent Rim Corrosion for the life of the tractor And it is environmentally friendly and a Lot of other things that we've talked About okay so that addresses the Corrosion side of things a couple Questions down can I use rubber valve Stems with beet juice ballasts it is Important when installing liquid Tire Ballasts that you consult a tire Professional to ensure you have industry Standard valve stems capable of handling Air and which is an all caps liquid okay So there's a difference between a valve Stem or valve core that will only handle Air versus one that will handle air and Liquid all right so you know that was Good enough for me but it wasn't so I I

Talked right to to Bob and Craig over at Rim guard to get just plain as day I Want to know tell me the truth what's Going on with this is it a problem or Not and so I got a nice very detailed Response back from them pictures Information real factual stuff that I Can share and I'll put it somewhere Right maybe I can put it on my website I Can't I can't put everything very well In a YouTube video so maybe on a forum I Don't know I'll find some place to put It and let you know where that's at too So I'm going to share that with you but First it's worth a quick overview of What we're talking about because we're Staring at well we're sort of staring at Tire ballast right now rim guard it's Inside these tires so liquid ballast Just lives inside your tractor tires It's great counterweight so if you're Lifting up something really heavy up Here you have more weight sitting back Here to offset it keep your tires Planted on the ground and so it's really A safety product at that point but it's Even more than that because if your rear Tires are on the ground that means You're going to have more power to the Ground more traction to get done what You need to get done and it's going to Make your loader operation more Efficient because you're you're not kind Of bouncing up and off the ground and

Everything else and kind of light and on The rear end so you can use your loader More efficiently no matter what tool you Have on it and so I went and looked up Bio ballast I have ran across this Before But that was about it right so I wanted To look it up and see what it was about And honestly a lot of the stuff is Pretty similar to what rimguard is it Looks like it's the byproduct of a Different crop but At the heart of it it's still a Byproduct from AG use you know whether it's beets or Corn or whatever it's still the same Kind of concept it's a liquid ballast It's environmentally friendly it's not Corrosive the same way that rim guard is Not corrosive the biggest difference I Actually saw was the fact that they they Don't I went to two different websites And I couldn't find a straightforward Answer on how much it weighs per gallon Rim guard right on their website says 10.7 to 11 pounds per gallon and so you Can do some reverse math and and figure Out that bio balance is going to weigh About a pound less per gallon and so You're It's just not as dense of a product and You know whatever I'm not this isn't About bashing bio ballast or anybody Else I mean

Calcium chloride is actually still Recommended I think the last time I Checked in a lot of John Deere manuals And you it's like one part calcium Chloride and three or four parts water And A big part of that making sure that it's Not corroding the rims is making sure That everything is fully covered and so There's no Oxygen that's getting into The mix down here and having that Reaction that starts the corrosion Process and that comes into play when Something's not filled properly or if You get a puncture in there and it Starts to drain down slowly over time You don't realize it well if you've been Around farming and tractors you'll just You'll somebody will comment in this Video how their rims rotted out right Around that valve core because of the Calcium chloride all right so dummy Right here dummy mine simplistic view of This whole whole thing okay so we're Talking about corrosion right Um So obviously rubber is not corroding Right so there's there's rubber valve Stems on most wheels that come out Wheels and tires you know just for air Air use only is pretty typical it's a Standard setup so if rubber was Deteriorating somehow then then maybe Maybe the rubber tires would be

Deteriorating too and you'd have tires With holes and them all over the place But that's just not happening so it's a Different reaction that's going on so The fact that rim guard founded in 1998 25 years old millions and millions and Millions of gallons out there all over The world I think I think this might Have been uncovered at some time before And they would have done something about It so that's not the issue and What it is is a reaction that's going on With the air only valve stems that are In most of these tires and just for a Completely independent point of view and Maybe we can find this in an old video As well but our tire shop that's over Here in Over here in Matawan he uses a different Liquid ballast He always recommends replacing the valve Stems when using his liquid ballast all Right because it's just a thing a good Tire shop is going to know that you need To replace the other components to make Sure they're compatible with what you're Putting inside your tire so I think I Remember another thing I think you told Me a long time ago is if On the newer tires or anytime you're Going to be adding liquid to it if it's A rubber valve stem you replace it with 100 if you're going to put fluid in a Tire at all make sure it's got a all

Metal valve stem on it all metal okay so I got an email right from them I just Wanted The information there because I'll I'll Forget other ways okay so I wanted it Written and sent to me and they sent me A good write-up on it but basically There's two types of valve stems out There there's air only and there's those That are air and liquid sometimes Referred to as tractor or wet valve Stems as the name implies air only stems Are intended to be used for applications When air and nitrogen is the only thing That will be used to fill the tire these Valve stems are not designed nor Intended to be used with any liquid Ballast the problem with using this type Of valve stem with liquid ballast is due To the way they are manufactured metal Components are typically glued into the Rubber stem and this is the core of the Whole thing right here okay it's the Glue all right if the adhesives remain Dry air only they are fine if you Introduce any type of liquid ballast now The adhesives are soaking in the liquid And will soften eventually the adhesives Become so weak that the rubber valve Stem will delaminate and separate from The metal components allowing the Contents on the tire to escape so really This is an air versus liquid issue not a Rim guard versus anything else issue and

This is more of an education broad Spectrum whatever liquid ballast you get If you go get the washer fluid if you're Down south and you get water whatever it Is you need to be aware that you need to Have a compatible valve stem valve core All included in that swap otherwise You're going to run into this issue Sometime down the road not that big of a Deal if it's just water it's a it's an Inconvenience still but it's not an Expensive one like it is with rim guard Or the bio ballast or Whatever else you get so ask the stupid Question because your tire guy needs to Know and if he doesn't know well now's The time to find out that way it's done Ahead of time it doesn't matter what it Is right if it's the bio ballast or Hopefully with Mike they changed out the Valve stems I don't know Mike you tell Me otherwise maybe it's an education for Them to make sure that no matter what Liquid ballast they're using it still Needs to be done so anyway that's a bit Of an education some good clarification For me too thanks for bringing it up Really to Mike even it's I mean he's Just got so many topics on his channel And and you never know what path you're Gonna go down so uh check his channel Out and for some reason you're not Subscribed to it yet really awesome Stuff over there of course we're

Sponsored by rim guard for good reason We believe in ballast weight and being Properly Planted to the ground it tractor Rollovers number one way that people die On a tractor okay it's just very Dangerous so have your tires balusted Get balanced weight whatever you want to Do other than that we got a big Snowstorm coming in and I am looking Forward to it so Christmas is a couple Days away You know I like Christmas but I'm really Looking forward to the snow coming in so We're going to get set up for that snow Blower in the back of the summit going To see how that does gonna put a snow Pusher up front gonna try a rear blade On the tractor too seeing how that does Clear in some mud and some gravel A lot of cool stuff coming so make sure You hit subscribe down below to see more And we sell all sorts of tractor Attachments snow blowers grapples pallet Forks ballast weight you name it check Out we sell and Ship all over the country I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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